بنډار له نجیبې سره  – فصل دوم –  قسمت ۱۰۷/ Bandar With Najiba – Season 2 – Episode 107

بنډار له نجیبې سره – فصل دوم – قسمت ۱۰۷/ Bandar With Najiba – Season 2 – Episode 107

January 8, 2020 2 By Ewald Bahringer

Salam Afghanistan Bandar with Najiba I hope you are fine and healthy I am hosting you in another amusing segment of Bandar And I have many segments and guests in this episdode You can take part in Bandar through Facebook, Instagram or email, bandar@arianatelevision.com The most important and initial segment of the program Is the cooking I think she is going to cook some special dish, Hello Yalda Hello, welcome Hello dear viewers, I hope you are fine and always healthy To night I want to cook a Borak Palak Borak Palak Ingredients, Flour Garlic Coriander Pizza cheese Spinach Onion Sesame Yogurt Cooking oil Black pepper, You can prepare the Borak Palak by 160 Afghani s Which countries cuisine it is? Everywhere, but mostly in China Didn’t you say Turkish It is but they copied it from China And now people access to internet, and they check different countries cuisines but it is original Chinese And what is it here, It is water, I will add it to the Manto dish Is it cooked like Manto Yes, similar to that I made the dough and spread it after raising And I rinsed the spinach and cooked Sorry, the director says the Chinese add cream as well He says it from himself Yes, I told him you are wrong, they add mouse to it We cut the fresh chili and add, the red pepper The Chinese salt The table salt Black pepper and white pepper And we fill the spinach in the spread paste And spread some pizza cheese over it Can you try it now? The stuff is not still prepared When we added the spices to the spinach we fill it in the paste And what else than the spices you add Nothing else than that Do you have enough time for me to cut the pepper Yes we do Place the grater here, We cut the pepper like this They can add to the amount of pepper if they liked to have more hot dish And how long will it take to cook It will be cooked in the same time as we cook Ashak and Manto Then we dish out it and cut the peppermint And mix with the yogurt And garnish it with the tomato And spread the yogurt like the icing The different of it with the Manto is that we do not use Minced meat or beans or peas in them Another question Do we cook it only with spinach Yes, They have with more yogurt in China And they don’t make any sauces with it And we add peppermint to the yogurt yes And the Chinese people eat it with the eating sticks And they pick it with the stick We have to blend it thoroughly And the spinach as to be cooked in advance While you fill the chives uncooked in Ashak After that spread the paste What did you call the dish? Borak Palak And you can show us how to close it Or roll it up And now the pizza cheese Break Welcome back to Bandar with Najiba Every day we have new colors in Bandar I try to make the Bandar a platform for the new talents At the side of health, entertainment and music And I want to make it a platform for those who want to build capacity for becoming presenter Or TV anchor As you know there is lot of talents in Afghanistan But people luck experience to be hired by TV Channels My efforts are to introduce the talents to the media field So that the media channels contact them And if they want their contact number, they can send email to Bandar email address Nagina Afshar is with me She is a gymnastic player in very young age And she is in national bike riding team And she is the captain of a team Yes, running captain Welcome Thanks, I offer you my greetings, I hope we will have a nice program Matin is a school student, but is a gymnast as well But he would like to become a presenter Let’s see how he does today Welcome NHello dear Najiba, I offer my greetings to the viewers of Ariana And and to Yadla And a fitness model is also in out team He does also like to become a presenter Welcome Adib Thank you so much And you have been a sports presenter before, I had a program called Warzish wa Salamati on Ariana TV And how was the experience It was good We have created a new style in sport programs In Ariana TV And it was warmly welcomed And when it was aired, no one could believe it was recorded in Afghanistan And they didn’t think the sportsmen existed in Afghanistan And we joined the live shows in Sobh O Zindagi And told them that we are living here, But the classic style was changed to a newer style And over to you Nigin What kind of program do you like to present Mostly entertainment programs You are a bike rider, a gymnast, a runner And when you become presenter, then where we shall go We can’t catch your space As you have lots of fans in Afghanistan Thanks, and have you ever presented any show Yes, I was the host of a sport show in Jahan TV I hosted it in the morning time How long did you host it Were you the presenter or an expert I was the presenter We hosted the program and at the same time worked out And showed the women the work outs what they could do it at home Nigin is a fresh and beautiful face You can understand her talent when she talks And she has the talent to present an entertainment program And it will be an asset in Afghan media If any medias like to contact Nigin, they can send emails to Bandar email address But we will have some games with Nigin And you go to school yes, I do I do also work with a modeling team as well And I have also worked in gymnastic Yes, and why do you want to become a presenter Because since the grade 6th, I felt that I am a fan of media And wanted to become a presenter And serve the people through the media And what kind of program will Matin wants to present I want to present the entertainment program and host there I like to present programs like your program, where Different categories can attend And this is my hope When I came to Afghanistan two years ago And planned this program I didn’t know either people may like it or not but I found that not only they appreciated it But even some channels copied It But not this idea be presented by only females, But you can also do it Mr. Adib, what kind of program do you like to present Like what you had before or what I would like to say that I would never mind about any Type of programs But a person sets his ambitions and find themselves matched for some special type of program Joining your program does not mean for me to be hired By any media channels I have friends in media channels I am the leader of focus model And fitness champion in Asia level I head a modeling team viewers may know me But I will be more relaxed with the sport shows You hosted a program for a year What will be the innovations, in the next program Another update will occur I have always been up to dated And don’t want to be ivariable And you are not hosting any programs now suppose that they suggest you for making a sports show What do you think is the gaps on TV channels For those who workout at home, I want to show them effective workouts And everyone shall be able to do it And those for what you don’t need to go to gym I will also give them useful diets, Will that be only for females? For all I decide to make the programs in three levels For three social group Those who workout at home, Those who workout in gyms And those who want to workout professionally Like you have done it Please follow us after the short break Welcome back to Bandar with Najiba I am making coffee for you It is a lot But you don’t have to make mistakes And do you like coffee yes a lot I haven’t taken it today But this coffee will spoil your taste I think there is fat on every mug We are adding oil Who will start What is the capital of China? How much time do we have? A second Shanghai No That is wrong, you have to drink coffee It is not wrong that is Beijing What is the name of the longest night? Shabe Yalda How long was the presidency of Karzai Five years Ten years You didn’t let me to give you options He was the president for 13 years I reduced only three years Over to you Matin Name two seedless fruits, Grapes, It has seeds Kinow You have to drink it The coffee is not so bitter Name five flowers types Tulip, rose,Shabnam, Rose Jasmine Which foods can be cooked with out water Egg Chips Cauliflower Can you tell me Adib without water it can’t be cooked, you mean Kebab Bolani But we make the filling with water, For Bolani But the stuff is something else Which province is known for saffron Herat I want to ask you an extra question There are thee female singers, Who are they Ghazal Enayat Juli Enayt Let me ask if Adib knows the other sisters I don’t know the third one Please Drink it and make me happy If you get happy with it, I will drink them all This segment ended And now Adib announces the break Please follow us after the break, Welcome back dear viewers, i hope the program has amused you in a good fashion And now we turn to a female fitness worker who has won championships She is Najiba She owns the Gold Medal in Asia level And she heads a modeling team And I appreciate her presence in the program Welcome to the program Thanks Thanks for inviting me The Gold medal what you said, I took it to the goldsmith, to turn it earrings, but they said it is only called golden Not gold And I got so sad for that Why did you want to do so, Earning a medal is so valuable I have done that much as much you praised about me Can you tell me about your previous fitness experience I don’t remember it But it has been long time Since 2013 because I wanted to be zero size And I don’t want to make muscles like you But when I was Young No I am still young When I was working in films and serials And the girls had to be slim to act in serials And in the beginning I worked out for one hour But now I work out for two hours What is the reason, why did you do less Because I used to keep in diet that time Because in Kabul it is somehow impossible to ignore Rice, Kabeli Palaw and especially the bread And don’t you think that time you worked out without talking But now you talk and work And you work out for thirty minutes, and get busy for the rest one hour That is your idea, I have no partner in the gym And I go there in a time when no one else is there, Then how can you work out two successive hours And you don’t observe the pauses between the sets I think I will tell this some other time Because your time is up Your favorite program is sports show, And I hope you will never face such a guest like me And over to Nigina Nigina presents And who does she want to be the guest Welcome dear viewers, and thanks for staying with us I have a guest with me, she is a famous singer, A know feature in national and internationally Welcome Najiba Thanks And they call it a pride what I made a fight abroad yes Thanks for inviting me And since how long have you started singing it was a very good time It was winter time And that was the time when Yalda was cooking in the kitchen I was a child that time I rehearsed songs, And my neighbor was making an album out of the songs, did with me And uncle Trump liked that album so much And I am singing from that time Which singer do you want to sing a dual song with Actually I don’t like any of then And the voice I have no one else has it Why are you laughing Because you have no rivals Look, he is laughing at me, do you own better voice than me And if Adib wants to have a video with you No never He mocks on me My laugh is a type of encouragement I thought you are mocking And don’t you want to make a dual song with Adib No, no, it is not posible is it my interview or yours I am the singer not you And now is the turn to Matin Let’s see what kind of person he would like to interview I offer you my warmest greetings I have a talented presenter in the program She is a famous lady all over the world Welcome Najiba Faiz Thanks I want to ask you at what age did you join the media And what was the name of your first ever program I was four years old, and that was the kids show And what was the viewers reaction when you joined media it was so welcoming , that is why I reached this level And who was your icon in media field I told you that I was so small when I joined media I was four years old And Ustad Adib was my icon He was presenting in musical rock show And what kind of programs do you like to present i like to present the program what is presented by Nigin Bandar with Nigin Infotainment program i want to ask you a final question, how old are you? Your question was so bad your time is up Welcome back to Bandar with najiba The guests showed their talent of presenting Adib is a fitness show presenter And I think such a program will be very useful for those who want their bodies to be fit ANd healthy And as it was Matin’s first time But he did a great job And Nigina is a sports lady And being confident is the most important point When we talk in front of the camenra And she is so confident And now we have another game You can select a letter S Name me five names starting with it Fruit, animal Person Thing and country Thanks for coming I think Fitness is so important for the people Let’s see how can we include it in Bandar As its very important for gents and ladies Yes, sure And in winter time people do not work out although they get much food and heavy meals Thanks Nigin for coming And I appreciate you Matin But the winner is Adib And let’s go to the kitchen and task the Chinese or Turkish food I hope the foods what you cook in the program are healthy Please eat and let us know about the taste And delicacy Did you use oil No What was the substitute Cheese That is also harmful for health Those who want to lose weight they don’t have to use this food And I am cooking without cheese for Najiba And the paste is also something what gains weight It is very delicious, but so hot But it is not hot for me I am used to eat hot food, therefore I find it normal How was it It is so tasty And it is good for those who want to gain weight Not for those who want to be fit Thanks God the food was not dietic Thanks for coming Long live Afghanistan