🍽️The Real Secret To Permanent Fat Loss – Part 1 – by Dr Sam Robbins

September 29, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins, It doesn’t matter how young or old you are,
male or female… most of us want to or need to lose some fat. If not for vanity reasons, for health. So today I’m going to talk about the real
secret to long-term, healthy and “almost” permanent fat loss. I know, this is a big claim. And I know, it’s another “weight loss”
topic. And like most people, you may have “done
it all” and “nothing seems to work” or you’re probably confused and frustrated. If yes, you’re not alone and why I’m doing
this today. This is just too important of a topic for
me to not do because losing excess body fat and maintaining a healthy weight with a good
balance of muscle and fat, is one of the most important things you can do for your life
and health. Not only for vanity reasons because you’ll
look younger and feeling sexier and more confident. But also for a healthy life because being
overweight is a major cause for most health problems — heart health, cholesterol, blood
pressure, blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, depression, pain, diseases and cancers. Excess fat simply accelerates aging. And when it comes to the topic of “what’s
the best diet?”,… the truth is that almost any and all “diets” work in helping you
to lose “some weight”,… initially. The problem is that it’s very rarely a long-term
result. Thus, why over 95% of people always gain the
weight back and usually even more. Additionally, the goal should NEVER be to
lose “weight”, it should be FAT loss. Unfortunately, most diets result in fat, water
AND lots of valuable muscle loss. And the longer the diet, the more drastic
and restrictive it is… and the more incorrect it is for your body type and genetics,…
the more MUSCLE you’ll lose over time. While unfortunately, fat loss slows down and
stops. And these negatives tend to affect women much
more so than men. Sadly, aging and getting older, only exacerbates
the problems even more. Yes, the scale may show lower weight, but
your body won’t look as good. Women will start to lose more breast tissue,
facial fat and muscle — all of which will make you look older with more wrinkles and
saggy muscles and skin. Men will lose even more muscle because they
had more to begin with and end up looking skinny/fat. And the end result is that your hormones will
be completely imbalanced and “broken”. Which is the exact opposite of what you want
because genetics aside, you look and feel the way you do based primarily on your hormones. “Skinny” people who can almost eat whatever
they want, they have much better “fat burning” hormones than the people who are always struggling
to lose weight. Genetics and hormones, always play a major
role. Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you’ve
been overweight most of your life, that this is just how it is. Don’t use “genetics” as a cop out or
an excuse or “your story”! Instead, use it as an indicator that you’ll
need to put in more effort and time. You’ll need to be more strict and specific
with the foods you can and shouldn’t eat. And NO, it’s not due to willpower… nor
is it as simple as “calories in, calories out”, when it comes to LONG-TERM, healthy
fat loss. I say all of this because I know more about
this topic than most people … Not only because of my educational background
and area of expertise, which is in endocrinology – the study of hormones. I also have a masters in Nutrition and I’m
a Certified Nutrition Specialist® Which is all great… but more importantly
and valuable, not only have I consulted hundreds of people about this topic for over 25+ years,
I’ve personally been on some kind of a special diet or eating plan most of my entire life. In fact, I started my FIRST weight loss diet
when I was only 11 years old, in the 6th grade. Basically, I was overweight, slow and weak. I wanted to play sports with “the guys”,
but I was usually one of the last picked people when selecting teams because I was just fat
and out of shape. So, I started the most innovative diet on
the planet ……. I simply ate less food. Yup, as you can tell… I was a genius as such a young age. Hehe… Seriously, it wasn’t complicated. I would normally come home after school and
my mom would make me a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs. And I’d wash it down with a big glass of
cola with crushed ice. That entire thing had to be at least 600 calories
or more. Maybe even 1000, since my mom is a really
good cook. Of course, I got a lot of arguing from my
mom. “Why are you doing this? You’re perfect just the way you are. Why don’t you like my cooking anymore, etc.,
etc.” You know, a lot of guilt. But, I was headstrong and knew I had a goal
and this was the fastest solution. Truth is, this was the ONLY solution I knew
of at such a young age. Since then, I’ve been on all sorts of diets. I tried to gain muscle for varsity basketball,
but ended up just losing weight and muscle because I followed the wrong diet for my body
type and metabolism I tried very high carbs for track, but ended
up getting slow and sluggish. I tried the original Atkins diet, a REAL Ketogenic
diet, … very high fat, little protein and no carbs, way back in 1994… YES, way before ketogenic dies became “a
cool trend” like it is now. However, my performance at the gym and in
sports suffered dramatically. I was slower and weaker. I did lose fat, but I lost a lot of muscle. Also, my thyroid was dramatically slower after
I ended the diet. I’ve tried various intermittent fasting
diets, all of which didn’t work with my metabolism. I again, lost muscle over the time. It’s a great diet for some people and it
was an easier diet to follow, but not for my genetics and goals. I’ve also been a vegan, but my testosterone
dropped by more than half and so did my sex drive and I started to lose muscle gradually. Granted, this was my favorite diet because
it has a lot of health benefits and I’ve never really liked the taste of protein and
meat. Speaking of which, I’ve also tried very
high protein diets, up to 600 grams daily to see how much extra muscle I can gain. Sadly, I could only do it for about a month
because I felt like crap — slow, sluggish and bloated all the time. I could list even more diets… Paleo, Anti-Inflammatory, Juicing and so on
and so forth. All worked initially. All had some sort of benefits depending on
your goals. Unfortunately, they all failed to be a long-term
solution. For me anyway and as the statistics show,
for most people. Because the truth is that the BEST type of
diet is the one that YOU can follow daily, long-term, month after month… year after
year. Of course, the real question is… “what
IS the “best” type of diet for you?” With my private clients, I take into account
lots of factors when creating a diet or eating-plan. Past history and family ethnicity (DNA analysis
& genetics) Current health concerns (diseases, cancers,
etc.) Hormone levels (testosterone, estrogens, thyroid,
GH, etc.) Age and Sex (male vs female)
Short and long-term goals Life-style
Somatotype Activity level (exercise, weights, cardio,
etc.) Metabolic type
Blood type Likes and dislikes (types of food, etc.)
Food Allergies Personality type
etc Now, someone will say, “oh geez… you’re
crazy Dr. Sam… that’s just way too much effort. That’s too complicated… There’s no clinically proof…” Blah, blah, blah… Yes, maybe to 99% of people simply because
they don’t understand all of these factors. … Each playing a key role in helping you
achieve your long-term goals, which is a solution that will help you: Lose FAT, while preserving or gaining muscle
Dramatically improve and optimize your youth hormones
Give you more energy and vitality Improve brain function and memory
Increase your wellbeing and sex drive – makes you feel younger
Reduce aches and pains Improve digestion and nutrient absorption Most importantly, make it easy and fun, so
it’s sustainable long-term, without requiring daliy willpower. An eating plan that can be followed all the
time, anywhere and everywhere — at home, with the kids, on vacation, at work, restaurants,
parties, so on and so forth. Because eating tends to be a psychological
and emotional thing for many people. For example, it’s done in groups primarily. Dinner with the family, dates, friends, co-workers,
the holidays, parties and so forth. And when your diet is very restrictive, you
will not stick to it long-term because you can’t be social. You can’t enjoy yourself. And thus, why willpower never works long term. What DOES work is making the right decisions
and making them daily habits. Then, after a few weeks and months, your subconscious
kicks in and you’re eating well, without giving it any thought. You’ll see positive results, you’ll have
progress, you’ll FEEL great and all of this reinforces this new eating plan and thus,
you continue to do it, daily, all the time…. EFFORTLESSLY! Not to mention, the improvements in hormones,
dopamine, serotonin and so forth, continue to REWARD you – mentally, emotionally and
physically. You no longer see this as a “diet” or
something you “have to do”. It’s something you GET to do because you
just love the results. You love how you look and feel. So what does all of this mean for YOU? So after all of this, you may be thinking…
“okay, great… I get it… this all makes sense… but what
the HECK is “the perfect diet”, for ME?!?!!” Great question and I’ll go into this in
part TWO of this video, which you’ll get information to below. But don’t worry, I won’t leaving you hanging
today… Below this video I’ve got a couple very
important links for you, and I’ll tell you about them in a few seconds. The point with this longer video was not to
“waste” your time. I know many people these days want some kind
of easy solution in 60 seconds or less. However, my goal with this video was to let
you know that there are many factors that go into losing fat, longterm, and being healthy
the entire time. And why most diets don’t work. And after 35+ years, trying dozens of different
diets and counseling hundreds of people, I have found some universal guidelines to long-term,
safe and healthy fat loss, which I’ll be revealing in the next video, which will be
released in a few days. So make sure you’re subscribed, if you aren’t
already and also click the notification icon, so you’ll be notified when part 2 is released. However, as promised, below there are 2 important
links. One of them is another youtube video that
reveals the “10 Weight Loss Myths” In the second link you’ll discover how to
quickly optimizer your “Fat Burning” hormones, year round So that’s it for today. Have a happy and healthy day!