🐔 SMOKED WHOLE CHICKEN🐔Your “GO TO” Traeger Meal– Great for Beginners!

March 5, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

hey guys retired at 40 today we’re
doing my go-to meal on the traeger and your first meal if you’ve never done one
but first I got to find it today we’re doing the traeger roasted chicken so if
this is your first meal the traeger is extremely user friendly all you have to
do turn this on switch on turn this to smoke
lift up your lid and you’re ready to start cooking you
also want to make sure that you’ve got a hopper full of pellets so for the recipe
part of it we’re just gonna go to smoke I’m gonna let that smoke for about five
to ten minutes all right so while we’re waiting for our smoke to get going you
only need two ingredients for this other than the chicken you need a four pound
chicken is ideal that’s what Traeger recommends and I’ve
done just about a four pound chicken every time and it’s like spot-on every
single time so four pounds of good size for that temperature and time other than
that you just need some rub you can use the traeger rub I use this Schultz’s
premium rub Costco has it sometimes and and then you need some olive oil all
right and then we’re gonna take our giblets out of the cavity that’ll
include the neck that gizzard all that good stuff sometimes it doesn’t have any
in here and this just has the gizzard looks like nothing else so then we’re
gonna take this and we’re gonna wash it thoroughly inside and out with cold
water and then we’ll bring it back here okay once we’re all rinsed off with cold
water you want to get a whole gob of paper towels and you want to just pat
dry every little nook and cranny and crevice of this and get it as dry as you
possibly can you don’t want any water on it if possible so if you’ve seen my
turkey video I like to take this skin and separate it from the meat and stuff
Pat’s of butter under there and then you can actually flavor the butter too with
different things like rosemary and stuff like that to really give it some some
big-time flavor but if you don’t choose to do that it actually stays really
really juicy and it has a ton of flavor even without it so the next thing we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna cover this with olive oil and just take a brush and we
want to get all that oil in every nook and cranny and that’s why you try and
get the water out of there because obviously oil and water does not mix so
top and bottom front and back you want this whole thing covered in olive oil
and it’s going to give you a super super crisp bird so now we’ve got a nice
coating of oil that lets our seasoning stick to it really really well and don’t be shy with this you can
really you can really slather it on here I tend to use a rub that’s lower salt
because a chicken like this especially if you buy it from the store is pretty
salty it’s usually full of salt water anyway so if you use a lower sodium it’s
kind of taking in more of that flavor and it’s not so salty if this is your first time using the
traeger you want to get used to doing that smoke for five to ten minutes you
have to do it every time you use the traeger and what it does is it puts heat
into the grill and gets it ready for you to go up to your temperature that you
want and if you’re doing burgers or something like that I like to use the
smoke actually to get a little bit of extra smoke flavor on the burger so I’ll
actually put the burgers on right away before I even start cooking them okay so
now that we’ve been smoking for five to ten minutes you usually want to
physically see smoke coming out of the grill you know that it’s ready at that
point depending on which controller you have you want to go up to 450 or high so
this controller that I have is the pro controller and the highest it goes is
450 so you’re going all the way to 450 and close your lid we’re just gonna let
that chill for about 10 to 15 minutes so whenever I do duck or chicken or turkey
in the whole form I really like to utilize the the inside cavity because
it’s kind of like a two-for-one you’re getting the meat and then you can stuff
it full of stuffing or vegetables or fruit or can anything that’s going to
contribute to that flavor and not only are you contributing to the the chicken
or turkey or ducks flavor but you’re contributing to whatever is inside that
you can eat also so today I’m just going to keep it simple I’m gonna put some
onion and some carrots inside this cavity and then we’re gonna tie the legs so get yourself some string butcher
string or twine string or anything like that I’ve even had to use yarn in a
pinch but now that our cavity is full we want to close it up as good as we can
we’re gonna take the legs I like to wrap each side first we’re just gonna tie
those legs off then we’re going to flip it over we’re gonna take another piece
of string and we’re gonna tie the arms behind the bird like this this keeps everything really nice and
tender and it also adds to the presentation of it okay now that we’ve
had time to prep and I’ve been blabbing for 10 to 15 minutes it’s time to go out
to the Traeger it’s plenty warm it should be up to 450
or relatively close so let’s check it out there all right that is
picture-perfect all right we’re gonna go breast side
down if you have thermometer probes I like to go in the deepest part of the
breast and then the thickest part of the thigh just make sure that your probes
are not touching any of the bone because that’ll give you a false reading you
always want to go in the thickest part of the meat but not touching bone so
shortly after I put my grill lid down I had a slight hiccup which will
actually result in another video now I had an H ER code which means a high
temperature code so I’ll put the link up above here for that video if you ever
have that code it’ll be helpful moving along though now that the chicken
is on we’re gonna stay on 450 usually about 70 to 90 minutes as is the magic
time for it but we want that temperature to get up to 165 on the probe so if
you’re new to the traeger one of the hardest things to get used to is that
you don’t want to be lifting the lid at all the time because it’s you’re gonna
let all your heat out you just have to let the traeger do its magic
No hey what are you doing nope ain’t get out of there hey I like
your shirt that’s my shirt you’re my boy blue so I checked my probe temperatures
everything is perfect it’s been just about 70 minutes about perfect all right
so now this is done we’re gonna let this rest for about ten minutes and I know
it’s real tempting to hack this up but let it sit for 10 minutes keep all that
juice in there so now this has had time to rest it’s the most important part and
that’s gonna be carving the chicken and if you can cook the chicken and carve it
like a pro then you’re the hero of the day if you’ve never been to the channel
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just want to say hello so we’re gonna take the string off alright so your
first step is you want to separate the leg from the body and the key to victory
really is just use the knife to feel the bone and where you need to cut so this
is your drumstick and then this is your thigh you’re gonna want to lift up on
the thigh and there’s a piece of skin right here we’re just gonna cut through
that piece of skin and separate that thigh there’s the skin put your knife right in
there and just kind of feel with your knife okay now that we have the leg separated
from the body you want to separate your drumstick from the thigh meat this bird
is so juicy that it’s pretty much just falling off of the bone we’re gonna turn
this over and we’re gonna separate all of the breasts on both sides the easiest
way to do that is you can kind of use your finger and you can feel the center
bone that runs all the way along the center of the breast we’re going to take
the knife and use the knife to feel where that bone is all the way back and
this is where a filet knife comes in real handy because it’s flexible and you
can use that flexibility to kind of carve out that whole breast okay now
let’s do the other side so that’s what we’ve got so far and then the wings
should just pop out of the socket or you can cut them out and you can serve those
hole or you can cut them at the joint if you want to I usually just serve them
whole there’s not a whole lot of meat on them and then it save the best for last
and where your legs used to be there’s a couple little nuggets of meat right in
this little pocket right here and these are called the oysters and those are
your most tender part of the bird and if you look look you can see where
this little pockets up where they sit in so those are the major parts of the
chicken you can also I like to take a fork and you can just kind of scrape out
all the loose meat for sandwiches or you can leave this whole and just throw it
into a crock pot or an instant pot or just a boiling pot and make soup out of
it and then you can get every last piece of meat off there and then all this
stuff that was in the cavity is great if you want to make a soup too because then
you can just throw it right into the soup and then make sure you save all
your drippings and juice that come off of this keep it into a pan separate and
you can make your gravy with it you can take the whole pieces of breast and just
kind of go diagonal across the grain of the meat and then if you’ve got some
nice juicy pieces of breast well I hope you have a great success with your
chicken this is retired at 40 remember to live life simple we’ll catch you next