15000 Calorie Challenge in 15 Hours – Italiano Cheat Day – MAN VS FOOD – (ENG SUB)

January 6, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

enjoy your meal this really goes down which is a pleasure! pizza, one of my favorite things the last Ringo goal damn paté of pistachios simple ninja calories the smell is very good! anyway, I recommend these these are really good here they are the Plasmon, a leap into the past that is, I do not want to say anything but they are already melting within a minute! really amazing these guys! and now I have a question for you ninja, will I be able to destroy this challenge in 15 hours? good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video today I can really wish you a good morning because it is 5:14 minutes on Sunday 26 August 15000 members, another goal achieved! in week in instagram I asked you what you would like to see in my next cheat day and the options were two 10000 calorie challenge coming only from McDonald’s or 15,000 calories in 15 hours 54% of you obviously chose the 15,000 calorie challenge and then guys welcome to a new challenge! so let’s introduce this new challenge the rules of this cheat day will be 15000 calories of course in 15 hours no liquid calories! obviously I will not go to count any calories from liquids other rules, other rules? no! just enjoy some junk food! I’m so excited I can not wait to eat some crap! just chat because I’m hungry absurd! so let’s start with the usual practice! physical check! off the shirt table ninja I’m ready! and weight control! as always for correctness I show you the time at 5:28 always on Sunday 26 August 66.8 weight control, physical control done, so table ninja we just have to leave! and then guys I wait for you at the table with the first meal of this cheat day! and here we are at the table, today I’m super hungry! but above the table I see nothing propio, maybe I jumped something? just the cardio! if you know me by now, you know that every morning before my cheat day I give myself some cardio, but this morning I really woke up really hungry then I want to first give myself a healthy and healthy breakfast and later I will be able to think also of this difficult and complicated task so in the meantime let’s start with a bomb with a little white Mulino tiles obviously by popular demand Snowdrop cookies from Doria, one of my favorite cookies, I have not eaten for a century on your advice crisp muesli double chocolate cameo never tried these cereals and really really curious to try them and what’s the best way to get back baby? obviously tasting some plasmon cookies I can say that I have not eaten for a lifetime! they are recommended for people over 12 months of age I should have passed them no? obviously I will go to taste these healthy and delicious sugars with some skim milk which of course I will not count in my calories and a nice coffee because this morning I still have to drink it! now I feel really charged! I have my usual giant super pan for my milk fantastic! I add my coffee like every cheat day I have a camera in front of me, I have a camera next to me it’s 5:54 off the shirt, much better, I have them my spoon and ninja board begin! and I would start with these snowdrop cookies because I’m really anxious to try them here they are, snowdrop cookies and now I have a question for you ninja, will I be able to destroy challenge in 15 hours? very good guys! my mother I did not remember that the snowdrops were so good! and with his milk coffee his death! really ninja go down that’s a pleasure! el last snowdrop went down that was a pleasure, really really good next I would go with these tiles because I’m really curious to try them never tried! you have really recommended them to me so they must be amazing! what about the scent is really extraordinary, I’m 10 anyway here is your tiles recommended by you! delicious! Caspita are really good! you were right! why have I never tried them? obviously we soak them in milk so they will be even better! Yes! I confirm! fantastic! really ninja thanks for the advice! simple ninja calories! and the last one really good! time to come back baby with these plasmon as a child I ate a lot I remember! I was constantly asking my mother! here they are the plasmon, a leap into the past! delicious! how to get back baby! even the cookies for me are really fantastic! so milk, cookies, cereals and donuts and I could really die go with the last plasmon biscuit I really needed that! you know I’m only 1.68 tall so I need to grow again! and let’s finish this breakfast with these fantastic cereals muesli is one of my favorite cereals so it will definitely be amazing! they seem few but they were 300 grams! what do you say ninja are a little envious? tell me the truth, are you a little envious of my milk and cereals? Here you can find milk and muesli double chocolate from vitalis amazing really! really really good! with the pieces of chocolate inside you can see them, with the usual milk dripping on the table damn misery I will never change! went simple! it’s 6:19 am I really enjoyed this breakfast, I really needed it, I was really hungry! now I relax a nice hour, I will not go in carb coma, do not worry that’s for sure! then cardio, today an exercise bike because it’s raining outside and because anyway I just had a breakfast let’s say a little abundant so going to run on the street would be a bit complicated so table ninja we’ll see you later! indeed no I changed my mind ninja now you follow me! it’s too easy for you to sit there and watch me while I’m eating! and relax! and now you keep me company even during my cardio are you ready? we do so soon! here they are! I knew you’d leave! Is the cardio so boring? Casbe does nothing, I’m done! however 1 hour and 30 minutes of spinning and 920 calories burned and as always my cardio finished branched amino acids, super refreshing! too refreshing! one of the many questions you keep asking me How can you do such long cardio sessions without getting bored Well, apart from today I only did 1 hour and 30 minutes, I usually do 2 hours my advice is when you do cardio leave the phone aside! do not use the cell phone free your mind this is my secret! trust ninja! when I put myself on that exercise bike or when I go running in the street I never take a phone with me! I do not want distractions! the secret is to free the mind and then you will see that you can run for hours and hours, if you give me a phone with headphones and music I assure you that twenty minutes I stop and throw myself on the ground because I break ic ***** i I finish enjoying these fantastic amino acids and we’ll see you at the table for the second meal of this cheat day! very very good! how well you are after you finish a cardio session! and of course after having had a nice refreshing shower! you feel regenerated! ninja trust you never skip the cardio the day of your cheat day because it is essential! 1 because you give a boost to your metabolism 2 because you will feel a lot more hungry and 3 because you will feel better not only physically but also mentally! however, the hour of the second meal of this cheat day has arrived and today gentlemen are in great demand eggs, pecorino cheese, bacon and linguine obviously you have already guessed what it is! bacon and egg! you have really requested it in too many and I thought best of giving it to you in this cheat day! do not ever end a meal without a bit of dessert then .. milka chocolate splint with the hours Loacker and these Kinder choco fresh that look nice and delicious unfortunately today I have to go to the stove but this time ninja come with me! do not run away like before during my cardio! then first of all we go to use 4 egg yolks, 1, 2, 3, and 4, then we add a bit of our pecorino we’re going to beat it right very well! then we take our guanciale we put it in our pot, we add a little oil to make it brown which of course I will not count in my calories, a bit of pepper and let’s go brown! while I brown my pillow, I put on the water for my pasta my pillow is nice toasted as I like it as for the pasta I will go to cook only 250 grams this time, zero balance 250 grams, my water is boiling so it’s time to throw my 250 grams of linguine 9 minutes of cooking, 9 minutes passed, I go to drain my pasta I add it to my pillow, I add my egg yolks with pecorino cheese let’s jump, mix well, another jump what do you say ninja? this marvelous carbonara can go to the table liked the kids cooking class? much better than cardio what do you think? however, fork and spoon I have my remaining pecorino that I will obviously put on top of my carbonara the usual thing is missing coca cola zero very good, it’s 10: 1 and ninja I would say to start with this fantastic carbonara that must be really fantastic! good appetite to me! amazing! this is really really good! la carbonara, one of my favorite pastas! what do you think ninja? do you like carbonara to you? what is your favorite pasta dish? write it in the comments below really too delicious ninja! I love it! last bite of carbonara gone! we do not need this anymore! really really good! we needed a nice carbonara! anyway now time for a bit of dessert and try this milka with the hours really curious to try it! here it is ninja! this beautiful milka with the hours! let’s try it! really good! can you see the pieces of ore or inside? fantastic! this really goes down which is a pleasure! simple calories! do you want a ninja bite? no, I’m sorry, all mine! it really went down that was a pleasure! well let’s go with these little loookers never seen before I think they are like normal looters but let’s try them they are four bars here it is, it is also broken but let’s try it good! they are practically loacker filled with chocolate, not bad! went these too! and let’s finish with these kinder choco fresh here they are, do they have a bear shape? or hippo? I can not understand, however let’s try them super creamy inside! really amazing these guys! my good mother! if this is not porn! and also the second meal is gone! it’s 10:46 am and now I’m going to rest a bit because this morning I obviously woke up early so I deserve a bit of rest, later I will go for a walk for sure and we table ninja see you later for the third meal of this cheat day! and here I am back from my walk this time you followed me ninja not like this morning you left me alone to die on that damn bike however, an hour and a half walk, I did a quiet walk 9 km nothing out today you are from god, I’m 25 degrees it seems to be in the spring I did not even sweat so better than that now it’s 2:45 tic tak time runs we have little more than 6 hours to complete this challenge so we have a few chat and see you at the table and here we are in our battle ground let’s say that this table is starting to write its story! time for the third meal of this cheat day and now I have a bit of salt taste then buffalo ricotta pizza and cherry tomatoes, pistachio mortadella and pistachio pate have you guessed what I’ll do? no quiet I will not join these ingredients with the pizza because the idea was that though on Instagram you told me that the pizza with pistachio pate and pistachio mortadella it goes with the white base, but stupidly I bought the pizza with the red base so I will use this pistachio pate and this pistachio mortadella with these fantastic, extra virgin olive oil let me just heat up this pizza ready pizza! my usual battle gear my usual coca cola zero it’s 3:12 and I ninja would start with this pistachio pate this is an absurd thing! 1400 calories for this 200 gram jar, absurd! obviously it’s new, I’ve never tried it .. my mom, it’s really amazing! madonna that good! pity that it is super caloric! let’s go with our pizza even if it’s a frozen pizza it’s really good! pizza one of my favorite things! the pizza is gone, taz is gone and now let’s try this combination with the focaccias pistachio mortadella and pistachio pate here they are, I’ve never tasted these, I’m really curious nothing but simple focaccelle, in fact they are focaccelle, however we add some ingredients here it is, focaccia, pistachio pate and pistachio mortadella and let’s try it! good! but if you put too much pistachio pate it becomes a little solid to eat maybe I have to put less let’s try to put a little less here it is ninja! good! really a great snack! recommended! let’s say that this pate is really good but binds a lot! difficult to send a little down what can I say I underestimated this damn pate! It’s really hard to throw down I’ve knocked it down just over half very good but hell if it’s heavy! damn pate of pistachios! good but guys my god starts to make trouble to be honest! anyway let’s go with the last focaccella Now I would really like a nice ice cream, but we are almost there, I almost managed to kill this damn paté of pistachio! the last foccacella with pistachio, with the pistachio pate pardoned and with mortadella of course luckily I have my zero coke that helps me to send it down more easily! the last teaspoon of pistachio pate gone! it is 3:46 am and I must say that these focaccias with mortadella and pistachio pate put me really in trouble, however, we managed to destroy the same ninja now another bit of relaxation and we’ll see each other later with the last meal of this cheat day and here I come back to the table with you ninja, that damn paté of pistachio has really killed me! He put me in a coma absurd, in fact finished the last meal I went to bed and I slept for a good 2 hours! then I woke up and I really felt really full, what did I do? I went for a nice walk as always, then a nice refreshing shower and now of course I feel regenerated and even hungry, so I have little chatter and we’re going to destroy this challenge with a little tuk crisp with aromatic herbs these must be fantastic, pick up black and white too these must be really good suggested by you these Ringo goals and of course to close These icecream cookies of these stars must really be amazing! I have mine though a little coca cola zero it’s 8:18 am and I’ll start with these black and white pick ups here they are ninja, pick up black and white, really good it’s also true they break just right in half! anyway I think I recommend it really good! really good! now I would break the sweet part with a bit of salt so I would go with these tuk crisp with Mediterranean herbs the smell is very good! here they are tuk crisp delicious! and they are really light, moreover! good! I had seen that they also cereal the paprika but I only found these with Mediterranean herbs however I’m amazing the same! the last bite! very good! really really good these guys fries! time to try these Ringo goals these must be exceptional! here they are the famous Ringo goals very good ninja! really! I also finished my coke then water and mint this time! It’s a lot since I drink it! very good! the last Ringo goal and finally it’s time to enjoy some ice cream! it was the hour! empty? once I can be c ***** and twice I can be c ***** e the third time I learned! this time I put them in the freezer! thanks thanks thanks! let’s try these pan di stelle gelato biscotto this time they did not melt! lesson learned! delicious! really good these guys! that is, I do not want to say anything but they are already melting within a minute! think of you if I would have left it on the table! however the ice cream is always the cherry on the cake in a cheat day! the last ice cream of the pan di stelle and with this bite I declare this 15000 calories challenge ended! it is 8.44 am ok I made the mess even on the phone! let me just a moment clean your hands and even your phone … much better! what about challenge passed! it was not easy, I underestimated it the volume of the food was really a lot, I feel quite full I think now I will sit on the chair I will not go to bed immediately because I have the slightly swollen belly In the meantime, I’ll send you a good night and see you tomorrow morning for the control of the body and for weight control, ninja night good morning table ninja! Monday 27 August 6:29 am wake up early today because at 7:45 I have to be in the gym I have my first power lifting lesson they say that power lifting is a discipline where you have a large caloric expenditure after yesterday I should have enough energy today! however, control of the body! my usual bacon, and weight control! as always, I show you that it is always Monday, August 27th 71.4 what to say and this week too I have my work cut back to my normal weight! however ninja I hope you enjoyed this challenge too if you want to stay with me even during the week, if you want to see my workouts if you want to see my power, if you want to see the crap that public start following me in Instagram find me with the name vgthomas1987 Is the most important thing! if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, do it immediately! click right here! table ninja it’s time to close the video we’ll see you next week with a new video and in the meantime STAY FIT AND STAY HUNGRY!