2021 Kia Seltos // Is THIS the Telluride of Small SUV’s??

February 25, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

What’s going on YouTube! So we ditch the earmuffs and came out here to beautiful and warm, San Antonio Texas to check out the first 2021 model year vehicle on sale in the US this all-new Kia Seltos Now this is a brand new nameplate for the brand and if you’re wondering where it fits into the current lineup It is sized and priced right in between the soul and the Sportage But Kia has made sure to give each offering its own unique characteristics and the sell tous includes some nice influence from the Telluride So with that all said, let’s see if the sill toast can jump to the top of its class just like the Telluride did! Alright so getting started here with the exterior design what you’ll notice right off The bat is we do have Kia’s latest renditions of the tiger nose grille However, it is pretty large It does cover most of the front end now all the trim levels except for the very base LX get this exact grille here However, the LX does have a slightly different interior finish Now that we’re over here to the headlights. I will mention that this is the premium buy LED setup This comes on the SX only and if you go for one of the lower trim levels, that’s where you’ll get halogen headlights but the really cool element that I absolutely have to point out is this light extension It’s a little harder to see but the daytime running light runs through here and then as it transitions to the grille It continues all the way out to here. So this is a really cool element, and it looks awesome at night time And then dropping down on the face here. You will find fog lights on all but the base LX trim however, you will have to get the SX trim if you want LEDs and Then over all I just want to talk about kind of how rugged this vehicle looks It has a class-leading 28 degree approach angle and a 7.2 inch ground clearance, which is better than most in the class And that really just makes this look like a more substantial SUV than most of the kind of low riding competition Now coming down here to the wheels One of the nice things about this new cell toast, is that you? Skip like ugly little tiny wheels with ugly hubcaps you go straight to 17-inch alloys even on the base LX and the S trend level now when you go up to the e X you have a contrasting 17-inch alloy and when you go up to the SX or the S with the turbo engine That’s where you’ll get these really really nice-looking 18-inch contrast alloys And then coming up here to your mirrors They are heated with the LED turn signals on all but the LX trim level And you will also find blind spot monitoring built into the mirror. If you go for the S turbo trim or up So here at the rear design I have to go ahead and start it out with the complement because honestly most in this class have a very Kind of City focused look and I do think that the Seltos has a very handsome and rugged design Which is quite unique for this segment And as far as the features are concerned back here We do have this nice silver trim going across The back for all of the models and then turning over to the tail lights These are going to be LED on all but the very base LX But probably the most unique feature about this is that you can have the two-tone design As you can see this SX has opted for the black cherry roof You can get this option or a white roof option which looks really quite unique and that is available on the S and SX terms Now I’m not going to discuss the full pricing right here because that will come later in the video But I do need to talk about kind of the trend level structure with this new cell tose You kind of have to dual base trims the LX and s actually cost the same amount But it’s important to mention here because the LX is going to miss out on Kia’s Drive wise plus safety systems and in addition to that this top-end SX trim will also add adaptive cruise control to that Well guys that sums up all the exterior about this all new sell toast So now let’s go ahead and hop inside and see all the value kia has put in there So walking up to the all-new Kia Seltos so you will notice their smart entry system on both the e^x and the SX trim levels and one important Difference here. You may be noticing is that the remote start system is on the key fob Now that’s new for the entire kia brand and hopefully will also roll out to the 2021 telluride and other Kia models Now to get inside the vehicle itself, you will just press this black button here since there’s not a sensor behind the handle All right, so taking our first look inside these cell toasts What you’ll immediately notice is that it has a very upscale design for something in this class of vehicle Now as far as the color and material options that kia is offering What you’ll be looking at is cloth seating on the LX trim in black only Going for the S trim will get you a leatherette and cloth combination seat that’s finished in black with special blue accenting and then when you go for the e X and the SX trim level You’ll also get this so Fino leatherette and that comes in this black or a grey option Now turning over here to your door trim It is very nicely finished as you can see you have the leather armrest with the color contrast stitching It is all leather through here as well though. The top part is hard touch As far as your windows, it is one touch automatic for just the driver window And then coming down here to your seat this is a tin wave door adjusting seat with to a lumbar support This is standard on ex and SX trim levels the other terms come with a six-way manual seat You know like I was saying this is Kia’s leatherette But it does still feel very realistic and definitely hasn’t been attractive aesthetic here with the kind of diamond shapes inside of it Now I already mention the premium design However, the materials are also very premium for the class of vehicle now as expected All the upper part of the dashboard here is hard touch However, when we drop down here to the middle on the SX trim we do have a leatherette with some stitching And then dropping down from here We have extensive use of some piano black trim and everything does goes together very nicely and feels really really solid Now on the ex and SX trim press the button to start Now as far as your gauge setup here This is the premium gauge set up on the SX only with a 7-inch display All your other terms are going to come with a smaller three and a half inch display Now one thing worth mentioning is that a head-up display is not available in the SEL toast Even though it is available on the lower level Kia Soul then coming back to the steering wheel It is nicely leather wrapped on all that the very base LX trim level as you see it does have key as a newest Premium looking design. However, once again just like the head-up display. You cannot get a heated steering wheel like you can get on the sole Alright, so let’s go ahead and talk about Storage, which is very important for any kind of SUV even smaller one like the Seltos So firstly into your center console here, this is quite deep the nice felt lying down at the bottom as well Up in front of that. We have a little storage right here two large cupholders and Then up in the front. We have another large storage bin with a charging USB a regular USB and a 12-volt outlet plus if you go for either the EX or The SX trim that’s where you get a Qi wireless phone charging pad that runs right across here to stick the door Now coming back to this shifter really like this shifter it is basically straight off the telly right So it has the same premium feel. Of course. You just pull back to D for Drive You can bump over here to the left if you want to shift manually right here But there are never any paddle shifters on the steering wheel And then when we go into reverse you will find a standard backup camera across all the trim levels And we do also have active trajectory as well. Definitely a very clear resolution. I will mention When you the struggle is real and you try to jump trying to get to the top of the hay-bale to set down And then you will also notice we have an electronic parking brake and an auto brake hole function right here I Kind of moving up here to some of the buttons surrounding the shifter. We have the drive mode select There are three different drive modes. We’ll talk about this in the test drive a normal smart and sport mode You also notice three-stage seat heating if you go for the EX trim or the SX trim level Then moving up to the main climate control setup here you will get a single zone automatic setup If you go for the same EX or SX trim level, otherwise, it will be manual And like I was mentioning it is single zone So you just adjust the temperature with this one knob here and then all your other adjustments are located physically right there And now that brings us to the next thing of the dashboard which is our audio systems Now the vast majority of the trim levels they come with a standard six speaker sound system However, if you choose the top trim level the SX, that’s where you’ll get a boson system That’s the first-ever Bose sound system inside of a Kia So let’s go ahead and take a sample of that I Have to say sound quality of this system is excellent, especially for this category of vehicle Now there’s one other important thing to mention about this sound system like the Kia Soul. It does come with the mood lighting setup So basically when you turn up the volume to get louder You will see the speaker’s and some of the lighting inside of the vehicle. It will glow different types of colors Definitely a very cool touch All right. So now that brings us up here to our Kia UVO system Now what you’re probably noticing right off the bat is just how large this display is. This is 10.25 inches Which is actually the same size as in the kia telluride and it is the largest display offered in this class of vehicle This comes standard on the SX trim level and then all your other trim levels those will come standard with an 8-inch display Which is still pretty large for the class. Now, one of the nice features of this system is that we have split-screen ability So what we can do is have things like our navigation map up and then we can also a second pull up secondary information over here on the side Just so we have two different types of information up at the same time Now navigation, you’re probably noticing here. This is standard on just the SX only However, the other trim levels they still come with Android auto and apple carplay. So you’ll always have access to either Apple or Google Maps But moving on beyond that you will find an auto dimming mirror here on the SX trim level and You’re probably noticing that even here on this fully loaded model we actually do not have a moonroof The reason why is because you cannot pair the moonroof with the color contrast roof at this time But if you want to go without the color contrast roof You can add a moonroof to the SX trim for $700 or it is standard on the EX trim All righty, so that is going to do it for the front parts of this premium saltos cabin So now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will check out all the utility in the back So hopping back in the rear seat of the cell tous my first impression is definitely that it’s a spacious offering Especially for this segment of vehicle. But as far as the features that they’ve thrown in on this top-end model We do have rear vents as was a USB port and I say top and model loosely because that is actually included on the EX trims and higher and Then down below that you do have a nice little storage area as well as a center armrest and your assist grip But now as far as the actual space is concerned you are going to find 38 inches of both leg and Headroom Which is definitely positioning it at the top end of the class so behind guru seating position I have I’d say at least six to seven inches of rear legroom and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat So your are going to find a pretty rare amount of space back here Especially for this class of vehicle now walking up to the tailgate it is going to be manual across all of the trim levels Which is expected for the class But what is not expected for the class is just how much space is back here You’re gonna find 27 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats and that expands to 63 cubic feet if you fold the seats now like I was mentioning that’s honestly way bigger than most of the rivals and it can even be bigger than a segment above and As far as how they finish it back here It is finished nicely since you do have a cargo cover and up underneath of the floor We do have a spare tire But one interesting thing about this floor is that you can actually kind of drop it down to give you more space right now It’s in the mode to make it flat with the seats if you fold them But you can’t actually drop it down another level to give more cargo space Now here at the passenger seat it is for white manually adjusting across all the models and in front of you you do have a Pretty good sized glove box that is dampened and up top We do have a Sun Visor with the light mirror and it does also detach as well as extend But in anyway guys that sums up all of the rear areas with the cell toast It’s not to go ahead and get out in the road and see how that turbo engine performs Right There there was our first acceleration in the turbo Kia Seltos This is a 1.6. Liter turbo 175 horsepower 195 pound-feet of torque It certainly feels pretty strong yeah definitely the torque I kind of wasn’t expecting that a lot of a lot in this class. They just Don’t get the job done Yeah, this turbo engine is actually kind of rare for this class I don’t know if it’s the only one or not but it’s definitely a rare feature to have in this class of vehicle because like he said Most the time they’re just concerned about fuel economy and getting you from point A to point B, definitely not much enjoyment factor But that acceleration was actually really impressive Now if you don’t want for that turbo engine which will probably the vast majority of cell ptosis cell thai whatever let us know What you think it is in the comments below whatever but if you don’t want for that, you’re gonna get, you know the familiar Hyundai Kia two-liter four-cylinder Engine its 146 horsepower 132 pound-feet of torque So you’re gonna find quite a bit of power benefit if you go for the turbo But it’s very class competitive still even if you go for the weaker, right? It’s definitely really good that KIa is offering this upgrade engine. Like II was saying earlier very uncommon for the class Route recalculating Continue on current road for about three miles Sorry the GPS fighting these things they won’t shut up for even just a second Anyways, what I was going to say is talking about the transmission Now when you go for the turbo model, there is more benefit than just getting more power Kia throws in a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission Now the standard model it comes with a continuously variable transmission so you are definitely benefiting in that regard because you’re getting You know a traditional step to transmission, which is obviously a lot more fun That’s why it’s in the turbo engine and a lot of you guys prefer that to a CVT We get the chance to sample that base powertrain with the CVT You know, but as far as this this really makes for a good pairing Very responsive. I’m quite impressed by this dual clutch Really fires off shifts very quickly And you know, it keeps this engine right in its power band so you can put your foot down, you know And then get a surge of power right away You know and with this engine you have a lot of torque too. So it really does push you back in your seat you Know what we’re talking We’ve been talking a lot about the performance and such of this new cell toast because we do have this turbo engine But you know for the best majority of you guys this is what you’re going to be doing You’re going to be you know, cruising down the highway We will do some city driving in just a minute And you know it really does that really well, you know as you can tell up here at highway speeds It’s very quiet inside of this cabin, especially for this class of vehicle, and it’s also extremely smooth That was honestly one of the first things that we noticed when we got inside was you know, we went on the freeway where he had not the bumps and stuff and it was like Handling and like a really really really well. It was almost like a class above It was really quite impressive, you know the car in this segment can have a ride this boot Alright so we’ve switched driving positions here and I’m behind the wheel We do have just a few more things to talk about with this all new cell tose And that right there is one of the things that we do need to talk about the auto start/stop system So it has turned off and then when traffic starts moving we’ll see how smooth it is Okay, so we did just restart there and I have to say Definitely one of the smoothest auto start/stop systems, you know, this is a very small engine and typically small engines You know do start up kind of smooth because they’re small and this is definitely one of those Yeah, it’s good. And as we were driving around other instances, it does seem to be a repeatable Some of them were kind of like one time I’d be really off the next time be smooth This one is consistently, you know very smooth for a mainstream vehicle Now that is actually one Important thing. I don’t know if we mentioned throughout the review that you know, this is one of the you know, Kia’s things is actually it’s they said it was for you know textures or whatever at the red lights where you know They don’t accelerate when they don’t notice that someone is moving and right then and there I didn’t immediately accelerate when the car in front of me moved I’m so it actually went ahead and beeped and warned me that the car in front of us Had started moving which is honestly more cars should have this because I get tired of the people Texting at the red light you wish that I’m a serious it Please add this to more vehicles because I get so sick and tired of that You know, they don’t accelerating that turns red on me and then they get to go but you know anyway enough with my ramp But that is you know a nice feature that this car does have Now of course in a subcompact crossover as well as most vehicles fuel economy is pretty important So we’ll go ahead and discuss the ratings Basically the Seltos does identical I checked several different competitors and With all-wheel drive. It ranks identically to those same competitors So what you’re looking at with the standard 2-liter engine that most of the models will have is going to be 29 city 34 highway 31 combined if you’re at the front wheel drive version and then 27 city 31 highway 29 combined if you go with the all wheel drive version again The vast majority the trims besides without us come standard with all wheel drive Now this 1.6 liter turbo Obviously that’s going to be less efficient so you’re gonna come in at 25 City 30 highway 27 combined which Actually is not a bad penalty for the extra power in the dual clutch. So you’re looking at two combined and less But although I have to say we’ve both been very impressed during our time with this Kia Seltos You know, really the the main thing I think that kind of Summarizes this vehicle best is that it feels a class above You know, it really kind of has a lot of premium characteristics. You can feel a little bit of telluride influence and I actually you know and It does have of course with this turbo engine and a dual clutch quite an advantage over a lot of the competition I think that’s really its unique selling points as having that turbo engine having the dual clutch having all-wheel drive by most of the trim Levels, of course in typical kia fashion having a lot of equipment a lot of style and it does all that, you know Basically at the same or less price point than all the competition you All righty, so I’m sure you’re probably curious as to the pricing for this all-new cell toast and I’m Happy to report that it does display the typical key of value So for the LX trend that’s going to start at twenty one thousand. Ninety as I mentioned earlier in the video The S is exactly the same cost Except it comes with front-wheel drive is the only trim to come standard with front-wheel drive The rest of them do have all-wheel drive standard. I’m so that’s something to keep in mind If you go for the S turbo, that’s going to be twenty five thousand four ninety The EX is twenty five thousand to ninety. And then finally you have the SX which is what we have here And that’s twenty seven thousand eight hundred ninety bucks now in addition to that price We do have a few options So we have the two-tone roof, which is three hundred forty five bucks as well as carpet floor mats And then the destination charge of one thousand one hundred and twenty to bring this one as equipped To twenty nine thousand four hundred and eighty five bucks Which honestly is very class competitive It’s actually a little bit less than some of its rivals and you do get that turbo engine with this top-end model That a lot of the rivals will not offer and some don’t even offer all-wheel drive Well guys, we’ve you enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2021 kiyose Seltos SX turbo we really appreciate you watching and if you haven’t already be sure to that subscribe button down below and we’ll catch you next time as We sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!