25000 Calorie Challenge – Italiano Cheat Day Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

November 16, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

this will surely be an absurd thing amazing! really good help ninja now these scare me, my mother are in heaven today there are really too many sugars in this challenge Come on! maybe I can do it, no change my mind, I can not do it! really refreshing! it’s just what I needed now this is extreme sex! fantastic! amazing! 3.2.1 party timer … and now I have a question for you ninja, will I ever destroy this 25,000 calorie challenge? good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video and of course welcome to a new challenge no wait for size I do not like to redo … good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video and welcome to the most epic video you’ve ever seen in my channel, well now I have made the idea
of the madness I’m about to go for 25,000 calories challenge this is sheer madness
I can do it! I was joking ninja, I really feel like it ready to face this cheat day anyway
Monday, October 22 are at 20:29 finally guys it’s time to move on
at the next level after passing the 20,000 calories challenge three months ago where
I found myself really in trouble for the first time in my life today I decided
to test if my experience has matured in this period and above all to test
if my appetite is able to destroy 25,000 calories even though I think so
because first point I’m really hungry in fact I prepared myself to face this
challenge entering into caloric deficit Saturday and Sunday where I ate 2000 calories every day
while today total fasting in fact are in fast for 20 hours, my god I feel one
I really need zombies! second point because today I will go to delight the
my palate with some tasty American food the products you will see in this challenge
you can not find them in Italy but still ninja I have the solution, americanfoodshop.it
americanfoodshop.it is an online store where in fact you can find a myriad of snacks
Americans one hundred percent reliable that works in the sector for months and months i
Holders of this shop are kindly granted to collaborate with this crazy woman
challenge sending me sweets, chips, chocolate creams, cereals and lots of other tasty
American snacks so if you ever jumped the desire to try some snacks you will see
in this challenge I put the link in the description in this video so you can go
to supply you with American crap and more I leave you the discount code thomashungry5 in
so that you can save a little of money and I just have to thank
american food shop for getting me these fantastic products but let’s get back to us and let’s go
to present this challenge and its rules 25,000 calories challenge rule number one
24 hours to try to destroy this challenge, this challenge will start
at midnight and of course it will last until at the following midnight 24 hours rule number
two no liquid calories I will not go to count no calorie deriving from liquids because
let’s say it all ninja go count calories of liquids is by number level roosters
three four rounds to try to destroy this challenge which means I will have
maximum four meals available to go to eat 25,000 calories and rule number
four simply have fun and entertain you with another glorious cheat day! good ninja
challenge table presented presented rules we just have to leave with the usual practice
check of the physique! off my tank top … table ninja I’m ready! and check the
weight! as always for fairness I show you the time is always Monday, October 22 65.4 65.4 this is my pre challenge weight I am really curious to go see mine
post challenge weight now is almost there 9 pm there are still three hours left at the beginning
I take this opportunity for this challenge go and have a nice walk in a way
such as to stimulate my appetite as if I needed to do it, meanwhile ninja
you equip yourself with pop corn sweet ice creams or any more snacks so go and enjoy this
one hundred percent challenge and we’ll see each other on the usual battlefield to go
to face the first round of this insane 25,000 calories challenge! and here we are in my kingdom ready to start this 25,000 calorie challenge the wait was destroying me
it was only three hours now two and a half since it is 11:30 pm again
30 minutes of waiting there I have a hungry beast however ninja as the first meal of this glorious
cheat day I propose pizza pringles I have never tried them and I think they are the taste
better than the pringles you can find cinnabon cereals these must really be
really good I’m really excited at the idea to try them and I can not wait to do it
another couple of bags of fries a lot to put a bit ‘of salt to this challenge
beef jerkey is right to eat even a some healthy proteins in this cheat day
marshmallow I love marshmallows pure sugar peanut butter of the jif I do not have this
never tried and it’s the crunchy version they are 450 grams for the whole container and of course
I’ll go eat it all and a whole pizza obviously without ingredients why? why
I’ll go and spread the whole bag of peanut butter and then I’ll put mine on it
marshmallows, it will come true fantastic so let me create this
crazy sugary pizza we do not need the cap obviously the cup is new and full
just opened Here I am ninja I think I have cleaned it right I’m really creating a monster
I put my marshmallow here I really created a monster this is the most pizza
sugary and fat that I have ever eaten of course before going to go and eat it
I will go to bake a 10 minutes in such a way that the marshmallows melt for good and
the combination of marshmallow the dough pizza and peanut butter will be one thing
really fantastic I can not wait to try it et voila ninja pizza is finally ready
to be destroyed and look how it is melted the marshmallow and as it is caramelized
this will surely be an absurd thing I have my faithful steed to go and cut myself
chunk this pizza in such a way that I have it I can taste one hundred percent without any
disorder I have my almond milk because I’m going to really take a lot of calories
so better save a little, table ninja I am hungry beast but before I start
I have to do something really important and finally the time has come to start this insane
challenge this 25,000 calorie challenge and this is the first meal and I’m really
hungry of course I shared this mine first meal of my 25,000 calorie challenge
in instagram so if you want to be spoilered on each of my challenges, just start following me
in instagram you can find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do ninja
do it! I have my cup of yes to new adventures in fact, I said yes to this 25,000 calories
challenge so refreshing! finally Tuesday, October 23, midnight split missing only one thing off my shirt much better! and table ninja, let’s start! and now a question for you ninja will I ever destroy this 25,000 calorie challenge? guys this is extreme sex my mom that goodness my mom what I have created ninja you really have to try this combination I love peanut butter is something absurd much better than nutella that is, look at that ninja stuff this is something really fantastic indeed I would dare say amazing you have to try it it’s ninja here I really created the craziest pizza of the century but guys is really really good It was always the dream of my life to eat a whole cup of peanut butter e I finally did it! and pizza gone! now I would go and unplug this pizza with these pizza fries taste test really good you can hear the taste of the herbs with the delicious pizza! pardon me! ok let’s try this Musketeers I do not know how to pronounce it here it is ninja taste test good it looks like a mars but without caramel as you can still see very good! time for a bit of spicy this time with these jalapeno potatoes usual taste test even better than pizza ones! however not very spicy ok time to fix some protein with this jerky beef here it is jerky beef is only 25 grams
but it’s a very good thing if you never have it tried it I love it I always ate
when I was in England very good! good time to go and enjoy these fantastic
cinnabon cereals are always gone looking for these cereals, finally
I managed to find them ninja then as always I have my super milk cup mom the cinnamon scent … I forgot my spoon here it is cinnabon cereals finally taste test fantastic! amazing! really good these
you guys have to try them my mom ninja i’m in heaven! do you want a ninja spoon?
no all mine! I lost two calories the last bite one of the best cereals that
have ever eaten and let’s finish this first round with these pizza pringles never try and these must really be really good look at the ninja color they are
red and yellow something really strange, taste taste! amazing! really good guys if you like them
you must try the pringles absolutely you do not hate me if I’m eating pringles
with milk but I completely forgot to go and buy my coke zero so milk the last pringles and the first meal is gone! it’s 00:44 now it’s time for me to go and take a nice nap let’s see tomorrow morning to continue this insane challenge! good morning ninja is 8:08 in the morning my mother that sleep! I slept this night really like a baby all those carbohydrates
they put me a carb coma I would stay in bed until noon but guys this
it’s a 25,000 calorie challenge so wake up soon, however, schedule for the day
first of all coffee as every morning can certainly not miss fantastic the best time of the day this is the charge just coffee I said program of the day
enjoy this nice coffee then cardio today I will spinning myself I will do two hours more or less
so you burn 1000 calories and increase my appetite even if to be honest
I must tell you the truth I would eat already now because I’m hungry beast once I’m done
cardio obviously I will go to eat mine second meal then gym can not miss
then I will go eat my third meal of the day then a long walk as always
so as to digest all the sugars that I will go to take these 3 meals and finally
I will go to face my fourth and last meal hoping to be able to destroy this 25000
challenge calories so I end up enjoying myself this nice coffee and us table ninja there
let’s see later with my branched amino acids so refreshing! and these are flavored mojitos are really really amazing you have to try them ninja! there is a nice refreshing mojito finished
the cardio no? anyway if you want to buy these amino acids leave you the link in the description
in this video and also use the discount code hungry with which you will go to save
a good 33% on your shopping! mojito apart two hours of spinning gone and 1116 calories
burned very very well I had a session of cardio really really fabulous forces
I certainly did not miss, I really pushed so much and I also sweat so much I stink
like a goat and I can not wait to go to take a shower, so I finish the table ninja
to taste these fantastic amino acids I’m going to have a nice shower and we’ll see each other later with the second round of this 25,000 calorie challenge and here we are again in our battleground table ninja are really excited about this
I’m really hungry for that cardio it really put a great appetite on me
second meal of this 25,000 calorie challenge I propose pop tarts already tried in the past
in the 20000 calorie challenge they gave me a hard time to cereal one of my things
you prefer twinkies these are really really good I love them are super sugary in many
they hate them but I sincerely like them a lot! M & M’s a pretzel and a tasteful envelope
white chocolate tortillas envelope combos never tasted nutter butter bites cookies
I’ve seen these a lot of times and I do not see the time to try them because I think they are
really good chips of herr’s to taste jalapeno these will be really hot oreo
I tasted mint just once and honestly that time I did not like them
let’s see if I’m going to change cream’s idea twix this I’ve never tried it and I always have
I wanted to try it and of course I will go to use it with three savory croissants because if you know me
I already love the combination of sweet and savory so before starting I think to prepare myself
already everything in such a way that I will be able to go and eat with tranquility and then ninja at work here it is ninja Twix cream as you see is new and as you see it’s over look at that ninja stuff! These are hand grenades! I’m going to build a Twinkies mini tower because
I want to see how long I can destroy it Pop-Tarts I’m going to heat them in the microwave
because when they are hot they are really good a lot if instead you eat them cold they are inedible here they are strawberry flavored I’ll put them in the microwave so they will certainly be more good! here they are hot and beautiful! only one thing is missing my almond milk because
I care about saving a few calories and this time I remembered to buy
even my Coca-Cola zero, I have my glass I have my cup I have my timer to see
the time for this mini challenge is 11:58 off my shirt much better! before forgetting me
ready for the second meal of this 25,000 challenge calories and we also have a mini pyramid
Twinkies and I can not wait to go to eat Pop Tarts, help! They will give me thread
to twist! obviously I also shared this second meal in instagram then if
you want to be spoiled on my every challenge start following me in fact instagram you find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do it ninja! before leaving with this one
mini challenge I just wanted to tell you that tastes of these Twinkies are: strawberry one of the most
good, peanut butter the best, banana third of the list and lastly the classic
taste good ninja cream, 3, 2, 1, party timer! 2 minutes and 25 seconds I could do better but
not bad and now I would go and try these Oreo mint that at the time I did not like but let’s see if I change my mind you feel a lot the taste of mint, however here they are here ninja taste test I must say that I changed my mind, they are not bad, they are really good I do not know why at the time I did not like them really really good but now it’s time
to try these beast boys! these are salted croissants of the white mill with
Twix cream caspita were 200 grams of jar here we have a lot of ninja calories and ne
I lost a bit ‘on the table but I recovered, taste test amazing! if you like twix guys this cream is fantastic my mom i’m in heaven! do you want a ninja croissant?
No all mine! this is ninja food porn little stuffed they told me ok let’s go with these Pop-Tarts flavored strawberry let’s see if this time they give me a hard time no, this time they will not give me a hard-nigh twist because they are really warm
good do you see inside the strawberry jam? amazing! pardon me too hot too hot I have to change my mind these will not give me more trouble the last Pop-Tarts go! now it’s time to peel off the sweet side with a bit of salt and let’s try these tortillas here they are ninja taste test really really good wow though
it would take the melted cheese pity that I do not have it Coca-Cola zero so refreshing! very good! let’s go back to the dessert with these nutter butter never tried I’m really curious to try them here they are biscuits with cream of peanut butter inside these, these are really good guys they deserve the best cookies I’ve ever really tried it will be because I love peanut butter let’s try these M & M’s flavored pretzel here they are, ninja taste test strange taste pretzel type of course yes and no they are not bad but neither amazing let’s see if those with white chocolate are better usual taste test now you reason these are really good I prefer a lot more chocolate white ones than prezel ones anyway let’s try these creamy crunchy at habanero we hope they are not too spicy however I have my Coca-Cola zero I will go to save here they are ninja taste test nothing I thought was much spicier brush these too now we have only these cereals are 80 grams of absurd cereals I usually eat 200 grams when I’m on a diet here they are ninja with red fruits must be really good I’ve never tried them laughed & branded
but I’m sure they will be very good let’s take some milk screw my spoon I always forget it here they are ninja with the usual milk that drips on the ground but we have no problems good! gone it’s 12:42 now I’ll get my bag
I’m going to shoot two hours of weight in the gym just to burn a few calories gym time workout gone now just a bit of stretching and we table ninja see you at home for the third meal of this 25,000 calorie challenge and here we are ninja again in our battlefield! training in the gym he went as I told you I did not
very sincerely I had a carb coma in fact, even now, I tell you the truth
I have an absurd sleep and I can not wait to finish this meal to go and take a nice nap
however, as a third meal I propose pringles this time I taste an Oreo brownie ranch
cheez it I do not know what they look like croccantelle cookie doughs bites three flavors one at the birthday
one chocolate chip cake and one peanut butter cake pop tarts because those of this morning did not
a milky way bar was enough for me proven cinnabon mini donuts these
I really can not wait to try them and cereal of reese’s puffs these are one of mine
good favorite cereals I just have to go to heat up my pop tarts because cold are inedible I’m just going to heat a second here they are hot and ready to be eaten as always I have mine coca cola zero my beautiful glass so refreshing! before leaving
as always, it is mandatory to share the third party meal of this insane table ninja challenge here we really have a lot of sugars as if we had not already eaten them
enough today of course I shared too this meal in Instagram then ninja from
table if you still do not follow me started to do it right away you find me with the name
vgthomas 1987 as you read above and do it ninja do it is at 17:26 e
table ninja we continue this challenge and let’s start with this pop tarts let’s see if it gives me a hard time very good anyway but those from this morning were much better one went and we only have 7 others the last pop tarts and I must say that they are me
giving a hard time ok pop tarts go let’s try this Oreo brownie really curious to try it Wow is a brick here it is weighing a lot pardon me amazing really good! ok let’s go with these cookies dough bites and I have to tell you the truth I’m getting tired of eating chocolate today there are really too many sugars in this challenge here they are chocolates what a strange taste they know almost from alcohol strange let’s try these cookie dough even nice these are all colorful no inedible sincerely
uneatable I can not understand the taste is a kind taste of plastic alcohol I can not understand no I do not like and now I have to go and eat these, counting that the other two were not good at all let’s see if the peanut butter taste is a bit better yes and no anyway I do not recommend them no, I do not like them horrendous ninja I’m drinking like crazy
and my stomach is filling up But I have a thirsty beast, let’s try this milky way
so much now I can not get more chocolate here it is milky way never tasted something like the mars there is the caramel not bad I feel really full of misery the sugars
they gave me an absurd blow let’s try to go with a bit of salt we see if I can get back on track let’s try this original cheez it here they are ninja taste test not bad they look like croccantelle I feel really full and I sleep absurdly around I must say that this challenge does not
it’s not at all simple, not so much for the level caloric but for sugars and I know that I have to
skipping these products for the last meal of this challenge because now as now
it is 5:57 am not to be able to eat them now I’m going to rest, I still have six hours ahead of me to try to overcome this challenge the last meal
it will really be really caloric and see if we can destroy it so table ninja see you more
late with the last meal of this insane challenge here I am like a table ninja
I had two beautiful hours of sleep then I went for a good walk and
I think I have stimulated my appetite a little I hope I can destroy this
my last meal because I really care about it to overcome this 25 000 calorie challenge
although it will really be really difficult because here we have a lot of calories I can not
more than eating American snacks now I would eat gladly a nice pizza now I’m almost
ten o’clock we still have two hours available to go and destroy this challenge
so for the last meal of this 25 000 calorie challenge we have the taste pringles
ranch that I skied before Pringles again this time to taste baked potatoes, these ding dongs I’ve never tried them and I’m really curious to try them skittles even this never tried but I think they have the taste like M & M’s Hersey chocolate this is really good golden backer chips ever
seen cookies cookies of M & M’s 5 mini Reese’s peanut butter cups my favorite shake still cream this time of M & M’s
and I will go to use it with these 3 savory croissants of the white mill that I’ve skipped before
chicken jurkey is just right to put some protein in this unhealthy day of sugars again
these cinnabon mini donuts that I’ve skipped before and I definitely want to go and enjoy them and my favorite cereals are Reese’s
puffs I do not know if I’ll ever be able to go to destroy well I feel quite ready
I’m going to assemble everything as it is I will try to give the best of myself here is the cream of M & M’s I have to open it of course I repeat here with the pieces of M & M’s this thing will really be frighteningly sugary here is ninja well everything is assembled and we hope to succeed ninja this time I have mine water because I finished my bottle of coke then water so refreshing! as usual before starting table ninja is 10 am I have two hours
available to go and destroy this 25,000 calories challenge cheer for
me because I still have a lot of food to eat of course as in every round of this crazy
25,000 calorie challenge I shared one story in instagram then table ninja
if you want to be spoiled on every challenge of mine just start to follow me in instagram me
find with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do ninja because I need your support especially now it is 21:53 and I would start with these ranch taste pringles here they are pringles to taste ranch really good! ok let’s go with these cookies let’s see how they are here they are cookies M & M’s taste test these are really good here it would take
milk but better to go on with water for now go with the chicken jerky so let’s throw in some protein in this insane challenge very good this even more than that of beef well now I would go with this hersey chocolate for a long time that I do not eat it I ate it only once in England and it was very good we hope it is this time too Wow, I lost a calorie just in a minute here it is recovered here it is you can see it taste test this is really good guys really good let’s go with these gold fish baked fish I have no idea how they are here they are, from the smell they look very good, let’s try them yes, not bad but I must say that I prefer the pringles I can do ninja! let’s go these skittles skittles amazing! these are really
good I lost a recovered calorie really guys these are really refreshing
it’s just what I needed now Wow what a pity there is only one
a bag they look like chewing gums but they are really good ninja that is, they give you a feeling of absurd freshness that’s just what I needed now I was really amazed by these very good skittles what I absolutely do not need
now these are these ding dongs hyper caloric and it will be really difficult to eat them now here they are, ding dongs taste test good they seem almost the really good fiesta pardon me let me just wash my hands because I will certainly not go to eat the pringles with the nutella of these ding dongs on the fingers because the combination does not
it will be nothing amazing much better and let’s try these pringles maybe I can do it maybe no change of idea I can not do it wow how many these pringles are anyway pringles baked potatoes taste test these are good too My mom, I’m starting to really feel really full and I also have this camera that is almost empty hopefully that one takes help ninja now these scare me these scare me a lot c **** how will I throw down this blow of nutella very good, however, my mother I can do it, but I have this battery that is being discharged and also that so I have to
take half an hour off in such a way to be able to charge the batteries of the machines, however, are 22:32 we still have an hour and a half of time I think I can do it I charge cameras and see you in half an hour to try
to destroy this 25,000 calorie challenge good batteries loaded I do not have much autonomy so I have to go as fast as possible it’s 11:19 pm and table ninja we continue
from where we had stopped, that is from these Super salted croissants filled with cream at M & M’s look at that ninja stuff absurd went to these mini donuts mini donuts to the cinnabon good I love cinnamon so very edible the last from the ninja let’s go with my favorite snack reeses I can not certainly lose with this, I can not! reeses peanut butter cups mini reeses peanut butter cups good but now I do not even taste anymore I can do it, we just need to my giant pan and my milk to go and taste these cereals in quotation marks as always mine is missing spoon and table ninja let’s destroy this 25,000 calorie challenge I can not take it anymore, there are still many means I’ve never hated cereals so much
my ninja life I’m almost there and with the last spoonful of these reese’s cereal puffs
I declare this 25000 calorie challenge ended not easy this time one of my most
difficult challenge I’ve ever faced I am destroyed at 10:41 pm I do not recommend trying to eat all these sugars in a day do not do for
I’m really good at this cheat day until the third meal then when it is
It was time to eat the quarter I really was tried and now I’m really destroyed then
table ninja I’ll give you goodnight, hoping to sleep and we’ll see each other tomorrow morning
with the check of the weight and the check of the body night ninja … good morning table ninja
October 24 10:40 am the day after my 25,000 calorie challenge boys
one hellish night I think I woke up minimum 10 times say that this time I exaggerated just a little however, I check out my tank top physically just a little water retention and weight check obviously always Wednesday, October 24th at 10:44 am 71.9 6 kg and a half here is what I accumulated in this 25000 calories calm challenge
they are all liquids and a lot of poop but this time I know that there will be some
of fat for sure I will not eat ninja chocolate anymore anyway I wanted to thank
my friends at americanfoodshop.it for helping me to face this 25000
challenge calories with a myriad of delicious American snacks I remind you that you can find the link
in store description and you can use the discount code THOMASHUNGRY5 to save money
more extra pennies and I also remind you that if you want to stay with me during the week
if you want to see my workouts if you want see my power if you want to see
the bullshit that public if you want to be spoiled on my challenges started to follow me in
instagram find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do ninja
let me remind you of the last thing if not the most important if you are not yet
subscribed to my channel do it immediately click right here table ninja é
it’s time to close the video we’ll see you next week with
a new video and in the meantime STAY FIT & STAY HUNGRY!