60 Day Update! Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind from DR Vitamin Solutions

September 26, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hi beautiful people: It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons and I’m here with my husband…Stan! Hi everyone, I hope everybody’s doing great. So we’re doing the 60 day update of the product Gray Hair Rescind. If you’re new to my channel, hit the subscribe button and click that notification valve on future videos. So we’re doing the 60 day update of the product Gray Hair Rescind right here… from Life Vitality. I hope you guys can see that so we were both taking this product for 60 days, and we wanted to come on here and give you guys an update because we promised that we would. So Stan…you want to say… how… what you think…what’s going on with your update? So far…I feel that it’s working. I was kind of skeptical at first but after seeing some pictures everything seems to be working pretty good. I take it twice a day. No side effects to it. Looks like it’s… It’s coloring all my hair. This hair…eyebrowns…arms. Looks really dark. Looks dark! Darker! And in some of the before and after pictures, with Stan. You guys are gonna see that his hair was almost like..was it a…ginger? Is it a ginger? Yeah…a light brown with some red and some black and a lot of white especially in this area. I still, have a couple little white hairs here and there but compared to before. I think the biggest difference though is that so much the white hair. It’s all rest the hair seems to be darker now. Yeah, like your natural color, right yes, yeah. And then for me as you guys know I did I use blackstrap molasses for two years. I used it for that duration. It did like 90% of my hair reversed 90% of my hair back to the original color. But I still had about 10% of my hair. That was great, and it was mostly here around the front and it was baby hairs. And you know, I decided that you know what I’m gonna just live with it because I didn’t want to dye my hair. So I was really happy when we started using the Gray Hair Rescind. So for myself, I noticed something interesting when I was redoing my twists, I noticed that the roots of my hair are dark and the tips are gray. So I’m going to insert a picture here somewhere. So you guys and see it, but it’s pretty crazy that that’s happening. That the roots are dark and then the actual tips are gray, So something’s happening here guys, something’s happening. What else who doesn’t want to say? Music So something’s happening here guys, something’s happening. What else what does he want to say? We were talking to the manufacturer or the company that sells the pills? They said it works best if the body is detoxed. Yes. Yeah, yeah…if you’re constipated or you have stomach issues. You need to do some sort detox because I guess it works better it binds to you or you absorb this stuff better… if your system is not polluted. Yeah, so you can do your own detox or we they also had other products so they had a detox product so we could tried that as well. Yeah seems to be going pretty good to me for me as well. So this one right here which one? Yeah, it’s the Pro Detox that they sent us and yeah, I don’t want to interrupt you. Continue saying what you’re saying about it. No it’s just so… If you have a regular system and you’re not having any digestive problems or going to washroom regularly. I guess you probably won’t need it. Your body will absorb it normally, okay. Well, I’ve taken the detox thing for about three days. It seemed to be just what I needed and I take the Gray Hair Rescind with my my breakfast with my vitamins. And then also when I had my dinner at night. Take it then. Take my meals. So yes, don’t forget. It becomes a routine. Yeah seems to be working good for me. Yeah, and it’s working good for me, too. So well, I’m sure you guys are curious as to why this works how this works what’s going on here? The main ingredient in the Gray Hair Rescind is catalase. I hope I’m saying that right. So our body produces an enzyme called catalase. This catalase breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in our body to water and oxygen which is harmless, of course. As we age our body produces less catalase. Mm-hmm… you hear that? As we get older our body produces less catalase. Therefore the hydrogen peroxide accumulation in the body goes up and that and that converts your natural hair into gray hair. So as the accumulation and the body goes up of hydrogen peroxide that converts your natural hair into gray hair. So in essence… the catalase deficiency allows hydrogen peroxide build-up bleaching our hair too great and then white. So there you have it guys So there you have it guys. The catalase is the culprit. So what else? I don’t know like if you guys want us to do a 90-day update. I’ve been happy to do that. Just let me know in the comments down below. And what else did I want to say? One other thing that I wanted to mention is…even when I did the blackstrap molasses a lot of people said that it worked for them. And then there were other people that said it didn’t work for them. Not everything works for everyone. So keep that in mind but it is working for us and we love the product and we’re going to continue to use it because it works. So I tried the molasses it didn’t do it for me. That’s right. So I tried the Rescind. It seems to be having an effect on me. I mean Yeah, everyone is different. Exactly! So again, I will put a link as to where you guys can buy these products. The gray hair rescind. I believe it is $22.80. I’m not sure about cost of the Pro Detox, but I will put a link to that one as well down below in my description and then I guess. That’s it! Thank you guys so much for watching and please like this video. Give me a thumbs up and please share this video with everyone, you know and we love you, yeah, we love you guys very very much! Bye Peace! Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe! Please like the share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and healthy. Bye!