90 Calorie Frappuccino Vs. 410 Calorie Frappuccino

December 11, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

I understand why people order these I want them all the time But then I know that it’s just going to turn to bubbling fat with my slow metabolism, and then I’m going to have to exercise So much the next week Howdy! Hey everyone welcome back to my channel and today We’re going to get Starbucks really mad at me, probably, and ruin all my brands deal with them. So, today we are going to be comparing a regular Starbucks frappuccino to a lower calorie version; actually one that I kind of just Pulled out of my butt and invented and I think it actually worked! I love frappuccinos! I live for frappuccinos I was personally a strawberries and cream gal But you know they pack a lot of sugar and… as you see all of these new ones popping up like unicorn and S’mores and Dragon there’s probably going to be like a poop emoji one coming up soon they keep getting like higher and higher in sugar, and it’s like where is all of this added sugar coming from? and ideally for someone like me umm…You’re supposed to have 67 grams of sugar total a day and one Grande Frappuccino will typically clock in at around 61 to 66 grams and then when you’re getting into something Like the really decadent, sweet ones, that can be upwards of 80 grams of sugar. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t ever have these again; that you should never drink one. All I’m saying is that these are great for moderation and if you’re craving one? You can probably make one for a lot less calories and a lot less added sugar on your own. first of all we’re going to be putting up the Grande Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks, I’ll begin the Candy homemade Frappuccino, I tried to think of a cool name reverse chino, but I got Candy chino where do the candy chino versus the frappuccino the Candy Chino is made of almond milk ice coffee cocoa Powder Stevia a little bit of enlightened hot cocoa ice cream and Half a banana So it’s really that not that many calories, and I really hope it tastes good I mean, that’s what I would think a mocha would be made out of but this thing clocks in at under 100 calories and 9 grams of sugar let’s look at the Mocha Frappuccino a Grande Mocha Frappuccino has 410 calories 66 grams of Sugar and it’s 45% of your daily saturated fat 23 percent of your total fat So you know that’s a lot taken, and there’s just so much added sugar in it I don’t know where it comes from I’m guessing. It’s the syrup. Let’s not be totally white here candace. I used to slay all the men with my cute little Uniform skirt from school sipping on my frappuccino, and then I got in my 20s and gained 30 pounds I’m going to be testing them out today and see if I actually might have correct the code here let’s start with the Frappuccino So you know it’s pretty hefty. I don’t know why this has to do with a taste test, but oh Ahaha, yo, Gabba Gabba. This is Very sweet very good. I can taste the coffee notes. I can taste the chocolate but There’s really a distinct Syrupy taste to it so I can tell that there is a lot of sugar this brings me back to my childhood where I was Dumped in the school parking lot in high school, and it lived off of these for like three weeks crying every day anyway these um taste pretty good um is it My whole day’s worth of sugar? Mmm. I don’t know So let’s move on to what I took what I conjured up in my kitchen I honestly I’m actually very proud of myself for what I did I used a base recipe which I’ll put down below and then I kind of adapted to it adding a little bit of the enlightened ice cream which gave it a Creamier look to it more like a frappuccino and not just coffee and ice this is what they look like together Not bad let’s try out the candy chino. Maybe I should trade mark this and sell it for overpriced Also, let’s talk about the price okay, so this one of these bad boys is almost 5 bucks which is more than my allotted lunch money a day and This would probably clock in a lot cheaper because I just threw it together in my kitchen out of things that I already had okay wait I’m I’m very proud of myself right now This tastes really good With a little tart-er like Dark chocolate you know Just a little dark and mysterious 9 grams of sugar 66 Grams of Sugar 9 grams of sugar 66 grams of sugar Almost 50% of your daily saturated fat not even near that amount You should try this I want you to try this at home because I want to know if I’m just full of myself or if I actually made a good Copycat skinny product. I guess the main Takeaway here Is that I just want you guys to know that you don’t have to give up things you love if you want to get into a healthier lifestyle if you look at these two things they Almost taste exactly the same and one has 1/3 1/4 of amount of Calories and 1/6 no Barely any sugar, and it’s all natural sugar. now I know I don’t really like using artificial sweeteners because I know that there are some studies that it tricks your body into Thinking you’re consuming sugar which can actually have you crave it more But I kind of made the exception with Stevia, and if this isn’t a daily thing It’s totally a great substitution. Let me know what you guys want me to compare next and make some dupes for Proud candy day for me. I think it’s a dupe. I think it’s a skinny dupe. Do please you want to see more content like this subscribe as safiya says a shamash Data button and click the Little Bell icon every time I post you’ll get a little notification with me in there and You know leave your favorite skinny bread pacino recipe for me because I was level thank you guys so so so much for watching and You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Keep being healthy keep having those cheat days Alright guys. See you next time bye