Acne Update, Birthday Party & New Friends | Weekly Vlog 19

September 29, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Good morning everybody. Welcome back to another weekly vlog I’m about to head to lunch with Blair walnuts because she’s visiting Hong Kong right now with her fiance, Nick So we’re gonna go for a hotpot together with Natalie – I saw that she ate dim sum Um previously so I I feel like the second thing you should try maybe my favorite anyways is hot pot So I’m gonna take them to my favorite place drunken pot and I had hot pot Yesterday actually because every Sunday we have hot pot as a tradition, but I’m having it again for lunch now. So I don’t know for. I don’t know what that means Having hot pot for the first time what do you guys think? It’s amazing It’s really good We have have fun we can dip stuff in and we have a really spicy Taylor trying to numb our mouths, I don’t know why We are going to the voodoo now -I never show you guys this
-we can hear it already Can you explain what she’s doing she’s smacking the The devil and make you calm and comfort mentally and physically We are going to get dessert I want to bring blair to try some real Hong Kong milk because she came here that’s been drinking Korean milk Korean banana and strawberry milk from 7-11 I saw that she drinks a lot of milk I was like that’s korean Much yummier tastier and really fresh and light it’s so good. I’m glad you guys like that Much prefer this Good morning everybody Jo sun Jo sun everybody I’m just getting ready just did my makeup . Now, I’m about to tackle this hair specifically these bangs I woke up with some 80s banks and I’m officially starting a petition to bring them back so that I don’t have to wash my hair every morning I’m just gonna try and like blow-dry them maybe and then straighten them I am meeting with the boss of my old agency today from stars people from back in the day when I was modeling here So I haven’t seen her in about Five or six years before I left for Japan and I recently just saw her at the Sephora I love the sound of a straightener when it’s ready or when you turn it off or do listen Sounds like a spaceship anyways, um, I recently saw her at the Sephora event. So we reconnected and we’re like, let’s do lunch So it’s happening today. I woke up with the most this lights really bright So it’s kind of hard to see everything but I woke up with the most massive pimple There’s actually two and one it had two whiteheads. So I popped it and now it’s like really angry I have a lot of pimples right now for some reason. But yeah, so she’s haven’t seen me for six years last time I left I was Taytay 1.0. I had like cut bangs out my lisa lisa style So since then I have definitely gained a few pounds a few pimples And stuff like this would have worried me so much back then because I was so If I had to go to my agency with a lot of pimples, I would be I probably wouldn’t go. I’d be so scared but yeah, so I I’ve gained these things but I’ve also gained a lot of experience since then a lot of confidence and self-love and Maybe a bit of wisdom Growth, so overall I am in a much better place right now I have so much to tell her and I’m sure she also wants to tell me because The modeling industry has changed a lot since then like it technically hasn’t been that long. But that was like when I was first starting influencer or creator work at like YouTube and social media and that was kind of a new thing and now I noticed there’s way less foreign models in town and I’m guessing that’s because of the more influence boom and a lot of media is using more influencers or even Just not so many foreign models I guess. so things have changed I’m curious to see what they’re doing about it how the industry is now and Yeah, so I’m getting ready. What am I doing? Okay last video I was playing with my food for so long whenever I’m talking I don’t I don’t know why I can’t focus on two things at once for some reason when I want to tell you things I Want to focus and tell you but then I need to do things on the side It’s like doodling or something like letting your brain sort of do things Without thinking about them because I’m thinking about this so I’m sorry if I offended so many people with food last time or I annoyed so many people even my sister messaged me like Can you just eat your food or like pick it up already? But yeah, I’m like lying with makeup on this side here, but I’ve done my makeup. Alright, let’s get these bangs So I’m just gonna straighten them now in place then I should be good to go, good to get dressed My old agency building. I’m here once every day. I hadn’t been here in so long So we’re just going to a Japanese restaurant in this building inside Windsor House We I also used to live nearby in Tai Hang. So it was a closed walk to get here and Feelings is coming back Done lunch now I am in Taikoo just running some errands First I need to print a photo and then while it’s printing I’m going to go around and get some things I need to get Around here. I’m in cityplaza Which is one of yeah, my husband’s favorite areas to come to because this is where he used to live so he loves going back to eat and walk around Good morning, good morning. Today’s bang look looks very Cody Ko If I sort of just do like this, it’s very side-swept. Can you see it today is a stay-at-home day I have two videos to edit first. I’m gonna go to the gym because I haven’t been in a long time actually I’ve been really lacking on the workouts. So I’m gonna get a good run in good leg workout And then I’m gonna edit. I have a conference call this afternoon and Then yeah just a bunch of work stuff. I need to tackle so Yeah There’s a lot it’s gonna be a kind of a boring day but a very necessary day Get shit done. Hey Rosie Rosie Rosie Are we gonna get shit done today? How do you feel about that? For lunch I’m making a really simple quick easy, but highly nutritious dish. I’m going to be making this brown rice Chia seed pasta. So chia seeds are really high in healthy fats and fiber So they keep you full they keep your digestion going and then I’m also going to add an avocado on top for some more healthy Fats and then nutritional yeast this basically tastes like cheese. It kind of even looks like cheese flakes So I just use it wherever I would sprinkle cheese or Parmesan or something like that But this is super high in B vitamins and a good source of protein, too so I’m going to do the pasta with some pesto sauce some avocado on top sprinkle on this and sprinkle on some black pepper and as you can see my skin is a Disaster right now. It’s probably worse than ever. I have pimples everywhere Usually it would be concentrated on my chin, but it’s moved up to my cheeks It’s on my forehead I’ve kind of just given up at this point as you know, I’m trying to get pregnant. I’m taking hormones actually We didn’t try this month at all. We didn’t quote we didn’t try to try I guess you could say like we didn’t go to the clinic and I didn’t take the hormones this month So maybe that’s why my skin went crazy Things have just been really stressful and that was just adding extra stress and cost and whatever so we were taking a little break from that but Yeah, so now I’m just trying to eat healthy trying to drink a lot of water I’ve been doing a lot of research into PCOs Because I was borderline last time I tested but he said that you could easily go into it or like it Depends when you test basically I definitely have PPO and I’ve sent them PCOS So and I’m not always ovulating. So I think I’m I’ve been doing a lot of research for that and I’m gonna try and do things and eat according to that sort of I Think that’s my Forge not really seeing any doctors now. I’m not really taking anything special And I’m not looking for any advice either like I don’t want any pity any like I don’t know. It just isn’t it is I’ve tried so many different things and And I’m just gonna continue living my life and I’m pretty good at makeup and more than my skin I think my family friends and you guys hopefully don’t remember me for my skin if it was good or bad So I have a lot more to offer Than my complexion. By the way, hopefully I get there one day it’s not like I’m giving up or I don’t care like I’m trying to be healthy, but my main focus is I want to like Be the right way I need to be to get pregnant be healthy have my body healthy have my mind healthy and not stressed out So yes, that’s the approach I’m taking. Also, it’s September. So a part of me wants to wear these Cozy outfits but I’m Way too high if I’m completely honest, but I’m just forcing myself to wear it so much. Oh it’s fall It’s sweater weather. I need to wear I even though it’s like 40 degrees how hot is it today? Oh god 33 degrees But it just feels cozy and nice me feel cozy I’m having that editing day so I just want to be cozy we’re boiling Just kidding a little bit more Rosie is having beef pumpkin carrot peas and broccoli So the sweater didn’t last long so I had to go outside to walk Rosie and it is scorching hot I am gonna edit now. I brought my laptop out here to have a sort of change of scenery I like to do this every now and then and yeah Just washed and blow-dried my hair. This is my hair before I straighten it. It’s a huge poof Today’s look kind of reminds me. This is kind of why is my face so red. I think it’s cuz I just blow-dried my hair So I’m really hot since we have this sort of book of the day with my hair going on this week Today’s look reminds me of Hermione from Harry Potter It Is Natalie’s birthday? So I’m gonna get ready wrap her gift and then we’re gonna go meet her today I try know a lot of new makeup that I’ve gotten recently. First of all, I tried to Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer illuminating natural skin Perfector SPF 30 I think it’s like is we have tinted moisturizer? I don’t think I need to read everything I have heard what so much about their tinted moisturizers I always wanted to try them but unfortunately for me the coverage is not enough because I have quite a lot of acne acne scars Especially in this area so I need something with a little more coverage So I actually mixed this today with my regular foundation and hopefully as my skin gets better Hopefully one day I’ll sort of lessen the amount of foundation and then in the end just use this but it’s very glowy It’s very nice. And it actually works really well together with my foundation It went really nice into my skin and gave it a natural look than it would and it feels a little bit more Moisturizing so big fan of this. I also tried their concealer today. I usually use the NARS radiant creamy concealer This one is quite similar actually So it’s really good and then Blair so kind. She’s so crazy I don’t know why she spent this kind of money on me But she brought me some makeup when she saw me from Giorgio Armani. She said these are her two favorite products so first up the A blush professional liquid face blush. So I’m using that today on my cheeks. It’s a liquid blush First of all the packaging is so nice, but the color is just like a nice natural flushed pink I Guess you can see it on my face just a very light glow and it’s not powder So it just looks super natural in the skin just like your naturally blushing Super nice. I didn’t even know they had this and then on my eyes she got me the ITIN silk in the color 27. It’s another liquid product, which I never I’ve always used a lot of powders I’ve always layered things on I thought it had more coverage, but look at this as shimmer so nicely and It’s the perfect fall colors like this deeper Purplish color and I actually love the way it goes on the eyes because there’s no fall out and it just sticks to your eyes really nicely and I need to wear throughout the day but I noticed on eyes shadow is a lot here in Hong Kong because of The humidity my eyelids get quite oily even though I use eyelid primer But there starts to be a lot of creases and this sort of dried in place and it’s not as Creasy So I’m a big fan. I think I want to go get some more colors of this Thank you so much Blair and this color is 50. I’ve been getting quite a bit of PR really I guess a lot of brands are coming up out with stuff for the fall. I got a bunch of bars lipsticks here They send me some really nice deeper nude colors and Sephora sent me the craziest thing Every time I look at it, I just feel very over up overwhelmed. I have a hundred colors of lipsticks I’ve never seen what that looks like in person and I feel a bit like Sofia Nygaard like About to make a Franken lipstick or something cuz that’s the only time you would ever have that many in front of you Let me show you this is the box it says how much is enough. I think you guys passed that about 95 lipsticks ago, but okay Look at that look at all those colors Just this is more than enough that is crazy. But then sort of fans open into this. Look at that back when they filmed that Canadian video with Joyce. Joyce discovered that her assistant Samantha actually had a photo of her in her wallet and It was so cute. Oh my god. I made it to her wallet. I’m in her wallet I’ve been her wallet and I sort of half jokingly teased Natalie. she’s sort of half jokingly teased. I don’t have room for a photo if you buy me a wallet I’ll put your photo in it And so I do know that one of her all-time favorite brands is comment project So I did get the wallet and it’s you bet. I am gonna put my favorite photo of us inside this wall doesn’t exactly have a place for a photo either but Oh You put your photo in there already? Yesterday I was editing my video that’s gonna go up on Sunday and I hated the speaking parts that I filmed here in this room So I’m gonna refilm in that right now I actually have a busy day not really busy day, but I planned a day with Joyce we were spending the full day together We’ve planned many many activities a while back. So I really didn’t want to cancel So I woke up this morning at 6:00 and I’m gonna try and get this done really quickly Hopefully it goes well, hopefully I just act normal. I don’t know why it turned out so weird anyways I’m gonna film now. All right, and just quickly getting ready to go meet Joyce and Pinky for a lunch So yesterday I was talking to Joyce and she was like we should have a theme for for our day What was your favorite color to wear and I was like ooh green because I’ve been loving green recently it’s actually a big fall color this year a trending color, but it’s my favorite to wear because My eyes are a mixture. I don’t know if you can see right now. They’re like a mixture of green and brown and So the green really brings out my eyes. I’m a big fan of Plants and flowers and Christmas and Christmas tree and all things green Anyway so I choose green, but my outfit is not that green. I want to wear these pants today So it just makes me you want to go out there maybe with my makeup Feel like they won’t expect that but I was just looking at the lip Stains that’s Sephora sent me and there is a green one So I think this is a good opportunity to try out this green lipstick and also to a full face green makeup look I really don’t have much time I’m running late, which will probably be a good thing because whatever I do I don’t have any time to think about it. I need to just go Oh We had a green theme today Joyce Cheng merch Joyce Cheng fanclub merch. Yeah I’m protecting the white we’re doing two pots for two people. Yeah Because we’re extra like that I’m so excited for this. All right, I think that’s it from this weekly vlog. I hope you enjoyed watching I will see you again very soon with another video