Best Late Night Food in Downtown NYC with Jonnyshipes

February 26, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

-I’m chilling. Nah. Because I didn’t really
eat that much. ♪♪ Mmm, mmm. “Drunk Eats,” lower Manhattan,
let’s go, baby! I’m starving! ♪♪ Jonny Shipes on the check-in. Born and raised
in New York City, and today is one
of the cold days. We are in Lower East Side, about to go eat
my fucking favorite food. We’re going to have some drinks. It’s going to warm us right up, and I’m going to show you
what this part of New York City is about, and, you know,
it’s just a good vibe, real creative, real artistic, and the food is banging,
and the bars are fun. First stop, on the corner of 6th
and Avenue C is Bobwhite’s. I don’t know if there’s even a
man named Bob White that exists, but if there’s a man named
Bob White that exists, God bless your soul. -Hey. Welcome.
-How you doing? When inebriated, fried chicken is a good go-to. Why? It allows you to
continue the party, so you might catch me at a bar
around the corner shit-faced. I leave. You sit down. You eat that sandwich
with that bun with the sauces
flying everywhere. Gets you right back
in the game like a champ. We’ll go with a fried
chicken sandwich, please, a Buffalo chicken sandwich, and I’d like to try the barbecue
one, some mac and cheese. I know this man will only
lead me to the promised land. ♪♪ All right. Now, we’re going to
try all this. This — This is
the Buffalo chicken. I will fucking murder this
in three bites, okay? I don’t even give a fuck
if there’s shit on my face. Just let me be in heaven
for a second. It’s everything that
I’ve been waiting for. I stayed away from here
for a month because I knew I was coming
to show you guys this place, and God, did I miss you. Like, I missed you, dude. They make this sandwich
by pressure frying the chicken. It’s crispy,
and it’s soft chicken, and the sauce is orgasmic. Motherfucker. I don’t even know what this
little guy is, but it’s — He’s cute. Oh, this is with the honey. Now, macaroni and cheese. I’m lactose intolerant. This is going to ruin me
tonight, but you can’t not have
the mac and cheese here. It’s too good. Is Bob White a real person, or that’s just the name
of the place? -No, bobwhite is a bird.
-Bobwhite is a bird? -Bobwhite is a bird. -That just exploded my mind.
-This is a bobwhite. -Holy fuck. Do you live in the neighborhood?
-I live on 7th Street… -Okay.
-…in between B and C, so this has been
a neighborhood gem. -Like, what’s your go-to?
-So the go-to, I think, is the Buffalo chicken.
-Same. -Because —
-That’s me too. This was your go-to to show
her tonight, right? -Yeah.
-What’d you have? -I had the chicken tenders
and french fries. -Interesting. So not — You’re not big
on the chicken sandwiches? Wow.
-I had the same thing. -So, so, so hold on. Could I convince you guys
before you leave to try the Buffalo
chicken sandwich? Look at that.
That’s a work of art. That’s just good fucking food,
man. All right. I hope this changes your lives
the way it changed mine. New York, baby. Crazy, right? Let it marinate. Right? Thank you so much. -Thank you. -Did you know bobwhite
was a bird? -As you can tell, my energy
is a little lower now because I just had
six fried chicken sandwiches. We are on our way to one
of my favorite spots. This is more in the SoHo area,
little more of a bougie area than what we just came
from on Avenue C. Shout-out to everybody
on Avenue C. That’s not a diss. Hello. Yes, I know. I know. So we are at Café Habana. For 15 years,
I used to come here with my fat ass
and get the corn… Ooh.
…the chicken, and the shrimp, and that’s exactly
what we’re going to get today. We’re going to keep it simple,
to the point. -What can I get for you?
-What do you recommend? -Mojito.
-A mojito? Done. Let’s do it. You’ll notice here, too, like,
the people that work here, a little more trendy.
Yeah, and you know the bars around here
reflect the same thing. This is, like, a really popping,
happening area of town, so that, along with a restaurant
like this combines for a really
potentially good night. Really nothing has changed here
since I’ve been here 10, 15 years ago. I bet you when you go back
to the bathrooms, there’s still, like,
the little beads that come out. It’s just a good vibe. -Enjoy.
-Thank you. Mayo, cheese, a little bit
of paprika. If you notice, the corn
is cooked just right. You feel me? It’s very simple, well-prepared
Cuban food. Pollo mirador. Look at the sauce, real deal. You know, when you think
about having a few drinks, this is, like,
a good rebalance yourself. You go get some chicken,
put some rice in you, and then boom, you’re ready
to go back again. This is really good shrimp,
not too spicy. Knock it out
with some rice on here. This is your guys’
first time here? Are you guys going out after
this, or what’s the game plan? Got it, so this is really the
stop after you had some drinks. And now you’re just hanging. What’s your go-to dish? Cuban sandwich? Yeah, the corn is insane, right? Where do you live? Damn. So really what you really
need to understand is they drove an hour-plus
for this Cuban and corn. Put that in the fucking books,
okay? Aah. That was smooth. It’s 1:00 a.m., and you are about to
go see me scarf down a meal that you would think was
7:00 p.m. in Midtown, okay? But it’s not.
We’re on the Lower East Side, 1st and 1st, going to one of
the best Italian restaurants I think I’ve ever had. Late-night eats like this
is just what makes New York City so special. You know, there’s a whole bunch
of bars here. You look right here,
there’s an Irish bar, One on One, and I actually think
I’ve been in a fight over there back in the day
when I was a kid. You know, Lower East Side,
this is where it all goes down. There’s a lot of
drunken college kids that are just running around
and getting shit-faced. Ah, Lil’ Frankie’s, my favorite. Whoo! Remember, this is 1:00 a.m. You’re not going to some
random poo-putt Italian hole-in-the-wall spot
that’s serving you bullshit. What you’re about
to experience inside is the best Italian
in New York City. So we’ve been to
a few spots today, but this spot holds a near
and dear place to my heart because I’ve been coming here
for over 15 years. Till 2:00 a.m. on the weekdays, till 4:00 a.m. on the weekends,
this is the spot to come. Spaghetti limone,
which is really what I’m here for tonight,
is bonkers. Drunk or not drunk, this is where you really
stuff your face. You go home.
you sleep, and in the morning, you ask yourself
why did you do that. -Any questions so far? -I usually don’t do
the specials. I just get right
into what I love. So we’re going to go
with the burrata, please. Can I get the spaghetti limone,
because, you know, the order wouldn’t be complete
without that, you feel me? Just your regular pizza. -The pizza margherita?
-Yeah. And some zucchini fries. Why eat a French fry
when you can go green, my man? Feel me? Fried, still bad for you,
but a little better. Check this burrata out, right? Look at it ooze out. That’s real, real good burrata
right there. -Excuse me. Spaghetti limone. -Thank you.
-You’re welcome. -This is culmination
of three meals, okay? First you get the chicken. Then you get the corn. And then you get
your spaghetti limone. ♪♪ I swear it never gets old.
I swear to God. Forget how good the food
is normally, this is late-night food
at this point. There have been many races
to Lil’ Frankie’s to make sure I got here right
before 2:00 a.m. to get this. Sometimes if I really know
I’m going to want this tomorrow, I’ll order a second one
and put it in the fridge and the knock that out
the next day. Mmm! I didn’t get this dad bod looking this good for nothing,
you know? It’s not easy work. How you guys doing?
What’s up? Jonny.
Are you from here? Where at? Oh, word. Where? We probably know a lot
of the same peeps. That’s my best-best friend. That’s another great thing
about not only Lil’ Frankie’s
but New York City in general. You never know who
you’re going to run into. This man right here, we know
all the same people, people I’ve worked with,
people he’s worked with, and I love that, genuinely
from the bottom of my heart. That is what makes New York City
so special. You feel me? How you doing? Right. Yeah? I’m a late-night person, too. Did you just hear this? For not ever coming here before,
bro, you picked
one of the best spots. All right. One more spot to go. There’s about this much room
left in my stomach. ♪♪ I’m doing this for you. I’m giving you a guideline
to when you’re out shit-faced, leaving that bar and
Lil’ Frankie’s might be closed, there’s one last spot
for you to go. And now we’re in
Stuyvesant Town, 14th Street,
middle of New York City. Nothing sleeps here, okay? Where did I choose to go?
Halal Guys. Normally it’s a cart outside and there’s a line
of about 60 to 70 people. Meat chopped up, bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, rice, white sauce,
hot sauce, and you’re good, and this is what we’re going
to finish with tonight. -I’ve never been here before.
-How you guys doing? -All right. And yourself? -Man, it’s the end
of the line for me. I’m going to take a
chicken platter only please… -Mm-hmm.
-…with white sauce and spicy sauce, please. And that sauce is hot, right? -Very hot.
-That sauce is hot. Real deal, the real ones know. You’re going to tell them,
“Oh, put more red sauce on it.” It’s finished for you, doggy.
Thank you, bro. -You’re welcome. Take care. -Mmm. See, like, that’s spicy. You know, there’s a lot
of train stations over here, a bunch of colleges. How you guys doing? You down to talk on camera
about Halal Guys and how — -Oh, I’m so down for it.
-Have a seat. We kind of look alike.
-A little bit. -A little bit. -I might grow stubble out
a little bit. -You feel me?
So you go to college here? -Yeah, I go to NYU.
-Got it. And you’re ending up here to eat
at the end of the night. -I’m here. First mistake.
First time I ever had Halal… -A lot right?
-…way too much red sauce. I was dying. -See, I know what
I’m talking about. -Here’s the order —
Chicken and gyro combo. -Whoo! -Not a fan of shredded lettuce,
so I get no lettuce. -No lettuce. -But you ready
for the game changer? Chopped up pita on top.
-Wow. Sometimes the youth
can teach adults. Bang. Bang. -Cool.
-Bang. -Because then you get
the bite with — -Why don’t all you guys come
sit and talk for a little bit? What’s your best excuse
to get money from mom dukes or pop dukes? -Best excuse…
-Museum. -Museum? I like museum. It sounds smart. -A lot of it is really
just for food. I didn’t plan on spending
this much money on food. -Are you guys from New York?
Or where you from? -Nah.
-Nah, I’m from Denver. -Oh, word?
-Yeah. -So they got the good
weed out there. -Oh. -All right, bro.
-Good to meet you. -All right.
We have seen it all tonight — Bobwhite’s, Café Habana,
Lil’ Frankie’s, and Halal Guys. “Drunk Eats,” Vice, thank you
so much for having me. I love you all, man. ♪♪ Okay. They also have catfish on the
menu, which I don’t fuck with. Can I curse? You know, and shout out to every
other city in New York — Fuck my life. Let’s do it one more time.