Best Non Calorie Sweeteners

November 17, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Best non calorie sweeteners Which ones
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there’s a lot of confusion about sweeteners and often I get the question
so which one of the artificial sweeteners is okay and what people
usually mean is stevia which is not an artificial sweetener so let me clear
some things up here so from worst to best the artificial sweeteners which are
sucralose aspartame and saccharine also a popular one that’s
not sold by itself so much is acesulfame potassium all of those are poison they
are very very neurotoxic chemicals you should under no circumstance eat any of
those ever I’ve done a separate video on those that you can check out which is
explains a little bit more about why they are so bad so just don’t go there
but then why do we want an on calorie sweetener because sugar is the root of
all evil because sugar raises blood sugar and it triggers insulin and
insulin has been linked to every degenerative disease ever so watch some
more videos on on sugar and white sugar kills and virtually every video that we
do have something to do with why sugar is not a good idea so then we get to
some that are almost okay and that’s the sugar alcohols
they’re called xylitol maltitol erythritol the way you can tell it’s an
alcohol is it ends in O L and these can be pretty much okay I wouldn’t recommend
them for most people but once in a while just a little bit is probably alright
for most people the problem is that once you eat a lot of it
these should alcohol’s feed your gut flora
selectively they tend to favor they tend to feed the pathogenic bacteria
primarily and as such they upset your flora they leave to bloating and gas
eNOS and so forth and of course it’s not just the bloating it’s not just the
discomfort of that but it’s the fact that it’s an indication of an unbalanced
gut flora and if you have an unbalanced and gut flora that’s gonna affect pretty
much everything in your body so if you have a very very sensitive gut then you
want to avoid these very very carefully if you don’t notice so much upset from
eating them then it might be alright to have a little bit once in a while just
don’t overdo it but then we get to the good ones in my opinion and that would
be stevia monk fruit extract and chicory root and these are all natural they’re
plant extracts they’re derived from nature and you want to try to get these
in their purest form so stevia is sold in a thousand different forms but you
want to try the ones that is a pure stevia powder most of the brands that
you find on the market they’re gonna be mixed up with one of these sugar
alcohols to enhance the flavor or just simply make them mix better or easier to
measure but again if you’re very sensitive you do better to stay away
from these so try to get the pure stevia same thing with monk fruit extract the
purest version is the best and it’s often mixed up with other things stevia
is a couple of hundred times sweeter than sugar so it just takes a tiny tiny
little bit and monk fruit extract is even a little bit sweeter chicory root
is a little bit different because it is it’s more of a bulky powder it is about
96% fiber so if you’re baking cookies for example now you’re adding a lot of
good fiber to those cookies and it also has some baking properties that you’re
not going to get from stevia or fruit so out of these I use these for
different things I think stevia and monk fruit works
great with sour things like yogurt or berry smoothies I don’t like them so
much with coffee and tea but everyone’s different some people love them for that
as well and for baking and other things where I
don’t prefer the stevia so much I like the chicory root that was a little bit
harder to find because it’s a relatively new product the brand name is called
just like sugar and if you just do an internet search I’m sure that you’ll
find some some ways to get that one as well let me know about your experience
with these or if you have some great recipes for baking for fudge or cookies
or something let me know and I’d love to share that with some more people if
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