Best Superfoods & Vitamins at a Health Food Store to Thrive on a Raw Vegan Diet

December 3, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

This is John Kohler with I have
another exciting episode for you today. We’re on a field trip and we are here at Las Vegas,
Nevada at Pure Health. And this is a health food store. Now one of the interesting things
about Pure Health is that it’s actually owned by people who eat raw food. They’ve
been into raw foods for about 10 years. They’ve owned the store for about 5 years. So it’s
a really unique combination. Most health food stores prior won’t let me in the door with
my camera and film in there because they know I’m gonna talk stuff against all the products
but actually I’m really welcome in here to talk stuff about the products because the
owners have this probably many same opinions that I do on many of the supplements in there.
One of the components that they do here is that they do education and they wanna teach
their customers how to be healthy, including things like raw foods and juices, because
in my opinion, that’s definitely the answer to health. Because health doesn’t come in
a bottle. Anyways, what I’m gonna do today is we’re gonna go inside the store. I’m
gonna go ahead and give a tour to you guys. And show maybe some good supplements and and
the bad supplements. Some of the things you may need and some of the things you may not
need as somebody into raw food. Pure Health is centrally located here in Las
Vegas at Washington and Buffalo, and their hours are Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 7PM.
They’re closed Sunday. The specific address is 7575 West Washington Street Number 129.
Before I go into the store I need to give a disclaimer here, anything in this video
is for entertainment purposes only. If you have a medical condition, please see a bonafide
Medical Practitioner that can help you with your condition. And whatever I’m gonna share
with you guys today is my opinions about stuff inside the store. So, ending the case, let’s
head inside the store and check some of these supplements out. Now, we’re inside Pure Health and this may
look like as standard supplement shop to you because there are a lot of the products on
their shelves in bottles. But, you’d be mostly right, but a little bit of wrong because
a lot of the products they feature here are actually a whole food supplements. And what’s
a whole food supplement? Well, a whole food supplement is derived from foods fed in nature
instead of you know chemicals found in a factory. So the first point that I wanna share with
you guys is that it’s always best to get your nutrition from the food themselves and
not visit a supplement store. I mean, think about it. Why is it called supplement? Because
it’s supposed to supplement your diet you know. If you would have a fast food diet,
you’re not getting good nutrition. You may have the supplement with real nutrition. But
it shouldn’t be in bottles, it should be fresh fruits and fresh vegetables grown in
mineral rich soils that you get the highest quality and you get the highest level of minerals
and antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. And more importantly, the phytochemicals
and phytonutrients that are now up and being discovered and researched in all these amazing
plants. So first off, I wanted to just tell you guys that I think that you know most supplements
in this store are hogwash. That being said, if you do have a medical condition, you should
see a doctor. But if I had a medical condition and doctors said “You know John you need
to take this drug”, I’d much rather come to a supplement store like this and take an
herb than take a drug that mediate a situation that I have personally. What you wanna do
on your personal life is up to you but that’s definitely what I would do first. So, I like
to always teach the principle of you know, good, better, best. You always wanna try to
do the best you can but in my opinion the best is eating fresh fruits and vegetables
and maybe just down from that you take a whole food supplements. And maybe down from that
you take in a synthetic supplements so that you are not deficient in, you know, certain
vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting from your diet. And that’s what
I’m gonna share with you guys today. I’m gonna go around the store and actually gonna
talk about a whole bunch of different nutrients that may or may not be in a raw plant-based
diet. So, let’s come around the store and I’ll share with you guys some different
nutrients and some of the cool products and maybe some that are not so cool as well. The first area that I wanna look at actually
is this section right here and this is known as “Raw Food Section”. So the Raw Food
Section has lot of different raw products and I think this is absolutely the future
of health food. You know, no longer do we have things in supplements, but we should
have real food that in this case are dry. So you know I think it’s sad that also many
“raw food” sections are basically packaged products because to me, raw food is just fresh
produce. Next best after fresh produce is “raw food” products and hopefully products
that, you know, minimally processed. Some of the products that I like here are like
these guys right here, “Himalayan Golden Raisins” and these are organic. Also things
like raw “Incan Berries”. So these are as fed in nature except one main component:
the water content, silly. You know, these foods either grapes or Incan Berries or Cape
Gooseberries found in nature are fresh fruits on the planet so it’s far better always
to eat the fresh stuff instead of the dried stuff. Although travelling with the dried
stuff if it keeps you from eating heavily food stuff or processed stuff, it’s definitely
far better. That being said, I always encourage you guys to presoak dried foods whenever eating
it, because a big challenge with many people is actually dehydration. And if you are eating
foods that don’t have at least your level of moisture, and our level of moisture is
70 to 75% water percentage, then it’s gonna dehydrate you and dehydration is definitely
a big issue and can cause problems. In addition this raw food section they have
things like Cacao Powder that I’m not a fan of, so you wanna check my video on that
if you haven’t seen it already. But what they do have in here is actually hard to find
in Las Vegas is the Organic Carob Powder, and this is the raw Carob Powder. I like this
guy a lot. Use this guy liberally. It’s high in fiber and doesn’t have the negative
effects that the Cacao Powder does. In addition, they got things like raw Apricot Kernels.
These are have been said to be high in B17 or Laetrile, definitely really important nutrient
to have. They also have a selection of nuts, raw Macadamia nuts. I love Macadamia Nuts.
They have Chi seeds, Hem Seeds, Pine Nuts and Mesquite Powder, which are hard to find
sometimes, as well as olives. I’m glad that they have a raw food section featuring a lot
of foods instead of just the supplements that they also offer. Let’s jump right in. Let’s talk about
B12 first because B12 is a controversial subject for people that are plant-based eaters or
non-plant based eaters. You know people would say “Oh you know if you are plant based
eater then you’re gonna be deficient in B12” but I think personally that, you know,
everybody may be deficient in B12. And the best way to know for sure is to get checked.
So, don’t just do a B12 test, you know, from your doctor. You wanna do the functional
indicators of B12 which is the Homocystein and Methylmalonic Acid test so that’s much
more important. That being said, those test are very expensive so I think it’s a lot
easier, in my opinion, to, you know, play safe instead of playing or being sorry in
the end. So they have several different B12 supplements here and it’s very easy to supplement
to ensure that you are not deficient. The one I like the most here is this stuff right
here. It’s actually called the NutraSuma B12. And it’ gluten free and the kind of
B12 that I like is the Methylcobalamin style. And this has Methylcobolamin in it. And the
other thing that is important to me when taking any supplement is that it has a minimal amount
of other ingredients, you know, I’m after the B12 supplement for the B12. I don’t
want to take one like this that has things like Fructose, Sorbitol, Cellulose, Citric
Acid, Steric Acid, Natural flavors, Magnesium Stearate, all kinds of other stuff. So I like
this one because it’s just basically the vitamins plus the still water and glycerin.
So it’s still very clean. The other thing that’s nice about this stuff is that it’s
on sale here for $9.99. So you know, that’s really cheap insurance whatever your diet
is. So just ensure that you guys get some B12 because being B12 deficient over a long
period of time is definitely not a good thing. Next, we’re gonna talk about Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is a very important vitamin, and actually it’s a hormone that’s really
important. Now, many people in today’s age, may be Vitamin D deficient. And you know,
it’s basically for one reason, because people are not getting enough sun. You can make your
own Vitamin D in clear just by exposing your naked body to the sun. To make your own Vitamin
D so supplements are actually not necessary. That being said, if you live in a Northern
environment, you don’t get a lot of sun, you may wanna take a Vitamin D supplement.
In that case, I’d recommend something like this, D3 serum or actually this guy right
here it’s once again the NutraSuma Vitamin D3. Now these are not vegan. They’re probably
from sheeps wool. This is the D3. The D2 is actually a vegan but it may not be absorbed
as well. That being said, instead of getting these, just get some sun, or you know, get
a light box that makes the right kind of light so that your body can make its own Vitamin
D3 from the UV or the Ultraviolet light. Another important nutrient that may be deficient
on a plant based diet is this right here, Vitamin K2. Now it’s not the same as the
Vitamin K if you are actually eating a lot of leafy greens and vegetables, you’re gonna
get enough Vitamin K, but your probably not getting Vitamin K2. And Vitamin K2 is generally
found in animal products. Unless you’re eating a certain vegetable based product,
you’re not gonna get the Vitamin K2. So that’s why I eat Natto. Natto is basically
fermented soy beans. It’s originally from Japan. I love it a lot. It has a unique flavor.
That’s one of the best plant based sources of Vitamin K2 and I’ll encourage you guys
to eat a fresh Natto, because you know a lot of Natto are shipped in frozen and when they
freeze the Natto it may affect the K2 negatively. So if you are not doing it, take a vitamin
K2 supplement. K2 has a lot to do with bone formation. So if you have, you know, bones
not forming properly or maybe, you know, low bone density, it might be because you don’t
have enough K2. One of my beliefs that I want to give my body all nutrients out there and
let it pick what it wants to eat and I strive to get those all in its whole food form instead
of taking a supplement. But of course, supplement might be better than not getting the nutrient
at all. Now, we’re in the section with things like
the Vitamin C powders. Now I definitely don’t recommend Vitamin C powders. Think if you’re
on a plant-based raw diet and you’re trying to take a Vitamin C powder, you’re an idiot
because you’re not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables. For example if I want Vitamin
C, I’ll maybe drink some orange juice or drink and eat some pineapples. Many other
vegetables, including leafy greens, have high levels of Vitamin C as well. So, I’d much
rather do that than take a supplement out of a package and introduce you guys to, once
again, choose nutrition from the food instead of out of a bottle. Now we’re in the enzyme section. Enzymes
are something that I take very irregularly also in my diet because it’s a supplement
that I do take. And I think enzymes are very important to me, and after all, it’s one
of the reasons of living for raw food diet because the enzymes are knocked-out or degraded
over 118 degrees. Enzyme degradation is actually a function of time and temperature. And every
food may be different but in general people say, their 118 or as high as 140 for some
nuts and seeds. You know I have some friends, you know, dehydrate nuts and seeds at 140
and they still sprout afterwards. So I think people are gonna be paranoid about that. But
nonetheless, the whole point is that enzymes are very important. And you know some supplements
and enzymes maybe beneficial for you. That being said I have to had some friends do a
lot of enzymes and it can cause digestive challenges with them. Also, you may want to
be careful. Probably my favorite supplement in here overall
are the Probiotics. The probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that should be living
in our guts. But with the advents of antibiotics kill all your probiotics, you know, you may
have a hard time re-colonizing them or even having them in your system at all. Base on
my research, the probiotics are actually part of your immune system and they also help digest
your food. And probably a whole host of other things that we may not even know about yet.
So I definitely take probiotics regularly. A lot of people might say, “Hey John, instead
of taking a capsule can I take just like some sauerkrauts.” They even sell fresh sauerkrauts
here. Sauerkrauts has like Lactobacillus, which is one kind of probiotics. This kind
actually has 8 different kinds of probiotics in there. Once again, I’m kind of going
the assumption that I just want to give my body all the different kinds of probiotics
and let my body figure out which ones gonna hang out or which ones gonna base on my specific
internal terrain, because your terrain and my terrain may be a different terrain. What we’re gonna look at next are these
guys right here. These are basically just powdered foods in a jar. So basically they’re
dehydrated or actually more importantly freeze dried and they’re put in jar. If you don’t
eat enough kale, you gonna get some kale powder. That being said this stuff like 12 bucks,
it’ll be a lot cheaper buy some kale and chew it really well. Or better yet, juice
or blend it up. They also have things like this, Eye Food Powder. So this is, you know,
a supplement or a whole food powder for your eyes. It contains things like blueberry fruit,
carrot, Sea Buckthorn fruit juice, Gingko leaf, Acai fruit, and also some Calendula
flower. So instead of buying Eye Powder, why don’t you just find the fresh food they
list on here and eat them? It’s probably gonna be good for your eyes. One of the powders
I like a lot that they have here, that is actually hard to find in many cases raw and
fresh, is this stuff: Turmeric Powder. So Turmeric, in my opinion, is probably one of
the most powerful roots. They are very high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory all
kinds of cool stuff. SO, eat some turmeric. If you can find it fresh, or if you can’t,
get some turmeric powder. Well I think a plant-based raw diet is you
know for the most part really complete diet depending on what you’re eating and if you’re
paying attention. I mean, you could eat dates and nuts all day and you could call yourself
a raw vegan but it’s not very healthy because you’re missing a lot of different nutrients
in a lot of different food. So I highly encourage you guys to actually rotate your diet. Eat
a diet the majority of fresh fruits and vegetables with limited amounts of nuts and seeds. I
see a lot of raw food recipe books and a lot of people are into raw food may eat way too
many nuts and seeds, and that can, in my opinion, cause some challenges in the long run. That
being said, one of the things that may be deficient in a raw vegan diet is this guy
right here. It’s actually called the DHA. Now our body can make our own DHA, but the
problem is when you don’t have the right ratios of essential fats, namely Omega 3 and
Omega 6, then your body is not gonna create the DHA like it should. So for that reason
I like to supplement some DHA because once again, our brains are made out of fat and
DHA is one of those fats that basically are really good for our brain. One of the problems
with many people into raw food is that they eat far too many nuts and seeds. And if you
are not eating the right kind of nuts and seeds, you’re really not getting the balance,
the proper balance of Omega 3 to 6 that you should. Even many raw food diets, like junk
food diets, may contain far too many Omega 6. Like if you’re eating a lot of almonds
and sunflower seeds, that’s really gonna jack up your 6s. Thereby, you’re gonna eat
a lot of 3s to balance it out. So it’s very important to, you know, balance the types
of fat you’re eating on a raw food diets. Now the interesting thing is if you eat a
lot of leafy greens and minimal nuts and seeds, then your Omega 3 to 6 balance is gonna be
fine because, guess what, leafy greens have really high levels of Omega 3s. And you’re
not gonna get the negative influence of the 6 because you’re not eating a lot of other
kinds of nuts and needs. This is how things work in nature. It’s only when people get
involved and start eating things in abnormal quantities that would be found in nature,
then you could run in some problems. So for that reason and for other reasons, because
I want to keep my brain clear of fog and be healthy, I take the DHA. Because I feel it
can be helpful. I have had some friends also raw for long time take in DHA and they’ve
noticed improvements in their thought process. So that might be something, you may wanna
try. Now it’s very important when you get DHA, a lot of it may come from a fish or this
actually maybe vegetarian algae based source, because DHA normally comes from fish. Now
this actually, the source of where the fish gets their DHA from the algae and these are
actually in veggie-caps as well. So this is the brand I like, the Flora brand DHA. Now, we’re in the section of the teas. In
my style of raw food diet, I don’t necessarily drink any teas. You know I think teas are
better than something like coffee, but it’s better yet to like, for example, grow your
own peppermint, and pick leaves off, just basically put them in water and put them in
the sun to warm up and get the essence of the mint in there and then drink it. Or better
yet, just juice the mint to get the flavor and the nutrition out of the mint in your
own personal diet. One of the cool things they’re doing here
is they’re selling bulk herbs and spices. So they have their packs here like this organic
cayenne powder, $13.30. That’s a full pound. You know, just go buy a couple ounces like
in the grocery store, it’s like a couple bucks. So this will definitely save you money.
The cool thing that they do here is they can order things for you. They don’t have it
in stock, they can order it for you very soon and you can save a lot of money on herbs and
spices by getting them in bulk here at PureHealth. The other question I get a lot is “Hey John,
what do you think of Aloe Vera juice?”. So basically this is juiced Aloe Vera and
you know what I like to say to that is that anything in a package bottle or jar has to
be preserved in some way. Whether there’s preservative or heat to kill the enzymes,
otherwise, the product will actually go bad. And also, the heating and processing reduces
and lowers the nutrition in the food. So I always encourage you guys to actually make
your own juice fresh and just eat the whole foods in their natural state. SO instead of
getting the aloe Vera juice, why don’t you just buy an aloe vera plant? They’ll actually
grow indoors and you could’ve easily cut this off and actually I like to blend in the
aloe vera in a blender with some orange juice. What I do is I actually cut off a leaf and
take off all the green coloring, just use the center clear jelly part and put that in
the blender with some orange juice and man that is delicious. When was the last time
you had an Orange juice aloe vera drink? The next section is a section that has gotten
popular over the last few years is basically Mushrooms as medicinals. They have a lot of
different mushrooms powdered up, Dr. Paul Stemets. Basically, this company has host
this fancy mixed medicinal mushrooms in bottles. Now, I’m not a big fan of eating mushrooms
as a food, but as you know as medicine, I would definitely take it. I think some of
the mushrooms can have a very beneficial effects in the body and may just give you the punch
you need sometimes to get through certain things. So one of the new areas I’ll be
looking more in the future is actually the medicinal use of mushrooms because I think
they can be beneficial. Another thing I wanna talk about today is
this Colon cleansing kit. They sell colon cleansing kit here. You know colon cleansing
and cleansing in general on a raw food diet can be very controversial. There’s people
that really agree with it and people that really don’t. Where do I sit? Well I’m
kind of somewhere in the middle, you know. I mean just being on a plant based raw diet
is cleansing amongst itself. Another way to cleanse really easily is juicing or even water
fasting. Not juice fasting because juice fasting is really juice feasting cause you’re really
eating but water fasting. And if you’re definitely gonna water fast, I recommend that
it is supervised. That being said when I got into raw food, originally I started by first
juicing and then I got into major duty colon cleanse by Dr. Richard Anderson called “The
Rise and Shine” . This is actually very similar to it. And you know that really helped
me to clean out all the gunk. And then I went pretty much all raw after that and it really
had a profound effect on me and it may have a profound effect on you. That being said,
you know I always encourage you guys to do the best that you can and fill out your body
and see what feels right. Whether you want to cleanse out slowly by juicing and eating
fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in the form of raw food diet or whether you want to go
on a colon cleanse. I definitely think it’s all good because you are moving in the right
direction, that’s what really counts. They have a small book section here at Purehealth
and probably my favorite book they have here is this guy right here. It’s actually called
“The Cure is in The Cause” by Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich. And actually I did hear Dr. Ruza
talked before and if you pay close attention to the title “The Cure is in The Cause”
. What this book talks about is if you are healthy to begin with and you didn’t do
stuff to compromise your health, you wouldn’t be sick. And the cure is in the cause because
you know most people look to a supplement shop or to the doctors for the cure, for the
magic pill, the magic bullet that’s gonna make them better. But my opinion, health results
from healthy living. And basically getting out of the way and avoiding some of the marketing
that’s thrown out there that eat certain foods and what not. We wanted to just get
back to simple diet of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as majority of our diet, and take
away the cause and guess what, I think that may be the cure. Now we’re in my most hated section of the
whole health food store here and we’re in the Protein Section. Especially proteins like
this I really dislike highly it says raw vegan protein, and this is raw vegan protein powder.
And so you know when you walked into a store like this, you’d see “Oh! They got raw
vegan protein powder” You would automatically think a raw vegan diet is deficient in protein
because you got to buy supplements, right? Well completely hogwash. That’s totally
, you know, not accurate if you’re eating properly, so leafy green vegetables have more
protein by calorie than even meat does. I mean where does the meat or the animals get
the protein in it, you know, that we end up slaughtering for their meets. Well they eat
leafy greens through grass and other plants. Unfortunately, factory farmed animals eat
you know corn and soy that are probably genetically modified. But nonetheless, even from corn
and soy, they make the protein that’s in the meat that they’re literally slaughtered
for. I don’t necessarily recommend you to do that and I don’t recommend you to buy
a raw vegan protein powder. I just recommend you guys eat copious amounts of greens. I
personally eat about 2 pounds a day and besides greens, other fruits and vegetables also contain
protein. But if you are concerned about getting enough protein, we’re gonna go to other
side of this rack and they do have some whole foods that are also protein because these
protein powders are often extracted or highly processed foods. For example, they use Hemp
protein powder which is basically they take the hemp seeds and they extract out the oil
then they have what’s left. And they seal that, bag it up and sell to you protein powders.
So instead it’s far better to buy hemp seeds and eat those instead. But on the other side,
there’s much better in my opinion and higher in protein than hemp seeds and other nuts
and seeds. Better than the protein powders you guy just
saw which are highly processed products are these guys right here. These are basically
algae powders and what they are basically just dried algae’s in a bottle. And so algae
are food if you go out to the lake and you could harvest your own algae, but I don’t
recommend that. But you could eat them. I mean fish eat the algae, you know that’s
where they get all their nutrition from in the ocean. But algae is definitely considered
another green food, and in a matter of fact, algae has more protein in it than leafy green
vegetables which are already high in protein. So eat some algae for your protein but besides
just getting the protein, you’re getting a plethora of other nutrition, and phytochemicals
and phytonutrients and also the minerals that are in the algae as well. Probably my favorite
one is actually the Chlorella, like the crack sell, Chlorella. The brand that I actually
like here is the Health Force Brand. They definitely make some good products. One of the most popular supplements in our
raw food style diet are actually the green powders. So they actually have like the Moringa
Powder, which I recommend you guys grow instead of buying a Moringa Powder. They got things
like wheat grass, Barley grass juice. You know instead of buying wheat grass in a bottle,
why don’t you just grow some wheat grass and chew on them. Or better yet, juice it.
But if you are gonna get some kind of green syrup in a bottle, I highly encourage you
guys to get this. This is my favorite green super food vitamin by far. It’s the VitaMineral
Green, by Dr. James Sheridan. This stuff is a 100% vegan, 100% raw for 20+ years. And
this is definitely a really good mixture of different green food basically. All the different
kinds of land green foods, water green foods, ocean green foods. In addition it has enzymes
and probiotics, soil based organisms. So this is the one-stop shop for potentially filling
in any missing nutrient you may have. So I like to take this as an inexpensive insurance.
Also, another thing I like to do with Vitamineral Green is to take it when I travel. Maybe I’m
not able to eat my organic fruits and vegetables I normally eat, so I’ll take some vitamineral
green, mix it in water on a plane, and drink it down. So good, and so nutritious. A question I got recently over one of my YouTube
channel is “John what do you think about vinegars?” So you know they have some coconut
vinegars here, whether it’s a coconut vinegar or apple cider vinegar, I don’t generally
include those in my diet. I mean, I might use some for taste and flavor, but I don’t
generally consume them personally. Another thing that’s really popular in raw food
is this one right here, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. And I definitely do not recommend this stuff.
It does contain naturally occurring MSG, and if I did consume this, it gives me something
like a headache. So if you want amino acids, eat food. Eat your leafy green vegetables.
If you want a nice salty flavor, use something like these guys, the Dohl’s flakes. This
will give you a salty flavor instead of using the Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Next, we’re gonna talk about salt. They
have things like the Himalayan Rock salt, Real Salt here. It says nature’s first salt.
And you know, people in general into raw foods may use a lot of salt to make the food taste
good. Why are they doing that? Well that’s because the food they are, you know, eating
don’t taste good on their own, because the food should contain trace minerals if it was
being supplemented into the soil in which they are grown. Because unfortunately most
produce and most fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, are not being grown in nutrient
dense mineral rich soil. In any case, people love how salt taste that’s because we have
salt receptor, or sodium receptors. But we also have mineral receptors on our tongue
and it lights up when we get salt. The prominent salt is that, you know it’s mostly sodium,
while they are some mineral trace contamination in here, you are getting mostly sodium. You
know if you eat this whole bottle, you probably won’t be alive. It literally dehydrates
us, so definitely, not a good idea. So if you wanna flavor up your foods and not use
salt, what would you do? They have a great solution here at PureHealth. They have these
guys at the bottom shelf. This is actually dehydrated food, and this is basically dehydrated
sea vegetable. And sea vegetables are high in sodium but also the other trace minerals.
And they got a full selection in here, actually the largest selection I’ve seen at definitely
good prices. This is raw and wild crafted Sea Lettuce flakes. They got raw and wild
crafted Nori flakes. They got raw and wild crafted Dohl’s flakes. They got raw and
wild crafted Condu flakes and they got raw and wild crafted Wakambi Flakes. So you probably
thinking, “John which one of these are the best?” Well, I don’t know. What I would
recommend is that you guys is buy all of them and taste them each one of these. And see
which one drives with you. Some taste fishy, some taste not so fishy. I personally like
the Dole’s flakes, and actually the Nori and the sea lettuce. I don’t like the Wakambi
or Condu too much. But nonetheless, these are excellent addition instead of using the
salt in your diet which in my opinion is definitely not a health food. Whether it’s Himalayan
Salt, Celtic Sea Salt or whatever your salt that you want. Actually extra salt in your
diet can cause a lot of challenges in my opinion. Another question I get a lot is “ Hey John,
can I get enough sodium from the fruits and vegetables that I eat?” Well, you know you
can do that, and I always recommend adequate amount of salt and I don’t know what fruit
and vegetable you’ll specifically eat. If you eat things like a lot of celery, you may
be getting enough sodium. But I’ve also had friends that were sodium deficient on
a fruit and vegetable diet alone. So that’s definitely something to be aware of. One of the things you guys might be thinking
is “John, if I can’t eat salt and I’m not getting my trace minerals from salt, where
am I supposed to get them?” Well, in my opinion you are supposed to get the trace
minerals from the food that you are eating. But the problem is, in this day and age, most
growers, and even organic growers may be only supplementing their soil with 3 minerals:
N,P, and K, and that’s because they found that those minerals actually make food grow
the fastest. So what about all the other 80+ minerals on earth you know that should be
in the soil but not these days because the top soils are now eroded. Well, the best solution
for getting the trace minerals, in my opinion, is growing your own food, utilizing some of
the trace minerals in rock powders and rock dust. So that you can have your own nutrient
dense food because that’s not happening in organic and even in conventional food from
what I’ve seen. That being said if you don’t have that available, then the supplement is
the next best thing. Remember, we always want to go nature first and supplements, if necessary,
second. And so the supplement that I’d probably get for trace mineral is this guy right here,
this is Liquid Light. It’s a natural folic acid mineral complex, and these one has over
72 complex trace minerals and elements. That being said, it’d be much better to buy this
stuff and pour it in your garden and let your plants absorb the minerals and eat the mineral
the way we’re supposed to eat them from the plants. Besides from selling supplements here and
some of the products I’ve shown you guys, they also sell items that allow you to eat
more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet such as juicers. And also this guy,
this is called the spirooli. This allows you to take a zucchini and basically make a pasta
like shape out of it then you could eat your fresh zucchini instead of eating a cooked
pasta. And actually they have very good price on these guys right here for the lowest in
Las Vegas. Another thing they are offering are these guys are offering instructional
DVDs from Ronnie and Minh. This is actually a really excellent video to purchase, and
it’s called Going Raw with Ronnie and Minh. Minh make some amazing food and they show
how you can easily make some healthy raw food treats on a DVD. So especially if you are
new and you haven’t done before, definitely get this DVD and the spirooli slicer to create
some amazing recipes in your own kitchen. Now if you don’t love all clean you can
get down to buy the DVD here and you can visit or you can order these DVDs online. Well hopefully you’re on an organic raw
food diet, now to minimize toxins going in your body, but many people into raw food may
not realize, you know besides, what you’re putting in your body into your mouth, we’re
also breathing toxins. In many cases sometimes people slathering toxins into their body by
just standard lotions and shampoo and even soaps and toothpaste and deodorants. All kinds
of stuff they’re putting in their body, your body is absorbing these things. So for
this reason, I’m glad they have a natural body care section with natural products that
you can use but minimize toxins going in and on and being absorbed by your body. What I’m
gonna cover next, because I’m not a girl and I can’t really cover shampoos and conditioners
‘cause I don’t really use them myself, but what I will cover is a really great alternative
to lotion and also deodorant. Instead of using any lotion, I like to use
an oil, and my favorite oil, they have whole bunch of different ones here, Almond oil,
apricot oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, primrose oil, shea butter, even like coconut oil on
your skin. But my favorite of all of these guys, and this is for on your body care not
in your body, I like Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is most naturally similar to our natural oils
that we should have naturally in our skin. So I’ve been using Jojoba oil a lot and
I really think it makes a difference. Instead of using any lotions, just get some Jojoba
oil. One of the things I also do is I actually make my own creams, so I actually combine
the Jojoba oil 101 with some beeswax like they’re selling here and milk that up, and
it makes a nice skin balm that I use. Sometimes, I also add some herbs in it. And that’s
pretty much my regimen for skin care. Use the oil, and then my cream, and pretty much
I’m all set. Conventional deodorants are probably the most
toxic things you put in sensitive areas of your body all the time, like underneath your
arms where your lymph nodes are. So it’s very important to use a natural one if you’re
gonna use one. That being said, after being on a raw clean diet for 17 years like you’d
say I rarely have body odor, like maybe I eat garlic the night before and I’ll smell
garlic coming out of my pores, but otherwise, I don’t think I stink too much, neither
does my poop. But in any case, in case you do have body odor, and once again I believe
body odors are caused by the bacteria and the toxins inside you that have to come out
through your sweat glands. And if you do need to deal with that, a really excellent way
to do that would be one of these things. It’s basically a crystal, and this is basically
a mineral you put on to basically negate the effects of the odor here. So I would definitely
recommend this, although the goal is to just get off all of these products and live a simple
life, without having to buy extra stuff. Besides the body care that you guys just saw,
what’s really important is also you don’t put toxins in your mouth. You know, we put
organic foods in our mouth, but what about the toothpaste you are using? Are you using
a raw food diet and still using Colgate or Crest or Aqua fresh? You know I have visited
some people’s raw homes and you know I’m surprised to find that they eat raw but are
still using toxic deodorant and toxic mouthwash and toxic toothpaste. So it’s very important
to come to a place like this just to get some natural toothpaste. Some of the ones I have
used in the past, I actually have used this Vita-myr, I’ve also used PerioBrite and
use PerioWash a lot actually as a mouthwash, and natural mouth wash. And there are toothpaste
that I’m looking at here is this EarthPaste, actually it’s quite natural. For many people
into raw food, you know, having cavities and other things is actually a big problem. You
know for me what that relates to is actually having a proper oral hygiene. It’s every
important whether you’re raw or not is take care of your teeth. See a dentist yearly.
Brush and floss regularly because it’s the bacteria in our mouths that’s causing cavities
and not the fruit sugars. So the bacteria feeds on the fruit sugars like we feed on
the fruit sugar and there are other foods that we eat and the State of American diet
you know, people may not get as many cavities because of highly processed junk that actually
the bacterias don’t even want to eat. I mean, you see a picture of McDonald’s hamburgers
last like 2 years and doesn’t even decay. I mean bacteria doesn’t want that stuff,
so they’re not eating it. But when you are eating the food that nature provides for us,
bacteria loves that stuff and so do we. So make sure you brush and floss after every
meal is my suggestion. Another really cool product that I like that
they are offering here are these guys, soy wax & beeswax mix ear candles for only $2.
So I don’t know if you guys have seen this before. But you do with these is actually,
lie on your side, put it in your ear, you have a plate there, and you light this up
on fire. So your ears are on fire, although not really. So what this does is actually
creates a vacuum to help suck out some of the earwax, because we know we’re not supposed
to stick Q tips in our ear to clean our ears out because that can puncture your eardrum
yet people use Qtips to clean their ears out. This is a natural way to do it and should
be definitely supervised when you are using this. I’ve done this many times and actually
my brother has used this also. And every time it takes out a lot of wax and possibly other
toxins as well. But also, you know, I could always hear better without all the extra wax
built up inside my ears. So if you are hard of hearing, try this candle first is my personal
opinion. Last thing I want to cover today is what they
actually got in the back room here and besides the presentation that I’ve talked to you
several times and we’d probably be talking much in the future, they have actually what
is called a TurboSonic machine, and how this was invented is because the astronauts that
went up you know in the space shuttle, you know, they would lose bone density because
they weren’t getting any gravity effect. So this was invented for them, but it’s
also like a vibration therapy. It will move your lymph and it can actually move your different
organs. I like this a lot, I was just actually on it a little while ago, and I think this
can be very helpful for healing and for health. And as a OkRaw viewer, you guys are gonna
have 2 specials from Pure Health here. Number 1 is you’re gonna be entitled to a first
time session on the TurboSonic for free and also you’re gonna get 10% off anything on
the store. So just tell them John Kohler and OkRaw sent you on the video, and they’ll
hook you right up. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode, learning more about health foods
here in Las Vegas. If you are visiting Las Vegas later, you definitely need to come up
and check it out. Once again my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next
time, and remember keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables, they’re the best.