ChronoBurn Calorie Counter

November 19, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

ChronoBurn Calorie Counter is a new way for you
to control your calorie intake. It displays your calorie usage in real time,
and at a glance ChronoBurn will show you how much to eat every day. ChronoBurn is very easy to understand – It works like a calorie chronometer. • Calories from food will be added to the total.
• Calories burned (including your exercise) will be subtracted from the total. So all that you have to do is keep the counter as close to zero as possible – by logging what you eat. Just set-up your daily calorie intake, hit
start, and you’re good to go! Losing weight has never been easier! ChronoBurn also features automatic backup and data
synchronization. Easily sync your data between multiple devices,
and keep logging on the go! Whenever you add something to your diary, or update your profile, it will sync across all your devices instantaneously. To enable synchronization, simply log into
the same account on another device, then ChronoBurn will download all the data and sync everything exactly like it is on the first device – and then back to each other in real time! The synchronization service is free, fast,
and requires zero configuration. ChronoBurn is available on 10 different platforms, so no matter what device you have, you will be able log all of your information from your favorite device. And to get a feel for how ChronoBurn works, go to and you can get started right away. Then later on, you can send the data back to your mobile device.