Don Spike’s calorie bomb recipe [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]

January 7, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

(First contestant, steak sandwich) Bread at the bottom, cheese on top. The concept is O.M.I.C. O.M.I.C. (Outside is moist, inside is crispy) It’s hard in Korean. We eat first and then go to work. That’s what chefs do. – I know. / – The main sketch. (Serious) Number 2. Name, super balls. Wrap-less dumpling Style. Wrap-less dumpling. Three, bucaron. Bucaron? Deep-fried. World’s richest… Okay. My choice is? (Which dish will he choose?) I will pick after I make them all. Yes, it’s best to test as many as possible. Right? I will make the sandwich first. Butter… (Butter the pan) (Slice a thick piece of rump) – For a steak, / – Nice beef. butter is the key. Butter, salt and pepper. (Grill the steak and season with salt and pepper) (Spices that will bring out the flavors) That looks so good. That looks delicious. (Meat thermometer) He’s checking the temperature. He is good. Okay. (The steak is done!) Add more butter here. (Grill Korean wheat bread in the same pan) (Sandwich bread is done) I need some vegetables. (Chop various vegetables into small pieces) Look at his knife skills. Mozzarella cheese. You are great with knives. (Balsamic sauce) (Stir-fry in the sauce) Plating. On the top… (Place the steak on the grilled side of the bread) Place the steak. That looks really good. I can’t believe it. (Drizzle the vegetable sauce on top) That has to be good. (Visually impressive) Done. Steak sandwich. Meat-lovers would love that. The second is… (Meat grinder) Super balls. I need minced meat. (Wow) You have that at home? That’s for commercial use. I know. Homes don’t need something like that. You get minced meat. You buy it minced. Slice the beef against the grain, cutting the tendons. (Slice meat against the grain) I wonder what the others are making. But… But… Whatever you make, meat is the best. (Hahaha) Meat is the king. And I will take care of the meat. I will win. (Buzz) Hahahaha! (I can beat everyone) (Is he the Joker?) That’s what I thought. “Is he the Joker?” He’s not the Meat Fairy, but the Meat Demon. (Grind the beef in the meat grinder) Good job. Minced beef. (Plenty) Fritter mix and flour made with Korean wheat. (Slap, slap) (Shape minced meat into balls) Knead. In the style of wrap-less dumplings. (Coat with egg) (Coat with fritter mix) (Dip his finger into the oil?) You dipped your finger into that? My goodness. Isn’t it hot? Is that just to show off? – There’s no reason… / – Show-off. He’s a show-off. I didn’t get burned. It’s an induction stove, so it took a long time. It felt lukewarm? Lukewarm. About 60 degrees. Here it goes. (Deep-fry the meat balls in oil) Nice, nice. Very nice. (Extremely happy) Sounds like April shower. The sound of a shower in April. (The sizzling sound always makes you happy) That looks so good. (What is it now?) (A mic?) Hello, everyone, your darling little meat fairy, Don Spike is here. The music you will hear is the sound of a shower in April, “April Shower”, “April Shower”. Here are Don Spike and beef rump. Enjoy. (His mic is for ASMR now) It’s ASMR. (Deep-frying ASMR) It sounds like the rainy season. He called it the rainy season. (Deep-fry them the second time) (Get the yogurt ready) Amazing. (Eat the rest) (Dripping) (Skewer them and serve on top of yogurt) That looks good. (Cinnamon apple jam) (Cherries) Amazing. Done. Nice. (Don’s super balls) They should be served at a restaurant. And the highlight of the day. The ultimate fritter. Butter fritter. – Butter fritter? / – Butter fritter? That butter… Is deep-fried whole. Like ice cream fritters? Right. It’ll melt. (Doubting, interested) It won’t melt? There has been no other fritter like this before. Is this fritter made with butter? Or is it butter made with fritter? (Slice) Wow, this is amazing. (Sizzle) That beef looks delicious. Rump meat is amazing. Yes. (Dizzy) That looks delicious. (Happy) It’s beautiful. His face changed as he began cooking the steak. (Bread the butter) This came from cow too. I’m so grateful for them. This will work, right? I’m doing it because it will. I should make it really quick. One more coat. That butter should be almost frozen. Is that butter frozen? It is frozen. I froze it afterwards. Can you really deep-fry that? If it’s frozen solid. Ta-da. (Plop) (Deep-fry the butter in oil) It didn’t pop. But it’s going to start melting. I think it’ll work. (It isn’t melting, it is deep-frying) My goodness. You can deep-fry that. Two, one, done. (Golden brown) Wow, that looks good. It’s golden brown. When you slice that… (Layer steak and butter like macaron) That’s butter fritter, butter fritter. Butter fritter. As it says, bucaron. (Butter is no longer a sidekick) A macaron… It’s a macaron from outer space. These are a shooting star and a meteorite. Stardust. There is stardust. (Don’s bucaron) His dishes look visually shocking. I know. This is cheating. We have a dangerous man here.