DSM Feed Talks

October 4, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

DSM Feed Talks. At DSM animal nutrition and health we know the importance of trusted content. That’s why we’re launching a new communication platform for the global feed industry: DSM Feed Talks. DSM Feed Talks offers essential insights into the key trends that are shaping animal nutrition science today and sets new standards in providing information across the feed industry value chain: from feed millers, integrators, pre-mixers and farmers to academics, vets, nutritionists, purchasing specialists and consumers. Inspired by DSM’s vision of open innovation, global customer intimacy and digital communications, DSM Feed Talks is a reliable and up-to-date information source that offers state-of-the-art thinking on the nutritional and health needs of ruminants, layers, broilers, swine, aquaculture and pets. It presents reputable content from global experts which showcases established best practice alongside breakthrough research findings in an engaging and accessible way. Robust science, reliable data and relevant opinion allows users to make informed choices on some of the most challenging animal nutrition issues of the day. DSM Feed Talks where innovation means connection, where dialogue means community, where science means solutions join the discussion at DSM.com/anh