Easy Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency – 70%  PEOPLE IGNORE THIS !

Easy Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency – 70% PEOPLE IGNORE THIS !

November 15, 2019 8 By Ewald Bahringer

Hello Everybody! Todays episode is an easy DIY approach to
diagnose a common cause for certain common signs and symptoms like hair loss or hair
thinning, muscle pains, digestive upset, depression, back ache and many others health problems
which can be due to vitamin D deficiency in your body. If neglected, in the long run, this can be
life threatening. We will show you an easy DIY approach to diagnose
this common problem of vitamin D deficiency, particularly in adults. Lets Start with the Approach What we use like:
Age Sex Race Risk factors signs and symptoms, diagnosis, investigations, treatment and the
take home message finally: Starting with the Age Sex and Race
– According to many studies and researches, this vitamin D deficiency is more prevalent
in the 40 to 60 year old age groups. – Male population is more affected than females. – Over 80 percent African-Americans are Vitamin
D deficient, 40 to 45 percent of adults in the US, 70 percent in Hispanics and in Indians. Lets learn about Risk Factors: If you have
one or more of these, then you must be double cautious about this problem. – Staying indoors or always using sunscreen
when going out. – Pure Vegetarians (specially those who do
not eat diary products, meat fish,etc) – People Having dark skin (synthesis of Vitamin
D from sunlight reduced). – Being elderly
– Being overweight or obese. – Recent Major surgery. – Living far from the equator where there
is little sun year-round. Signs and Symptoms: If you have one or more
of these signs and symptoms, then follow the advice given towards the end of this video. – Falling Sick or Getting Infected Frequently
(this is due to weaking of your immune system due to Vitamin D deficiency). – Feeling of Tiredness and inability to perform
routine day to day activities. – Frequent Muscle Pains, Back pain specially
lowet back pain, Headaches. – Depression, mood swings, irritable bowel
and feeling of passing motions frequently and anxiety. – Impaired Wound healing and Bone loss (because
Vitamin D is required for Calcium absorption) � This can make you more prone to fractures
with simple imjuries. – Alopecia � that�s Hair Loss which is
often attributed to stress and nutritional deficiencies. Hair loss can be in the form of hair thinning
or even female pattern baldness or alopecia aerate. – Dizziness or vertigo is another common symptom
of severe vitamin D deficiency. Now the Investigations required for final
diagnosis: If you think you have these matching symptoms,
you need to confirm the diagnosis. You can consult with your doctor and get your
Vitamin D blood levels measured. 0-20 ng/ml � deficient , 21 to 30ng/ml � Insufficiency
and normal range is generally above 60ng/ml. Now the Treatement Part:
Luckily, vitamin D deficiency is usually easy to fix depending on your blood levels. The First and Foremost step you need to take
is cut off your risk factor that�s most commonly reduced sunlight exposure. – You can either increase your sun exposure
� atleast 20 minutes and 20 percent of your skin exposed to sun. – Eat Foods rich in vitamin-D, such as fatty
fish, or fortified dairy products, or simply take vitamin D supplement easily available
from your medical store. – If you have severe deficiency, your doctor
will generally prescribe you high dose vitamin D sachets of 60000 IU. You can take this powder in a cup of milk
weekly once for atleast 3 months and then recheck your blood levels. Now Finally the Take Home Message:
Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common and most people are unaware of it. And Fortunately Fixing your deficiency is
simple, easy and can have big benefits for your health. If you found this video helpful, please click
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