Fermented Foods & Digestion : How to Improve Digestion with Healthy Eating

December 3, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hello welcome back we got some more fermented
foods. I kind of a little surrounded right here by a few of the things we’ve made including
this ziziki that was a little nice demonstration for you. But what I really want to tell you
is that it helps with the digestive issues. People that have food allergies or digestive
problems such as Gurd or Chrones really these fermented foods are their friends. Stick to
this puzzle whole natural food and you’re going to help your digestion so much more.
A lot of these people spent years messing up and I have to you know before I be came
a nutritionist spent years messing up your digestion because in America we don’t actually
even deal with that. It’s all about faster quicker better food that we can just ingest
get out there get moving, get shaken, and make the money. But in other societies and
definitely other cultures this is where they place their emphasis on. Sitting down relaxing
eating food that is healthy and nutritious as well as easily digestible. Adding these
fermented foods to help them heal their digestion and to digest all together. So it’s good for
you too.