GET TO KNOW ME:  35 facts about me  (1000 subscriber special πŸŽ‰)

GET TO KNOW ME: 35 facts about me (1000 subscriber special πŸŽ‰)

October 3, 2019 100 By Ewald Bahringer

hello hello welcome back to the whole
happy life so today’s video is a fun video I’m going to share 35 random and
not so random facts about myself so you can get to know me this is a thank you
to all of you for 1000 subscribers so I thought you know what it’s about time
for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you so I’m going to share
facts about myself and I would really appreciate it if you could share one or
two or however many random or not so random facts about yourself in the
comment box below I promise to read every single comment let’s get started okay so
we’re gonna start with some basics and then we’re gonna get into the fun stuff
so number one I am from Canada I’ve been here for the last 16 years it’s my home
but I have parents who are from India so I am of Indian origin Indian ethnicity
I’ve lived in four different countries so I was born and raised in the Middle
East then I moved to India then I moved to England then I moved back to India
and then I moved to Canada and I don’t plan to move anymore I’m done with the
moving I’m 34 I’m turning 35 in the summer and I honestly thought the
turning 35 was a really big deal that’s how I used to think when I was younger
but now that I’m almost there I don’t really feel it it’s not really a
big deal age is just a number I’ve been married for nine years I
married my university boyfriend and I will insert some pictures so you can see
our wedding day pictures I don’t have kids and I don’t intend to
have children but but I do have fur babies this leads me to my next fact I
have two cats the older one Pryda is turning five this
year and the younger one Caiyo is turning three this year and honestly I am such a
crazy cat person it’s insane I’m obsessed with anything cat related I
have over thirty or forty I lost count thirty or forty random cat themed
items cat mugs cat plates cat pajamas cat pens cat everything normally I don’t
buy too much but when it comes to cat stuff I can’t say no now I wasn’t always
a cat person I actually was a dog person growing up I had a dog his name was Andy
and loved him to pieces but now that I’ve had a cat I think I prefer cats
over dogs but I still love dogs I am an introvert and I’ve always been an
introvert and when I was growing up it was kind of hard because people didn’t
really understand introversion the way they do today it was kind of like
something’s wrong with you why are you not social and I felt really bad about
being so different but now I really embrace the fact that I’m an introvert I
can be extroverted or social when I need to but I prefer being at home it is more
comfortable I’m a homebody if you’re into the MBTI personality types I’m an
INTJ if you are an INTJ let me know in the comment box below because I haven’t
met too many INTJ people especially women it’s rare for a woman to be an
INTJ I think it’s like 1 or 2 out of 400 or 500 it’s pretty rare I am a
minimalist but I’m a little wary of using the term because of the
connotations people expect a certain thing everything should be black and
white things should be really really simple but I think with minimalism you
make it your own now I came from a family of hoarders and that’s kind of why
I’m so attracted to minimalism I can’t stand the chaos the clutter it
just makes me very tense and it reminds me of all the stuff I had as a child
just too much stuff like the closets for burgeoning I don’t need that anymore
I need things to be simple clean clear and it makes your home feel more like a
sanctuary so that’s what really attracts me to minimalism I don’t have a car and
I don’t intend to get one so I do not like driving I don’t even have a
driver’s license I live in Toronto there’s public transport can get around
there’s uber I just don’t like driving it makes me really really tense and I’m
not good at it and it’s just too many things going on at once
I don’t know I can’t do it I’ve tried so yeah I’m almost 35 and I don’t have a
driver’s license and I don’t think I’m getting one anytime soon I am a holistic
nutritionist but that’s not exactly what I intended to become I actually went to
university to become an engineer so I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree
in chemical engineering from the University of Toronto and my master’s
was in food engineering the specialization was in food engineering
and that’s where my interest in nutrition began number 16 I love
watercolors so I’ve been dabbling in watercolors for the last two years and
I’m really enjoying it I’m not that great at it I’m still learning but it’s
just something about the fluidity of watercolors that transparency the color
it just I love it I really do I love cleaning and anyone who knows me knows
how obsessed I am about cleaning I think it comes from my perfectionist
tendencies which I’m working on I don’t think it’s good to be perfectionist but
I think having a clean home makes your home feel more like a sanctuary and I
think that’s really important to me so whenever I’m stressed out the first
thing I try to do is clean up tidy up and I feel better so that’s me if you’re
interested in learning more about cleaning there’s a really good channel
on YouTube clean my space so check that out I enjoy traveling in particular road
trips now I don’t drive so my husband has to do all the driving so it’s a
little hectic for him but I love it I should probably learn how to drive I think it’s
unfair for him to do all the driving but I don’t know anyway road-trips I love
things that are off the beaten path and you can really just get to know the country
in the landscape I’m not much of a city person when it comes to traveling
because I live in the city I don’t like doing that when I travel I like getting
out of the countryside now when it comes to my favorite travel destinations I
have to say south of France because it’s just amazing the food’s good the
landscape it’s just the weather’s amazing and South of England I had a
really good time I went in 2015 and I loved it and a lot of people don’t think
of England as a travel destination but I think it’s one that is worth checking
out if you’re into history or landscape and that sort of thing and I want to go
back to England again at some point maybe in the next few years I love
collecting gems so I’m not a hundred percent convinced about their powers and
all that but it’s something I have this attraction towards gems I go to a store
which has gemstones I have to buy them it’s just I have to buy them I love em
amethyst and citrine I really love to wear glasses and that’s what I normally
wear but on the channel I don’t wear glasses it’s just hard with the ring
lights and the glare just doesn’t work but when I’m not on camera I’m usually
wearing glasses I’m obsessed with stripes and polka dots and it’s been
like that since I was five I will insert a picture so you can see I actually
combined the stripes and the polka dots together I don’t drink much I’m not much
of an alcohol drinker and that’s not because I’m a nutritionist it’s because
I don’t like the taste of alcohol I don’t like how it makes me feel but I do
make exceptions for three things ouzo limoncello absinthe and maybe
like a really good cocktail like something really unique otherwise I’m
not really into drinking dark chocolate I cannot live without it I love dark
chocolate and the darker the better so 80% is ok 85% is getting there
90% is the sweet spot but I do occasionally like the 99%
it’s kind of crazy because it just it tastes like mud initially when the first
time you have it but as our taste buds get accustomed you really get to enjoy
dark chocolate my favorite cuisines are Mexican and Thai and Mexican in
particular because it’s got cilantro guacamole the ah the lime is just are so
good I like it number 27 I am a list person and I
probably have close to actually I don’t know how many lists I have I should make
a list of lists but I really enjoy putting everything down into lists I
have a bullet journal that’s kind of where I house all my lists and I don’t
know I’ve always been sort of a list person when I meet my friends I usually
have an agenda of things we’re gonna talk about I’m a little crazy that way but I
love my lists I love to research now when it comes to researching for videos
or nutrition articles I get a little crazy I love to spend time on PubMed and
you know what the problem with research is it’s kind of like you’re going down a
rabbit hole you start one thing and then you end up somewhere else but I really
love it I think that’s my thing the thing I enjoy the most in life is
research about anything it just doesn’t have to be nutrition anything and
everything and that’s why I enjoy creating videos because I can take the
knowledge that I have and simplify it and create something that can be useful
to people when I was younger I wanted to become an archaeologist and my
parents were like no that’s not happening so sadly I do not become an
archaeologist but if I could go back in time maybe I become a professor of
anthropology although I do love nutrition there’s something about
anthropology I really like too so that leads me to the next point my favorite
TV series is Bones because there’s a forensic anthropologist on it I’m not really
a girly girl when it comes to makeup and things like that but I do like lip gloss
I’m kind of obsessed with lip gloss and I like nail polish I always have my
nails done and I typically do them at home I hardly ever go to the salon it’s
probably been a year I really like the shade tickle my Francey by OPI that’s my
favorite shade right now I love cute PJs anything that’s really cute that has
cats dogs bears penguins whatever I’ve got to get it and honestly they don’t
make enough cute pjs for adults they may come for kids and girls and
teenagers but not for adults I don’t know why that has to change
I need cute PJ’s if you know places that sell to PJ’s let me know in the comment box
below because I love cute PJs I really enjoy photography in particular food
photography and pet photography I’m not so much into the travel photography I
don’t like taking my camera with me on vacation but I do love taking pictures
of my cats as you can tell I’m obsessed with cats and yeah they get photographed
quite a bit favorite kind of music is chill anything that is really relaxed so
chill lounge or spa music and my cat my older one Pryda absolutely loves Kygo
whenever I play Kygo Pryda has to find a nice place somewhere in the house
to sit and relax and then he’ll just fall asleep two minutes and he’s asleep
every single time at first I thought it was like oh this is a coincidence
every single time anyway I hope you enjoyed watching today’s video and you
got to know me better I would love for you to leave me a comment in the comment
box below and let me know a little bit about yourself I will read every
single comment and I will see you in the next video bye