Getting Powerful Nutrition Anywhere, Anytime!

September 29, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Friends, Dr. Schulze here. Just getting ready
to hit the road. I’ll be sending you
Instagrams from the road. But in the meantime, a few
Instagrams ago, someone asked a question about dosages. I wanted to explain
that to you, and what I mean by droppers full. The dosage for almost all
my products– and they come in two-ounce
bottles, usually. Here’s a two-ounce
bottle of echinacea plus. The dosage, I always say,
is one to two droppers full, three to four times a day. That’s somewhere between
three droppers full and eight droppers full. One to two droppers full,
three or four times a day. Spread it out. Now, what do I mean
by droppers full? Well, visually, it really looks
like I have a droppers full, right there. It looks like a half. But that’s what I
call a droppers full. If you were to count it,
it would be 30 to 35 drops. But life’s too short to count. So here it is. It’s a half droppers full. That’s what it
visually looks like, but it’s what I call
a droppers full. One to two droppers full,
three to four times a day. Love you. Hey, my great friends. Dr. Schulze here,
and I’m on the road. And what’s number one
on the road, numero uno? That would be the same as
when you’re home– nutrition. I always make sure that my
pocket is full of Dr. Schultz’s Cacao Crunch Treats, and that
I have my Super C Tablets, and that I have
my SuperFood 100s, so I have them in my pocket. I can take a pill
anytime I want. And I have my SuperFood
Bars in my other pocket. And also, I had
my SuperMeal Drink before I left the motel this
morning, because I bring a blender with me on the road. Nutrition– I want to feel good. I want to feel powerful. I want to feel strong. And have a cold and flu shot
before and after every plane ride. Love you. See you soon. [INAUDIBLE] Hey, my great friends. Dr. Schulze here. We’re on the road. We’re hungry. We didn’t want to stop
someplace like that, so we stopped and had
some Cacao Crunch Treats. I’m on the road
with all the boys. Here we are. We wanted our nutrition,
curb our appetite, and we’ll wait until we
find a great place to eat. Remember these when
you’re on the road. Love you lots.