Glowena Vitamin C Serum

December 13, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hi guys today I want to talk to you
about this absolutely incredible new Vitamin C serum from Glowena…it’s been the best products that I’ve tried in a very long time for my skin and I
definitely see the difference you know from the very first time that I’ve used
it. So I’ll just quickly show you what comes inside the box… So it comes in a
very dark blue bottle which means that any sunlight that comes in you know if
you leave it outside is not going to damage the Vitamin C so it
protects the vitamin inside…. I basically use it in the morning before I
put my moisturiser and makeup and I just quickly get it out like this and I put a
few drops you know on my hand and I put it especially around here on the places
where I see that I’m gonna you know if you little bit like me and you laugh
and you’re always making faces you know you start to get bit of a odd wrinkle so
I always use it around here and on my neck of course….. And you definitely see
the difference. One of the best things about it guys is that it’s vegan so it
hasn’t been tested on any animals which is amazing…. And yeah it keeps your
skin very very hydrated because it has aloe vera which is one of the best
ingredients to keep your skin hydrated so highly recommended guys. It’s the
vitamin C serum from Glowena