#HadiChallenge | 10K CALORIES in 16 HOURS

February 29, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hello Youtube HadiGenetics Here So today We already hit THE 10K CHALLENGE TEN THOUSAND CALORIES In 14 Hours I’ll show you the clip in 3 2 1 Sup man? what you doin? 6 GLAZED DONUTS what you doin man? 3 PIZZAS counting macros do you know what he’s doing right now? he’s preparing for our 10k challenge 10k calories challenge within a day we know that after the challenge we’ll regret. but we’re so curious about this challenge we always watch people do this challenge on youtube, but we never even tried it we think that it’ll be easy for us. but who knows… 10 original glazed donutes look at this all krispy kream. can’t focus ice chocolate 4 good morning everyone today is 8th of July, 4 AM in the morning we bought 2 dozen of krispy kreams thumbnail time for Dennis, for Daniel, same menu first bite! glazed donut 4 AM. My Godddd oreo. what’s yours? chocolate mud pie third donut, caramel crunch and ice glazed chocolate peanut butter and nutella is it good? tastes soo gooodd :9 3 left we’re gonna sleep after eating this. and then what time do you wanna wake up? till we’re pleased then we’ll go to the gym done broo do you still wanna eat? last one what time now? 4:31 sup guys!? heading to the gym now is Friday 8th of July, 9:36 AM we’re gonna kill it. 3 hours full body workout. see you at lunch time today is; Friday 8th of July 12:45 PM Hawaiian chicken large Beef pepperoni large and one more meetlover pesto large we ordered 3 large pizzas; large hawaiian supreme, large beef pepperoni, and large meetlover the food has arived! so this one; beef pepperoni meetlovers hawaiian chicken large and are you ready brother??? the pieces are so small! thumbnail! can it focus? this small piece is for you! which piece do you want? i started to feel a bit full now but can you finish this? of course, only 2 pieces left for each MIND OVER EVERYTHING!! d*mn, you only have 1 more piece left you have eaten two *cencored* one more left for you *cencored*. for ya’ll who wanna do the 10k challenge,, JUST DO IT JUST DO IT “CHOCOLATE” ! do you know this? I have counted that if we finish the 10k, it’ll be 15,000 mg of sodium 15,000!?!? you’re kidding? “JUST DO IT!” last oneeee show them the time now all gone “this could be us”! 3:16 PM. WOOOHHHHHHH GAINZZZZZZZ. kitkat brahh snickers durian ice cream! and butterscotch bread let’s do this. nutella, peanut butter. UHHH LET’S DO THIS! one dollar Singapore ice cream! my teeth can’t hold it! it’s too cold! oreo happinessss this is soooo goooodddddd i swear kitkat PB&N (Peanut Butter and Nutella) 3:40 McDonalds! last meal of the day! hello everyone, where are we? McDonalds, we’re about to hit our last meal of the day! and shoutout for the shirt we’re wearing; Proyek Widjaja (ig: @proyekwidjaja) and we have special guest today: JUAN JHONSON he’s also wearing the shirt from @proyekwidjaja (victory), show them. proyek widjajaaaaa so, let’s start! BOOM! suppp everyoneeee as we said before, we have our special guest: Juan Jhonson joining our last meal at McDonalds, so what are you having? I have 2 double cheese burgers I always like to have this at McDonald bcs this is my favorite and it’s a Samurai Junior it’s a seasonal burger I’m having 1 fish o fillet, 1 bigmac, 1 oreo McFlurry, and 1 spicy chicken McDeluxe, and large fries I’m having almost the same with my #HadiBrothers first is chicken McDeluxe, bigmac, double cheese burger, large fries, oreo McFlurry and water as my drink Let’s Go! i think this will be easy it was not my plan to eat 3 burgers todayyy supposed to be 2! but the guest ordered more than us so they’re kiasu, they’re kiasu people what time is it?? Friday 6:57 PM the ice cream tastes so goood, right Nil? at Pizza Hut this afternoon he said he’s disappointed with me i think the longer we rest the harder it is to finish this quitters never win, winners never quit i’ve never been this full before, Nil! How are you? dying? dying Daniel is at 10,218 calories Im at 9,957 calories. so 43 calories left! to complete the 10k challenge, i’m gonna eat this! 190 calories and i have 43 calories left so this is like half of a serving. around 95 calories.. i’m done! so we’ve showed you our previous physique before 10k challenge before 10k challenge and now the aftermath of 10k challenge see their tummy, see the belly fats.. where are our abs?? where are they bro?? see you on the next video!