How and Why to Choose Organic Fertilizer for Your Home Garden

November 1, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

This is John Kohler with
I have another exciting episode for you. We got a special guest here, Josh and Boogie
Brew company. What’s up John. What’s up dude. And what we’re going to talk
about is a subject near and dear to my heart as well as Josh’s actually. And it’s simply
this and I know many of you guys may have thought about this before. You know, John,
why don’t you use synthetic chemical fertilizers in your garden. And we’re going to talk about
synthetic chemical fertilizers vs. organic fertilizers and even more so than just the
Boogie Brew organic fertilizer. Other fertilizers that we actually got at a local store, we’re
going to talk about those as well. So you know the first thing we wanted to say is start
by introducing Josh, and you know Josh got into making the Boogie Brew composting because
he was a grower he grew some…California Tomatoes back in the day. And he was using
chemicals, he’s using hydroponic chemicals, you know that are in fancy bottles and cost
lots of money and they got some good results for a little while, but then he got problems
with root rot and he had to add chemicals to compensate for that. And then things happened
and basically what happened is that he¬¬¬¬ slowly transitioned to growing organically
and then basically he ran into some hard times and he couldn’t afford the expensive chemical
fertilizes and he had to make his own composting, so this is his composting that he used to
grow some of Nor Cal’s finest ever. Back in the day, I started out with chemicals
I wanted those instant strong results. They worked for me, and then after 6 months I had
a disastrous crop and it sucked bro. I got root rot pithium I was in a closed loop hydroponic
circulating system, what did I do? I went out and spent more money on another agent
to try and control this condition that had been created by a faulty product. (faulty
virus?) So this is what happens, in my opinion, when
we try to be Mother Nature. I mean nature has worked for ¬¬¬millions of years and
has created it’s own systems and things that work if we get out of the picture. But us,
as humans, want to try control nature and you know control the weather, and all this
kind of stuff. It can’t it just doesn’t work and we can think we’re smarter than them,
we’re smarter than nature, but you know nature always gets us back. Nature will adapt and
change, and you know, stuff will happen so that’s why I like to grow with a natural method
as found in nature. You know, grow organically using naturally derived components to growing.
Um so Josh, tell us what the real bad thing is inside this synthetic chemical fertilizer. Can I pour some out? Yeah pour it out to show people. I put some on my hand earlier and I couldn’t
believe it, it actually burned my hand, it was disgusting. You mean it can also burn your plants like
it’s also burning Josh’s hand. Oh yeah, I’ll pour just a wee bit of it. We actually put a tape over the manufacturer
so we can keep the guilty innocent. And we pour some out here and look at this,
its just like pop rocks. Okay? Wow that’s crazy, it’s just like some candy.
Mommy Daddy can I eat this, haha, bam! Your baby is no more, so keep this out of reach
of children. Yup, absolutely, you know, it’s funny because
what this product is made out of is oil and gas, over 90% of America’s fertilizer sold
in hardware stores, garden centers, everywhere today, are made from oil and gas. So like pretty much like this bottle of oil
here. Some of you have seen my video on Boogie Brew
where I just show how ridiculous it is. You wouldn’t pour Wait, wait! That’s my plant dude! Oh my gosh,
what are you doing! Relax John it’s not oil, it’s ‘fertilizer’. It’s black oh my god, what are you doing?! But you guys are doing that each and every
day when you use chemical fertilizer. You’re burning your plants, hurting your plants,
and more importantly you’re gonna mess up the environment man. We only get one chance
and chemical fertilizers and residue create dead zones in the Gulf and you can’t grow
in those areas, and if you use too much chemical fertilizers in your own garden you’re gonna
your soil, mess up your land that you own. John, by the way, it’s molasses. That’s to benefit microbes in their right. Yeah, you know, don’t over do it with sugars
when you make a composting for your plants. Feed them the main course and certainly you
can boost, dwindling microbial populations in your soil, once in a while, with some additional
sugars. I kinda overdid it here with the molasses trying to make it look like what it isn’t.
So disgusting you know, pure motor oil, but that’s what we’re doing and that’s what I
did for years as a hydroponic grower. Before I learned to hybridize it was a slow long
transition that I stubbornly held on to. Thinking oooh, I can inject those steroids, you know,
into my soil. Getting the plant to uptake everything faster and it was just too easy.
I could just mix a teaspoon of this, teaspoon of that, adjust the pH and there you go bro,
getting my monster yields. However, I would get burned crops, I mean, what farmer using
conventional fertilizers hasn’t had burned crops, I mean come on, you all have, I’m sure.
And it’s just disgusting, why would you put something made from oil and gas, not to mention
that karma with nature, this is 500 million years of sunlight making oil for us that we’re
squandering in 80 years. And we’re scorching the whole earth with it John. What would our
great grandparents have thought? And what would our great grandchildren think? When
I was in school in England they told us the Green Revolution has made the overpopulation
of the planet possible. The green revolution in 50’s was using chemicals, it was chemical
farming 50 years ago, they were saying, ‘this is a miracle that we have all these substances
that we can just create you know.’ And you know chemical fertilizers are just
a new invention that happened not to long ago. It’s relatively new, it’s companies marketing
and selling you guys products that you guys have to buy. Like my style of gardening is
natural organic gardening based on natures principles. You know in nature, there is no
pixies, no flying around like tinkle bell, with 10, 10, 10, 50, 50, 50 spreading around
on these huge, enormous rainforests that have been growing for millions of years without
chemical fertilizers. And you guys if you do that, you get your soil back to how it
is in the forest. And that’s the organic products that allow you to do that. So josh tell us
some of the consequences of using chemical fertilizers, to the environment, cause I know
you are actually really into the environment, maybe even more so than I am. Oh I doubt that John. Well I mean you’re just
going to scorch the earth every time you feed this stuff. And going back to the analogy
of 10,10, 10, or 20, 20, 20. What do those numbers mean, well they are salts, man I find
abhorrible, they call fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, salts. Which Monsanto salts do
you run on your raspberries last year partner? I went 20 phosphote monopotassium h for you
know cost me 20 dollars a ton. No you know the minute you start introducing this stuff,
the microbial web of life, think of it like a speaker grill. So you’ve got your whole
web over here. You’ve got your nematodes over here, you’ve got your ciliates and protozoa
and they’re all communicating with each other. In a redwood forest, we always use that example,
the redwood forest is the most striking because redwood trees growing 5 or 10 miles away from
each other, these monsters that have been growing for centuries, have been laying down
the most amazing tapestry of life in the soil beneath them, they communicate with each other.
And so when one tree is drying out a little bit or maybe it has had a fire and it is coming
back. All these amazing messages which we know nothing about. As big as Boogie Brew
is, as big as composting is, the new fascination with soil biology. As this thought consciousness
of this ‘oh my god, what has 80 years of carbon farming done to us?’ Now we have to remedy
the top soil that we scorched by investing microbiology and now again there’s the temptation
to mess with nature to try and outmaneuver, well thank goodness composting you’re really
maximizing those systems. Because as those systems get destroyed by the chemical. Lets
say the chemical comes in on you know this one redwood tree. And billions and billions
of organisms and also of course micronize travelling across the fungal threads throughout
a whole forest communicating with each other. So one little colony over here gets destroyed
by these evil chemicals, just like when some cells in your body get wiped out by radiation
or just a horrible toxic soup of chemicals from food and the cells can finally no longer
repair themselves and get cancerous. That’s exactly what happens in your soil, this whole
amazing microbial matrix, this web of life, that we still have no understanding of, our
creator gave us this, mother nature has nurtured this for millions of years. That we think
we can fool that and put these so called water soluble ‘salts’ the salt of the earth, what
are you talking about, into this matrix and not damage it. And think that we can do it
all for cheap because wave got big oil supplying it through those pipelines, from the gulf,
from Iraq and it’s all giving us this amazingly comfortable lifestyle with no thought of the
consequences. So again, you damage that with those chemicals, you’re scorching them. Now
lets talk about these water soluble thing. Look in nature there isn’t a water soluble,
it is a living soup, so to speak, or probiotic bath of organism activity and a lot of stuff
that they are releasing that through their guts that they are breaking down, an enzyme
can form. It’s like yogurt, it sits there and bathes the entire roots and repairs critical
areas as they dehydrate and keeps everything cohesive. That glue of life going. And it
isn’t water soluble. It sits there and breaks down like earthworm castings, 1 , 1 , 1. Jeez
this is like nothing. 15, 15, 15, 15, man it’s better, haha. And you know what happens to that water soluble
‘salt’ you know that chemical 15, 15, 15, 15. It’s soluble, it just goes down into the
whole ground water, are you kidding me. So out of that 15, 15, 15 your plants are lucky
not to get burned by what they do use, and 90% of it just goes on down into the water
table, into our ground water which we drink from, our children are gonna drink from. When
are you having kids? When I find a girlfriend, and she turns into
the fiancé, and then she turns into a wife and then we start having kids. I’m a long
ways off man. Man don’t get me started. I would love to
come as your kid. Your kid, when you have one, is going to be the cooler (?) baby supreme.
But let’s not go there man. But I mean what happens to that stuff, it just breaks down
into that ground water that our kids, or your kids to be, will drink from and that’s disgusting.
When you think about that, you just pour it on there. It is this chemical sauce that burns
the soil, wipes out that wonderful living matrix, and then goes beyond there because
it’s so soluble. And now the plants are weakened by it and need more. They’re becoming like
heroin junkies. We’ve turned, oh my god, I mean we’ve turned the heartland of America,
the whole corn belt, we’ve turned that into, you know, completely impotent heroin junkied
out plants and soil. That is just a chemical mess that supporting, now what water system
drains out of that whole breadbasket of America. That whole corn belt, and where does that
water system go. We’ve all heard about the Gulf of Mexico and how completely there’s
these massive dead zones from those water soluble nitrate based fertilizers. The ‘green
revolution’ has now led to a black ocean you know. The ocean is just completely devoid
of life and from the Mississippi river from flowing out of all these millions of waterways,
like I said, the heartland of America. Think about that, the next time you go to your hardware
store and you’re tempted to do what I did for years, which is to buy some sexy labeled
amazing results,, blah blah blah, fertilizer. Oh god, it’s just crazy it’s insane. What
will our great grandchildren think? What would our great grandparents think? If they could
roll in their graves right now, believe me they’d be twisting and hollering. I mean, I totally agree with Josh, you know.
We gotta think of the consequences of using different products. I mean, yes, it can grow
large crops. The thing is is that what is it gonna do to the soil. What is it gonna
leave for future generations and is it natural and is it you know, here’s the thing that
really gets me. Is that I’m really into growing like high quality chafe(?), fruits and vegetables.
You know what I mean. Conventional farmers are doing this, this is what theyre doing,
so you might as well go and buy your produce at your local produce store cause youre gonna
get produce grown on some fertilizer like this. I don’t want things growing in this
fertilizer, because things grown in symbiotic, microbiotic, fungal, active soil with trace
minerals is much higher quality and higher nutrition and flavor. So josh we know this
is not the answer, just because of all the problems it can cause. And were not gonna
say it doesn’t work, it actually does work. But it’s really a poor choice and there is
definitely better ways. So lets go ahead and move this guy out, move this guy out of here,
this guy that got fed with oil. Oh my god, the space dust. We’ll leave the space dust. So now we’ve got some better organic options
that are available at your local big box, that’s actually where we picked these guys
up. And once again we’ve covered the names of the guilty, oh wait I said that wrong.
Anyway we’ve got a blood meal, a bone meal, and a organic all-purpose fertilizer actually.
And these, definitely in my opinion are a better option than the chemical fertilizer.
Though they may not be the best. Specifically first we’re gonna talk about the bone and
the blood meal. So Josh you want to tell us why bone or blood meal may not be the best
option. Well, you know, again you’re absolutely correct
John. This is infinitely better than your chemical space dust. This is not gonna scorch
the earth that you’re growing your plants in. So if you do want to take better care
of your soil than your neighbor using their 10, 10, 10 whatever. This is, you know, whenever
I buy myself some pre-made food I like to read the label. So let’s read the label here.
And it says this product contains: 12% slowly available watering soluble nitrogen, so that’s
good. Remember the watering soluble because it’s slowly being released and the bacteria
are gonna digest it through their guts and make it available to the plants. However,
okay, so, how do you say this… porcine blood meal. Okay John, so the pig slaughtering house,
the factory farms in America’s where 90+% of America’s pork comes from¬¬ these just
the most disgusting imaginable factory farms that have laid waste, just go google these
youtube videos, they have laid waste to these entire towns in north or south Carolina where
there is a specifically high concentration of these porcine facilities. So consider the
source, where is this stuff coming from. What about mad cow disease, what about the organisms
that turn your brain to swiss cheese. A spongeaform, some nanobacteria, I mean think about the
food chain that produced these stuff. Man, it’s better than those chemicals, it is a
step up, it sure is cute and sexy and its pretty packaging, but like I said the same
with the bone meal. Yup, from porcine. 15% slowly available water soluble nitrogen. So
they’re pitching it slowly, not going straight into your plants. It’s not going into the
water table. From porcine bone meal. So ooooh, from a high quality non-cow source. So I totally agree, this is definitely a better
option. But its still not my first or even last choice I’d do a whole bunch of other
stuff before I would use any of these in my personal garden. You know I also want to respect
other creatures of the earth, for my personal views. And you know, using bone and blood
meal, its just basically waste from one industry, you’re putting out into your garden. You know,
some high-quality animal manure are from factory farms that are feeding these animals the cheapest
stuff possible. And their bone and blood and the meat that they’re producing is also really
quality, if not toxic. Dangerous, too. The other thing that I really want you guys to
think about is how does nature work. One of the things I like to do, being into my quest
to live healthily is to look at nature. I mean nature has been around for billions of
years and it has systems at work, it has worked all these things out. I just want to best
model nature in my own garden and my personal life. And in nature, most of the compost generated
on the forest floor, like that big forest that we talked about, tropical forest doesn’t
have pixies dropping 15, 15, 15. The trees dropping leaves, there’s bark peeling of the
trees, there’s trees falling and decomposing, and yes there’s the animals that are scurrying
around and leaving their droppings and the occasional one bites the dust and the bone
and blood rots into forest floor, but there’s not like piles of animals rotting in the forest.
There is a small percentage, it is mostly green waste and vegetative materials that
have been feeding nutrients to the plants, and yes plants will absorb all kinds of nutrients,
whether they are bone or blood or even you know synthetic chemicals. So I think there’s
just definitely better options than the bone and blood. So lets move these off the table.
And lets talk about this one Josh. This is 5, 3 ,3 all purpose plant food. It’s organic,
so you know in my opinion, this is probably the better alternative than those other two.
But once again, we want to encourage you guys to read the ingredient label on anything you
buy. And Josh… Yeah let me read this. It’s made from hydrolyzed
feather meal, pasteurized poultry manure. You know most of the chicken products out
there are coming from these factory farms, but I’d take my chances on chicken manure
over porcine. Cocoa meal, that’s good. There’s your bone meal…there’s your alfalfa meal,
your hamates, your sulfate, and sulfate magnesium, contains 3% slow release nitrogen from hydrolyzed
feather meal. Now what’s cool about this product is that they are also inoculating you with
additional strains of colony forming bacterial units. So they’re attempting to harness the
same bacteria of which there is 50,000% points diversity of species on the forest floor,
and give you those to a) in the carbon degradation they are trying to give you some mild carbon
recyclers for the dense carbon fuel that is in this package. So you know, this is definitely
a step in the right direction, however, going back to the forest floor analogy. My favorite
place on planet earth, you gotta get there some day, is Humboldt Redwood State Park,
it’s where I want you to scatter my ashes John. And they’ve tested it, it’s a 17,000
acre continuous forest of virgin redwoods, all of them over 25 feet tall and they start
talking to you after you’ve been there on a bike or a hiking on the trails for a few
minutes. Just the amazing place and they’ve tested this place having 18 times higher levels
of life forms. It’s the world’s richest biological zone. 18 times higher quantity of life forms
than the next richest source in the world which is the amazon rain forest. So the analogy
of the whole redwood forest and all these things breaking down. We’re only beginning
to understand the miracles of soil biology we barely have scratched the surface, even
in our most esteemed horticulture colleges and universities. And now we’re desperate
to catch up on 80 years of carbon farming. And use microbes to reclaim the topsoil that
we’ve destroyed. It’s a lot simpler than that. You can go out and start community compost,
you can go gather your own wood chips, you can go send Joe Neighbor who’s chipping his
redwood fence maybe. If you’re gonna use animal manures, go find some find your neighborhoods
garden where you keep chickens. Rabbit castings are awesome. We all know that worms make the
best compost in the world. So yes, this is great, but John what do you think after all
these years of refining your techniques. And by the way good job in your garden, busting
balls out there, his own food farm. You’re not using this stuff, I see you building your
own microbial sandwich layer, your own beautiful cake of tell them. Tell your viewers what
you’ve been putting in, rebuilding your summer boxes. You guys, who saw last episode, if you didn’t
see it, check it out now. And you’ll see how I enrich my beds after every season. And I
use a whole different spectrum and build a layer cake that you guys saw over on the video.
And I use natural ingredients that are gonna build the microbe population because just
like this stuff has some ingredients in there, and mostly I agree with it except for the
bone meal which I didn’t like as much. But I would have used that in my older generation
days, but not in my advanced or just different now and I think you can increase, much more
increase, the microbial population because the microbes, the fungi, the protozoa, all
these different creatures in the soil basically break down the nutrition in the soil. And
if you think your soil has no nutrients, it’s got nutrients in there, you just need the
right bacteria, the right fungi, to break it down, to make it water soluble. I mean
that’s what the microbiology in there is doing. If you want to learn more about this there
is an excellent book that breaks it down so you guys can understand, it’s called Teeming
with Microbes. Teeming with Microbes. You guys read that book, you will be like
‘oh my god, this is how it is.’ And then you’ll be on the program if you’re not on it yet. You need to interview that dude, Jeff I saw him at the Chicago Flower and Garden
Show two years, and I actually got to talk to him, and said, ‘I want to interview you.’
And we just never hooked up. You need to that. That book is awesome, when
I finally made the switch to 100% vegan tea based gardening, after 14 years of being a
Nor Cal ‘fruit’ grower, that was the book that lit the torch for me. I read the other
ones, but this one does such a good job, just like you do John, of making the information
accessible to it’s readers. And like you do to your viewers. So another thing I’m going
to give you a tip. Can we open this. Alright, so your nose will tell you more. Your nose
will tell you, that smells too poopy, too chicken manure. The stuff I smell, the stuff I put in my garden,
it doesn’t smell like that. No. I mean of course using some manure is better
than using chemicals, but in my opinion there’s even better than this Josh. Lets just get
out the best stuff out here. WE got this stuff here. I mean your nose will tell you more than any
ten thousand dollar microscope will. I mean yesterday you were laying in your sandwich
cake of biology. And I couldn’t believe how good the compost that you were using yesterday
smelled, I mean that was really wicked awesome batch of compost. And I could, I always tell
people, I could make love with soil biology and man, that was soil. That actually might go viral, man makes love
to soil. I could make love to good soil, just you know,
a wonderful water, chemical free water. Healthy soil, a microbial matrix. You know lets take
a look here. So Josh, you’re the inventor of the Boogie
Brew, so you might be a little bit tainted, you might think this is the best shit in world.
I mean it’s good. Oh ya. It’s good stuff, I definitely agree. It’s
a one stop shop for your growing packages. Well actually you know it smells pretty good.
I don’t mind the smell of it, like I do mind the smell of that other stuff. So you know,
this only here, this is only listed, where is it? What’s the rating of it? Oh you know we actually have it on the old
label, not the new one. But last time we tested it, it was a 1,4,3. Now, it’s probably gone
up a bit because I love brewers yeast and I’m putting more brewers yeast in the tea,
and that’s a great source of organic available phosphorus. Now wait, those other ones were much higher,
like 10,10,10. 15,15,15. 5,3,5 or whatever that one was. Like dude this is so low, is
it even gonna work for my plants. I guarantee you, your soil microbes are gonna
thrive on this a lot more than any of that other stuff. I mean You don’t really need the high numbers right.
We always think that bigger is better, I want the bigger car, the most expensive car, I
want the most expensive this, bigger number is better, you know. Less is more. Less is more Less is so much more. So why is less more in your package, what
makes less more? Because we’re not what we eat, we’re what
we absorb. And it is the same with your plants and the soil that you’re feeding them. And
when you’re feeding the soil life forms. Guess what? There’s no possible pattern, or electrical
connectivity, that can truly measure the enzymatic digest, the actual content that is being digested
going through the guts of the microbes. And through the whole web of life, which I can’t
even begin to describe it. I mean I’m not a soil scientist. I do have a good knack fro
recipes. I’ve nailed really clean green, really healthy soil tonic. Very vegan and awesome
stuff here. Very stable in the package. Let’s read the ingredients on this Josh. In
here we got, we got a lot of ingredients. Premium bio-organic humus worm castings, rock
phosphate, liminite, soy calbenfofalfameal, cold water north Atlantic kelp extract, nutritional
yeast, ocean traced mineral and volcanic rock powder, 70% humic acid from leonardite shale,
organic evaporated cane sugar juice. Wow man, this is actually something that Id almost
eat. Yeah man, this is something that I’m really
proud with Boogie Brew. It’s non-toxic, so if your kid wants to eat
this, and I still don’t recommend it, but it’s not gonna be as bad as eating the blue
stuff. Well it’s you know, Lea made it clear to me
when we decided to launch a Compost Tea business together, that you have to be able drink it
Josh. It’s gotta be clean, it can’t harm humans. I mean if grandma is making this for her Aloe
Vera plant and she moisturizes her skin with it and her 5 year old accidentally starts
drinking it, Oh it’s compost tea hunny. He is not gonna be going to the hospital after
drinking this. Even with the worm castings that we put in here, they are vegan worm castings.
That means that these worms are not feed any manures. 90% of the commercially produced
worm castings sold in America today are feed manures, why? Because those manures are free
and cheap and abundantly available to these worm farmers. And yes they make good worm
food. I make a very deluxe high-grade compost tea at a sensible low price, and I wanted
it to be as clean, green, and vegan as possible. Also, the enzyme content. Let’s talk about
the enzymes. I’ve heard you talk about it, I’ve talked about it. Chitinaise, the bugs,
the insects that attack your plants. All insects are made from this crustacean material called
chitin. The exoskeletal matter of those insects. So when you have a worm that eats a lot of
chitin, it produces a lot of chitinaise, the enzyme that digests the chitin. So when you
have worm castings that’s ten times higher, 200 million colony forming units per gram
of chitinaise. You have a much more powerful plant strengthening agent. chitinaise acts
as a repellant that the plant puts out. Cellulaise, the enzyme that breaks down the cellulose,
which is what the fungal backs of mold spores are made out of. So the powdery mildew, big
problem here for those nor cal ‘growers’. Thanks to the money culture, thanks to the
disruption of nature, thanks to the chemicals, thanks to carbon farming era. Now has spawned
a whole generation of plant pathogens and diseases. Mold spores, and very powerful bugs
who are resistant to the most powerful pesticides. I mean we can’t even begin to talk about pesticides.
So you know this tea, less is more. You only need one cup of dry ingredients to put into
the burlap bag. We’ve all heard me give you, we’ve seen the videos were I show you how
to do it. But really, less is more. You just take one of those chameleon hose end sprayers,
which ironically are invented for the purpose of those chemicals, and you just need 8 oz
per gallon dilution. And just go around and drench everything once or twice a week. And you can do it on the leaves, and the roots,
and everything. But you don’t recommend doing it in full sun, you want to do it later in
the evening, because you can get some evaporation. Yeah there’s some, I tried to do a video of
the bounty farm, my computer crashed. I gotta retrieve the damn thing, but I did a great
video. I was stunned in the video, how many hundreds of sq feet, how many thousands of
plants, were starved that I was strengthening and so easily with Boogie Brew Compost Tea
running through the chameleon hose end sprayer. It just did a fabulous job and the plants
loved it. One of the reasons why I like your product
here is because is it also adds a microbial benefit to your soil, because if your soil
doesn’t have it, your soil and your plants will not be able to absorb the nutrients already
in the soil and in the compost. Including some of my favorite things in the world. The
worm castings, in addition to kelp. Water soluble kelp Ocean trace minerals and rock powder, which
I’m really a fan of because the minerals are really required in the soil for the microbes,
but also for the plants I mean, here’s the thing I really want you guys to be aware of
is that whatever you put in the soil, is gonna become your plants, and you’re gonna be eating
your plants, and it will become you. So I want you to put in a wide variety of food
for the plants, for the microbes in the soil, so that they can feed the plants. So not just
the 10,10,10 which is just three nutrients, whereas this is easily 90 minerals plus a
whole bunch of other things so that your plants can truly dance. It’s a pretty dialed in recipe John, remember,
by the time your plants utilize the nutrients that are in here, they’ve already been digested
by the microbes and we all know boogie brew, it just explodes that life. Thank you so much
for endorsing my product, it means a lot to me. I want to get America off of chemical
‘salts’ and I want you to brew baby brew, to recover your top soil. And no you don’t
have to use my boogie brew, yes it’s a great product, I love how John endorses it. I really
appreciate you guys, really liking my recipe. But its more important to me that you just
get off of this total mistake, 80 year carbon farming experiment. You know, I was a victim
of it myself when I was a hydroponic grower. You know I learned after 14 years. I’m proud
of John Kohler (?) for teaching you all the paths. We’ve got to rebuild our top soil.
First of all, let me go back to saying, what you’ve already heard me say with the couple
minute interview. Ten kCal of fossil fuel energy are required to produce one kCal of
food energy in America today. That is because of the distribution network of global materials.
Certainly because of the petro-based chemicals that are used. As fertilizers are made from
gas and pesticides are made from oils, which is an interesting tidbit, it doesn’t matter,
they’re all fossil fuels. So keep on growing, keep on doing everything he teaches, it is
so simple. Don’t try to control nature, harness the forces that nature has already bestowed
upon you. That is this web of life. Like I said, we don’t even understand it yet. So Josh, I want to get the Boogie Brew Compost
Tea out to my viewers there. And I know you know that this is not commercially available
in every nursery in the country. I want to make it available because what you guys have
available is locally. You’ve got the chemicals, which I do not recommend that you use. You’ve
got the other organic products, which are definitely better. But I want to teach you
guys, good, better, and best. I want you guys to use the best you possible can, and this
is great, but if you can do better, you can get the Boogie Brew Compost Tea. I think that
is even better, and I really want to get this stuff out to you guys, and I know it can be
really hard to find. So I really hammered on Josh hard. Yeah, yeah you did. Like he always does. I want you guys to get the best deal, to make
it as affordable as possible. I mean literally what Josh is doing is better than wholesale
prices than you would sell these to a store. Directly to you guys, directly without having
to go through a store, without having to buy in large volume. So those kits that give you
a monster kick, that he hasn’t even offered yet, the brand new product that I talked about
in my last episode for those of you guys that asked me where to get it. You’re gonna get
in this episode, first time ever, you’re gonna get the 2 lbs of the Boogie Brew Compost Tea.
You’re also gonna get that Boogie Humus that you saw me spread in my garden. This is some goooood stuff. Actually there’s two of em! How many pounds
is this Josh? You know this stuff is made from highly composted
wood chips, so the wood chips aren’t that heavy. I think these bags are weighing about
8 lbs each. So whatever I can fit. What I’m gonna do for your viewers is whatever I can
fit into a large flat rate box. So I mean, there you go. Wow, that’s a nice dark black stuff. Look at my hands. It doesn’t stain your hands, let me smell
that stuff. It does stain your hands, with wonderful black
humus. Not with a chemical, ‘ah you contaminated it’. Good lord well. Anyways. Tell my viewers about this product. Hold on, hold on. Smell that. See I can smell that all day, just put a pile
of it next to my bed. I can’t put that other chicken shit next to my bed, but I can smell
that all day. I mean stuff in your garden should smell good to you, this smells good
to me. So josh what is in this product that makes it so good and so good for your garden. So humus is good wood compost matter that
is going to create ideal conditions for beneficial fungi. Fungi don’t likes it fungi-rls. I love
beneficial fungi it is just, you’ve got to build the right conditions. Those threads,
those pathways. There is something about wood chips, highly composted, such good biology.
The fungi love, I’m generalizing. Yes it’s wonderful for bacteria too. But the worms
actually create the best humus on earth and that’s your microbial goodness. Your microbial
goodness comes from the worms, again I’m generalizing, and your fungal pathways get built by your
woodchip compost. So your worms are busy in the forest floor, they’re working they’re
way through and they are pooping and pooping. And what they are spilling out is the most
amazing compost and humus on earth. And here we struggle for months to create our own compost.
We buy these fancy composts and the worms are doing it for you all the time. And then
those wood chips are breaking down and creating these perfect pathways for all those fungal
pathways to start spreading themselves like a spider’s way throughout the entire soil
soup. Throughout the whole microbial web of life, matrix. So the Boogie Humus we founded
right here we have it made for us on site. We filter it, we remove the bigger sized wood
chips, we get it down to these finely screened. It is a minimum of 9 months aged wood chip
compost and we enrich it with Biochar, you love Sonoma compost company and I gotta give
them a plug because unfortunately because they’re bio waste stream, we can’t use the
compost from a waste stream facility. There is too much chance of plastic contaminating
it, this is such clean sourced material. The man who watches his landscapers come in every
day, he’s watching their routes, watching like a hawk. A quiet immaculate, a mellow
low profile hustling dude, who is getting my compost for me, monitoring the source materials,
making it to begin with. Keeping the green waste quota down below 15% and keeping the
wood chipped based matter up above 80 plus %. So I’m very proud of Boogie Humus, once
I found it, it was the mother lode. Now we’re making it, it’s registered in California,
pending registration. So we’re releasing it. It is Boogie Humus people. I challenge you
to take the Boogie Humus against any other humus product, so I’m gonna give you two bags.
Two of these bags and I’m also gonna give you, remember I was talking about the worms,
yes indeed, you guys are gonna get 8 lbs of worm castings, the worm gold. This stuff actually I use in my garden, that
you guys saw me spread out, and that stuff. Just in the other episode. Wow smells nice
too. I mean all these things odor either negative or neutral, it’s not offensive. Okay, here ya go. Right there, now what are
those little bits in there John? That’s the volcanic rock. The ground up, it’s a little
chunky, it’s not quite a flour like. It’s my buddy George Han (?) who is being my mentor.
Who has taught me everything about my tea, besides the stuff I taught myself. California
Horticulture, that’s another dude you need to interview, just an amazing horticulturist. Josh, has gone around and interviewed and
sourced some of the best products that I’ve ever seen. I’m obsessed with having the world’s ultimate
compost tea. When I can find a better product than wormgold, in bulk at a reasonable price,
I’ll have to go with it. This is what happened with me when I had to go humus hunting. So
we’re absolutely always gonna provide you with the best recipe. So you guys are also gonna get 4 lbs of this
SEA 90. This is the trace minerals, man I’m super up on the trace minerals or using some
rock dust in the soil like I am. Or feeding the SEA 90 after you plant your plants, existing
lawns, trees or fruit trees. I mean put this on your houseplants, give them the minerals
too, your plants will appreciate you. But more importantly the microbes in the soil
will appreciate you as well cause you’re feeding them as well. You’re just gonna have to help
your soil and help your plants. And this is also registered for livestock,
and the company also makes a food grade version and it’s actually the same formula. This is
the world’s greatest sea salt, it is absolutely delicious, you can taste the minerals. It
is the best salt I’ve ever tasted in my life. I make another one called SEAsons 90, you
pay a food industry price for it, because one of the nice things about the horticulture
industry is because things are so crude and this is just registered for soil cleaning,
things can be cheaper. But this is salt, dehydrated by sunlight. The sun farm right down here
in Baja, below the border in Mexico, where the Colorado river delta empties into the
Sea of Cortez. And twice a year, the ocean moves 30 miles from a lunar tide, sweeps all
these Rocky Mountain river deposits and then dries out in this crystalline way. Let’s not
forget John, this is catalytic energy. There is 90 different elements in here, the microbes
are not directly eating these little salt crystals, but all these little currents being
generated by these 90 elements create the most wonderful catalyzing electrical field
that the microbes just thrive in. So adding this to my compost tea, it’s about 4% of Boogies
recipe, and it is a fabulous component. Let’s not forget, the Egyptians used to pray to
a god, they called him hapy, and it was the flood god. They wanted the Nile river delta
to flood, to have this massive tidal Mediterranean surge that would create a salt water marsh
flood throughout the whole delta area, of course post season. Now why did they pray
to that god? Why did they want their encampments and villages where they had been farming four
months earlier to be flooded and then wait patiently for it all to dry out? Because the
sea was re-mineralizing, and reinvigorating that catalytic field for all life forms to
thrive from. Our cells love the footprint of this mineral buzz, literally an electrical
buzz. We come from the sea and there is something about the SEA 90, feed it to you know chickens,
to dogs and kitties and certainly to, it’s really popular with the sheep farmers and
cattle farmers. If you’re gonna have livestock, you want to feed it the healthiest food imaginable,
this is the ultimate salt lick, the SEA 90. I’m gonna give you 4 lbs, John you have really
bullied me here, and I’m proud of you for doing it, into providing your viewers with
something, yes indeed, you have a triple A power buying group representation. Thanks
to Mr. JK here, so you’re getting all these products stuffed into a US Postal Service
Flat Rate Large Board Box. This is the Boogie Board Box special. We’re gonna do it right
now for the introductory price only. Limited time, very limited. So if you see
this, order it now. This price will disappear. He’s almost losing money here. I tell ya John, like I always tell all my
viewers, money is like manure, you gotta spread it around, you can’t let it sit there. Well
I’m spreading it mighty thin for you this time John. To give everybody the best bang
for their big boardgame box that they really possibly could in order to revitalize the
soil. I mean how many pounds of this stuff. This is some really rich stuff. This is like
a 30 or 40 lb box dude. This is a big ass box, I don’t need to go to the gym anymore
cause now I’m shipping these boxes out everyday, over and over. I want you guys to have as much of this good
stuff as possible and it’s really hard because local places don’t sell you know wood chip
humus like this. Like the Boogie Humus. You know I always encourage you guys to make it
yourself if you don’t want to buy it, it’s not that hard. Get some wood chips, put it
in a pile, let it rot for 3 years maybe inoculate it so you can get it to adapt a bit faster
with some fungus. You can make your own worm castings by feeding your own worms. This stuff
that Josh has brought this together so you can do this easily by just ordering it, you
will have it in your garden. It is ridiculous that you should have to pay
for shipping for good wood chip compost and I am morally opposed to it, and I want America,
you know if I was Michelle Obama I would have the White House have a communal compost facility
and all the trees that they are chopping down for the power lines in Washington DC should
all be communally composted into this beautiful wood chip humus. And I would build beautiful
great big worm bins, and I would teach every child in America, this is the future. It is
not longer the three r’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic, it is now the three r’s plus
g’s, it is growing your greens, gardening. Suburbia is dying, 10 kCals of fossil fuel
to deliver one Calorie to your table, folks that is disgusting. Remember, what will our
great grandchildren be thinking of this generation? It is time to scrub the plate clean. Goodbye
Monsanto, goodbye carbon farming, goodbye suburbia. Hello communal living, hello communal
composting, hello building our top soil back, hello happy brewing and merry mulching people.
Grow or die. Who wants to die? I want to grow and live. Thank you John, thank you so much
for doing this, and tell them the price. Alright man so the price on this stuff, $49.99.
And like 15 dollars and some change is going to shipping so Josh is only gonna be getting
35 bucks for all this stuff shipped to you. Man that’s probably about a buck a pound.
I mean it is an incredible deal. Once again this is a limited time, I don’t know how long
he is gonna keep these prices until he sells out of his current stock, then he’s probably
gonna have to raise the price. If you’re not a subscriber and you’re watching this later,
and you missed the good price, I apologize. Be sure to subscribe to my videos, so when
you see the next deal you want to jump on it fast and immediately before the price goes
up. Because he is going to have to raise the price in order to remain a viable business
so that he can continue to bring you these great products that you can use in your garden
to get the excellent results. This stuff I’ll keep it at 49.99 for this
first month, for a 30 day introductory period. But always on the GYG page, at I’ll tell you what, I’m making your viewers a promise, as long as
my suppliers don’t increase my bottom line on the commodity items that I am including
here, we’ll keep it at 59.99, I’ll keep it as affordable as possible. But for the first
month, 49.99. Before we go actually, I want to talk about
one last product you guys are offering right now and they’re gonna get this package if
they didn’t already order this other item, I definitely encourage you guys to order it.
I mean if you’re gonna be brewing your own compost tea, the thing you should be brewing
in it is chlorine free water. You guys buy bottled water and drink it, I don’t recommend
you guys buy bottled water. Because all the plastic bottles that are ending up in the
landfill and not getting recycled, it is horrendous. I always encourage you guys to filter your
own water at home and take out the bad stuff. You definitely need to do that when using
Compost Tea. And especially if you’re gonna get on the program where you are enriching
the soil and the microbiology in your soil, you don’t want to be putting in chlorinated
city tap water that is probably going the be reducing your microbe population. When
you’re working and spending money to build them up. So Josh, that’s why I recommend the
viewers buy the Boogie Blu water filter. Why’d you have to mention this filter, we’re
suffering a massive filter inventory crisis. This Boogie Blue is a rare bread these days.
We are selling so many of these filters we have literally outstripped our production
supply, our manufacturers supplier. We have become the number resellers of this product.
This is the best bang for your buck filter, we are getting a bunch more. I think we’re
gonna have enough to last us until July. But yeah, we are continuing to have these on the
gyg page, for $44. Lowest delivered price on a quality garden hose filter that guarantees
to last you at least 35,000 gallons. The manufacturer actually quotes them at 45,000 gallons, because
some of you are living in parts of the country with hard water, you might get less. So we
quote them at 35k, fabulous filter. All I can say is, fabulous filter, they work, I
am aware of them using a catalyzed quartz and copper. It isn’t normal carbon, this is
a super charged catalyzed carbon. I know it works, it is basically the same technology
that is in your super high-end quality, 40-50 dollar price range shower filter, but there
is more material because of course, the hose has the luxury of a far greater length. Thus
the water gets to travel not just through more carbon, but through longer more circuitous
route on it’s way to getting filtered. And it does do admirable job of scrubbing the
enemies of good soil biology and John’s absolutely correct, it makes no sense whatsoever to invest
in rebuilding that microbial matrix that is missing in America’s top soil if you’re only
going to wipe it out with chlorinated city water. I personally use the Boogie Brew products
in my garden. I believe in them, they are natural. You know, organic products that I
use and I believe you guys should also use them if you want to get the products that
we’ve shown today, you’ll want to visit the website: Once again
this is only for a limited time. Josh, any words you’d like to say to my viewers. Any
last words of wisdom from a former grower gone compost tea formulator. Just thank you all for believing in my products,
you don’t know how much it means to myself and my partner Leah. John, God bless you for
endorsing these things. People tell me all the time, you have the world’s greatest compost
tea, it is on our label. We are proud of that, we’re gonna keep trying to do that. Like I
said, keep on brewing. Brew, baby, brew. Alright Josh so thanks a lot for being on
our show today, explaining some of the problems and challenges with the conventional fertilizers
vs the organic fertilizers being sold today, and Boogie Brew. In my opinion, even a better
choice that I want you guys all to experience. Thankful that Josh is around to be able to
offer these products to you, because if he wasn’t here to do it, I don’t know anybody
else that is making high-quality products with such a range of varieties and making
them affordable and ships to any part of the 50 United States. I am grateful that Josh
is here today and that I am able to promote these good solid products that I personally
use in my garden with you guys. Once again my name is John Kohler with
I’ll see you next time.