How Many FALLOUT Nuka Colas Could You Drink Before Dying? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

September 27, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

– Welcome back, vault dwellers. Now, when the world
ends, you’re gonna need a little bit more
than a laser pistol and some power armor. You’re gonna need some
food and water to survive. And thankfully, it won’t be
all RAD roach meat out there. You’ll still have the
very refreshing Nuka-Cola, even though it’s a
little bit irradiated. (bright techno music) Ah, Nuka-Cola, the
most popular soft drink before the Great War. They survived total nuclear
annihilation to remain one of the Wasteland’s most
popular drinks as well. But though the bottles
weren’t destroyed, radiation seeped in. Nuka-Cola’s are
irradiated but useful. They restore health points, and give you more opportunities
to target enemies, but how many of these sodas
could you actually drink in real life, before
radiation sickness sets in? We start with the RAD. RAD stands for
radiation absorbed dose, and equals one one hundredth
of a joule of radiation energy absorbed per kilogram of mass. It has largely been replaced
by other standardized units like the gray, but we still
know what happens health-wise depending on how many
RADs you get hit with. So, how many Nuka-Colas can
you drink before you drop? (cash register cha ching) In the latest Fallout
adventure, Fallout 4, which I spend most of my
waking moments playing, drinking one regular
Nuka-Cola nets you some health and a radiation
dose of five RAD. One Nuka-Cola isn’t that bad, nor is two or five, but it’s when you start
guzzling Nuka-Cola that you get into
serious trouble. At 20 Nuka-Colas,
your internal organs will have absorbed 100 RAD. This is when radiation sickness, or acute radiation
syndrome sets in. At exposure of 100 RAD,
your body will lose a noticeable amount
of white blood cells and you will feel
weak and fatigued as radiation knocks
your DNA apart. However, after a few days,
your body is able to repair some of this damage. If a Nuka-Cola bottle
has a similar volume to maybe a glass
bottle of Coca-Cola, then radiation
sickness will set in after drinking only 1.25,
or one and a quarter, gallons of Nuka-Cola. All right, this is how much
Nuka-Cola will kill you. If you drink 160
bottles of Nuka-Cola in a short amount of time, your body will be
absorbing over 800 RAD, and then no amount of
Stimpaks will save you. Within minutes after exposure, you’ll experience extreme
nausea, and confusion, and fever, and diarrhea. You’ll be mentally
incapacitated, and your organs
will begin to fail. After an 800 RAD exposure, unlike an 100 RAD exposure, which has effects that can be
mitigated by early treatment, your chances of
dying with 48 hours are effectively 100%. Granted, it would be
a challenge to drink the 10 gallons of
irradiated carbonated cola needed to see that
kind of exposure, but remember, the
effects of radiation do add up over time. According to recommendations about how much radiation
a civilian should absorb over the course of a year, assuming that we are drinking
products and particles of multiple nuclear explosions, we should only subject
our self to maybe, you guessed it, five RAD a year. That’s just one
measly Nuka-Cola. While just one
bottle of Nuka-Cola will put you over
the recommended limit for how much radiation
you should absorb over the course of a year, in the Wasteland, you
have much bigger things to worry about like deathclaws, and frag mines, and raiders. Just make sure you’re
not guzzling gallons of Nuka-Cola, and
that you’re keeping the bottle caps afterwards. Why? Because science and
Wasteland economics. And, yep. (bright techno music) Want more science? Go back to and
check out my last video about how strong the
laser weapons are in the Fallout series. And as always, if you have
any comments or questions, you can hit me up on
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