How to Drink Baking Soda, The Natural Remedy  | Drinking Baking Soda For Health

How to Drink Baking Soda, The Natural Remedy | Drinking Baking Soda For Health

October 7, 2019 100 By Ewald Bahringer

– [Male] How to drink baking soda. Many of you asked, have
actually asked for this video ’cause I have a couple of other
popular baking soda videos that hopefully you’ve seen. So, I’m gonna pour a pint of water. A pint is 16 ounces. This is room temperature water. You could use cold water if you wanted. Here is a teaspoon of baking soda. Now, my stomach is in
an uproar this morning because of the food I had. I didn’t have any alcohol. I don’t drink that much. When I do drink, I drink to
enjoy a good glass of wine or a really, really good beer. So, I don’t drink just to drink. So, the food I had last night just was not settling in my stomach. All night I was up and it was just really, you know that pain. So, I’m gonna give it a
minute to clear up here and you can see, see on the bottom, it’s
mixing around still. So, I usually give it
about a full minute or so. So, baking soda is great
for ingestion, heartburn, any kind of digestive issues. It’s good for after a
workout, before workout, helps get rid of lactic acid. See, here we go. Now we’re clearing up. So, you can see on the
bottom, nice and clear now. And time to drink this. Ah. Doesn’t taste bad, doesn’t taste great. You can get used to the flavor of it. I typically chug it, drink it down. That’s usually my standard
portion, is a pint. There’s a lot of really
good books out there on the power of baking soda
and all of its benefits and I have a couple videos, like I said. You can look for it in this
playlist here on YouTube. This’ll start working within,
I mean, if you have heartburn, this’ll start working within 30 seconds. I don’t really have heartburn. I just can feel my stomach in uproar, so I’m gonna give it about
five, ten minutes to really get down there and start
working on that food that’s sittin’ down there. I think I had a lot of
high fat food last night so it slowed my digestion down a bit. I feel really sluggish this morning. So, how to drink baking soda. There you go. My version is a pint
with a teaspoon of water, let it settle, and drink away. Hope that helps you.