How To Use 1000 mg Vitamin C To Induce Period Dosage –  Natural Miscarriage Methods

How To Use 1000 mg Vitamin C To Induce Period Dosage – Natural Miscarriage Methods

November 19, 2019 3 By Ewald Bahringer

Health warning!!!. Do not use Vitamin C to induce a late miscarriage,
it is very dangerous to your health. This is only safe within 1-4 weeks. You need to visit your clinic if you have
passed one month. If you are planning to induce your period
with Vitamin C, ensure you use one without rose hips or bioflavonoids as these prevent
miscarriage. First, you�re going to need to take 1000mg
of Vitamin C every 2 hours, day and night. Some medical experts view this differently.This
prevents the body from absorbing Progestin/Progesterone, and often this alone can bring on your period. If you�re on birth control, obviously wait
until your free-week comes up since you�ll otherwise be disrupting the medication�s
effects. Take the Vitamin C with water. It may make you feel hot and flushed after
a while, but the excess should be excreted in your urine and won�t have much side-effect. Don’t do this if you already have kidney disease,
as this may contribute to kidney stone formation in such cases. If your period has not started after 7 days,
discontinue use of the supplements. Disclaimer!!!.Results are not guaranteed,
and please be careful if you have other health issues that may complicate use of Vitamin
C supplement. You should probably have a backup plan to
visit a clinic, as there is a chance of birth defects if you happen to be pregnant while
using vitamin C in excess. Again the advise given in this video should
not be exchanged for medical expert opinion. Please visit your family physician for clarification. For More Natural Health Tips, Subscribe To
The Channel.