Improve digestion permanently part 1 | Improve digestive system in hindi | Akash Wellness

December 11, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hi friends.Welcome to your very own youtube channel Akash Wellness first of all i want to tell you that if u are watching this video thinking that I will discuss some home remedies trying which in 2 minutes your indigestion problem will be solved or I will tell you some churan then this video is not for you This video is about healthy lifestyle through which you can permanently cure your indigestion problem. Keep watching this video till the end. You are not able to digest food, you are facing constipation problem gas problem, burning sensation in your stomach or any type of stomach-related problems And this problem does not persist only for 2-3 days in a month but the entire month, then it clearly means that you are not leading a healthy lifestyle You need to modify your eating methods. Any type of churan or tablet is not a permanent solution for your indigestion What will happen by this.. it will be proper for 2-3 days and from 5th or 6th day same problem. If you want to solve your indigestion problem permanently, then the first tip from me is to remain well hydrated The biggest reason for constipation low fluid intake You are drinking less water. Your body needs minimum 1.5-2 litres of water in a day. It doesn’t mean that I am telling you to drink only 1.5-2 litres of water. In fact, nobody can tell you how much water you need to consume in a day. But if you want to clear your constipation problem, then you have to drink minimum 1.5-2 litres of water. Only you can know how much water to consume in a day depending on your body, climatic conditions, types of food, etc. I have made an exclusive video regarding this, the link of which is given in the video description. 2nd tip: You need to remain physically active. Now, I am not asking you to do any intense gym workout. If you are doing it, then it’s ok. But, you have to walk at least 8k to 10k steps in a day i. e. 5-6 km. In order to track this, you can use a fitness band – the ordinary one which is available in the market for 1k-2k. If, by any means, you keep yourself physically active, then it will enable the movement of food in your digestive system. Therefore, it’s good to go on a walk after meals. If you stay physically active, then your digestion will improve and and your constipation problem will be solved. So, these were two tips; although they are not sufficient to permanently improve your digestion. Therefore, I’ll make 2 more videos on this – the link of which you can find in the video description. Like if you found this video useful. Comment below on how informative you found this video. So, c u soon in the next video Goodbye