Is The American Diet Bad For Gut Health?

September 30, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Hi there, thanks for tuning in. Eric Bakker naturopath from New Zealand. We’re going to talk today about the gut biodiversity. And this is why the American diet is bad. Recent research conducted in Minnesota at
a university found that when immigrants move to the US, things happen to them. They change. They change in many different ways. And it wasn’t because of Donald Trump. It was because of their gut biodiversity change. When a person lives in another land like Greece
or Italy or even the Amazon or Brazil or wherever come from, they tend to have a different type
of lifestyle, a different type of diet and all of a sudden they’re coming to Los Angeles. They’re going to have burgers and beer and
pizzas and artificial sugars and crap like that. Stuff they don’t normally get. The hugest changes they found occurred when
people come from places of course, of lower civilizations where they tend to me more manual
with their food production. So you can just imagine when people come from
jungles and move to cities New York change. What the study found, the biggest change occurred
predominately in a big class of bacteria in their gut called Bacteroides. The Bacteroides numbers increased and the
Prevotella of bacteria diminished. The Prevotella predominately belong to those
who are vegetarian or vegan or plant-based fiber eaters. Bacteroides or course, they’re meat eaters
and more the acid forming diets are going to encourage the Bacteroides production. An interesting study in New Zealand here in
fact I think it was last year found that colon cancer people have extremely high amounts
of particular amount of Bacteroides in their colon. That doesn’t prove that meat causes bowel
cancer but certainly leans heavily in the that direction. When I started to study books a long time
ago, regarding hunter-gatherer diets, paleo and nutrition kind of books, forerunners to
all these fad diets we’ve got out there now. It was quite evident that people would eat
lots and lots of different types of plant-based foods a long time ago and had a far great
biodiversity in their intestinal track than a person say from Santa Monica or from New
York City. Entirely different. Literally hundred-fold increase in species. The biodiversity was immense so having this
incredible amount of different types of bacteria, all the species and families, perhaps we could
be lacking in countries like America. That gives a person a great advantage. It allows the body to have for example a whole
lot more bacteria that produce enzymes that break food down more efficiently, unlocking
a lot of nutrients in that food. Also, a lot of these bacteria can form many
different benefits we don’t even know yet, we’re just starting to learn now. The bottom line is if you want to have a healthy
digestive system you really need to focus on plant-based foods, organic fresh clean
water without chlorine in it because, again people coming from these other countries perhaps
could have drunk a cleaner water, a more filtered water, mountain water, spring water without
all the chlorine or fluorine and crap in it that we tend to dump in there. People in these countries tend to have water
without Prozac in it, without all of that pharmaceuticals. A great article in Time Magazine years ago
stated me saying that, “If you get a cup of conventional tap water from New York, you’re
literally swallowing over 100 pharmaceuticals drugs in that tap water including oral contraceptive
pill, antibiotics, anti-depressants so there’s no need to visit the doctor in New York, just
go to a tap, turn open the tap and drink a few glasses of water. You’ll probably get your daily medication
anyway. You get the point? Thanks for watching.