Is Vitamin B6 Good for Nausea During Pregnancy?

February 26, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Is vitamin b6 good for nausea during pregnancy? For some women, it lessens the nausea. For
others, it just tastes really bad when she throws it up. Why is that? They don’t really know how it interferes
with the nausea. It could be filling in for a nutritional need
for the baby. Women only need about two milligrams a day,
and you only need 25 milligrams when pregnant. And you don’t have to take a vitamin for
it if you eat plenty of lean meat. Even the mention of sashimi on a quiz show
made me nauseous. You can get B6 from vegetarian sources like
nuts, green beans, bananas and potatoes. Or take prenatal vitamins which contain a full
dose of B6. If prenatal vitamins had enough B6 for nausea,
I wouldn’t be throwing them up. Take the prenatal vitamins later in the day,
such as the afternoon, so you don’t throw them up. Doctors recommend taking 25 milligrams
for the nausea two or three times a day. That many pre-nates would be expensive. It would be a separate B6 vitamin, not several
more prenatal vitamins. What do we do if that doesn’t work? This is why doctors have suppositories. Where do those go? Coming up the rear. I’d rather double up on the B6 vitamins. There is such a thing as too much of a good
thing. If you take too much B6, you could cause nerve damage for the baby. Whereas not enough niacin causes neural tube
defects. And too little water is dehydration while
too much is drowning. Don’t double up on something good in the hope it solves your
problem. Then my fallback is ginger supplements and
preggy pops. Or suppositories. That’s literally a pain in the butt.