Kulcha Recipe | बाजार के बेकरी वाले कुलचे तवे पर बनायें । Soft  Kulcha recipe on tawa

Kulcha Recipe | बाजार के बेकरी वाले कुलचे तवे पर बनायें । Soft Kulcha recipe on tawa

September 16, 2019 100 By Ewald Bahringer

Kulchas are absolutely soft If you will check after
breaking them then you will realise that they
have expanded well. Namaskar! I am Nisha Madhulika Today, we will make Kulchas They similar to the Kulchas which
are available in the market. But, we won’t bake these at home We will cook these on a griddle It will be tastier to eat.
Come, let us start the preparation Firstly, we will knead a
dough to make the Kulchas We took 2 cups of refined flour in a bowl Add a teaspoon of instant
dry active yeast to it There is no need to active this
yeast, it is pre-activated We will add it directly
to the refined flour Add a teaspoon of sugar to it Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to it Mix it well Knead the soft dough using lukewarm water In the beginning, the dough will
stick to your hands while kneading it Later on, when you knead it using
some oil then it becomes smooth Mash and knead it for
4 to 5 minutes as shown Apply some oil on your palms and mash it We have kneaded the smoother dough The hands cannot feel
the particles of sugar We took a cup of water to knead
the required quantity of dough from which 2 to 2.5 cups
of water is still remaining Cover and place it at a warm
place for 1 to 1.5 hours The dough has expanded twice to
its original size within an hour. It has fermented well It is the season of summers that’s why dough ferments very quickly It might have taken 2
to 2.5 hours to ferment if it would have been
the season of winters. Sometimes, it may take a longer time too Make sure that you check
the dough as per the season Now, we will punch and mash it So this is the dry flour Apply it on your palms and coat dough while
punching it as shown You just have to do it for a while,
do not do it for the longer period The dough is ready Now, we will make its Kulcha To make the Kulchas, we will lift the
dough and divide it into some lumps Use the dry flour Cut it using the knife Firstly, we will divide it into a half Now, I will divide it into three parts Prepare its dough lump Coat it with dry flour and keep it aside Prepare all the dough lumps likewise We made the lumps
from the whole dough Cover and keep it aside.
You can cover it with a cotton cloth I am covering them with the lid Now, we will make its Kulcha Preheat a pan to make the Kulchas Turn the flame to low Let it heat To cook the Kulcha, lift a dough lump Coat it with the dry flour Place it on a board and press
it softly using your hands. Flatten it thinly into a oval shaped dough Sprinkle some dry fenugreek leaves on it and flatten it We have taken the dry fenugreek leaves,
you can use coriander leaves instead of it The Kulcha has flattend well Spread a round shaped butter paper
over it before cooking the Kulcha You can use plain paper instead of it Grease it with some oil You can use a round shaped sillicon too It helps to avoid the Kulcha
from dark spots The wok has heated Place Kuclha on it for cooking it Let it cook for 2 minutes Keep the flame on low In the meantime,
we will flatten the another Kulcha 2 minutes have passed Flip it Cover and cook it from the another side too We have cooked it for 2
minutes from another side too Kulcha has cooked Place the another Kulcha for cooking We have cooked all the Kulchas Kulchas has semi-cooked Wrap them in a polythene sheet
or butter paper for storing them You can store them in an
air tight container too Come, let us cook these for serving Here, we have preheated the pan Add some clarified butter to
it, you can use butter too Place the Kulcha over it
and keep the flame on medium Cook the Kulcha while flipping it until
it becomes brown from both sides Kulcha has cooked well from both the sides It appears golden brown to us It is ready to be served Let us cook other Kulcha too Kulcha is ready to be served You can serve these with hot
Chole curry or Soya Nutri curry It will taste delicious while eating Cooking these is a simple process,
all you have to do is to stay attentive While kneading its dough,
mash it well to make it smooth It is the season of summer Check it within an hour,
it will expand well It might take a longer time
during the season of winters Cooking it is an easier process Soya Nutri served along with
Kulcha taste scrumptious Do watch my video of Soya Nutri You should try the recipe and eat it Share your experience with me Do let me know which latest
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