LBCC  – Johnny Earl “Cupcakes” 2

LBCC – Johnny Earl “Cupcakes” 2

October 7, 2019 3 By Ewald Bahringer

so this right here is a prime example love this has turned into a
multi-million-dollar t-shirt brand independently this is why customers camp
out for our t-shirts for weeks this is why we met over a thousand
people that have the brand’s logo tattooed on themselves this is why we are a different teacher
Brent on so this was a breakfast team t sure that we
did an arm to go along with the breakfast
team t-shirt we released it during breakfast hours once the clock it noon we would make our our customers very upset we’d say sorry
we we we can sell you the that shirt you know you have to come
during breakfast time it’s kinda like when you go get a breakfast sandwich and and it’s like 1101 like sorry the
toasters of minutes like 10 you just put on the friggin toaster you can make my
day really happy and they don’t do that so we decided to
do that with T-shirts other breakfast the NT sure you can only
get a during breakfast hours not only that but we gave all real
breakfast with every t-shirt purchase we gave our customers a memory up here
in their hearts and their stomach something that they’re best friends
waiting outside the store waiting in line it was fun it was different was weird
but I got people talking and made them talk about the brand’s now
most of the time when they have breakfast there’s a really good chance that they
might share the story about how awesome about how they had to sleep crazy
experience buying a shirt and getting breakfast in it’s a special sure you can only get
during breakfast hours so we do a lot of that stuff frequently on we collaborated with a lot of other
properties on the on the people that own Marilyn Monroe’s
a state contacted us they wanted us to do a t-shirt to celebrate her birthday so what we did
was we replaced her beauty mark with a little teeny cupcake it’s
actually kinda gross but %uh people like that we sold out and then we did another
shirt for all malaman rose anniversary and omq lab rations are
great you guys can collaborate with local businesses you can collaborate
with farm with you know local designers local
entrepreneurs what people collaborate magic things
happen and we learned that through some of our our bigger collaborations we
worked with Warner Brothers with Looney Tunes an arm but the magician inside me. was peeing
his pants when we were able to do these are these bicycle playing cards in this has
been one of our biggest collaborations and Rio contacted us we did a
collaboration with San real I with Hello Kitty when we launch these
arm they posted this on their facebook fan page which had over 10 million fans at the time they
all went to our website our website crashed they went to our stores they camped out
for the t-shirts and this really took us by surprise some by
doing a successful collaboration and with it being marketed well we we
ended up doing quarter of a million dollars in 24 hours on and we ran outta shirts we had no
idea what was going on we’re like this is crazy we gotta do this again we
should do more collaborations our collaborations a great sometimes
they’re like our own the late cover songs when when a band
covers a a song you might know you may not know that bans but you recognize that song any buy the
album most the time you don’t like the album
you just like that one song but sometimes you do and when we do these collaborations and
people are walking by a T-shirt shops they may not know about the brand but
they connect with Hello Kitty or they collected Luton they connected
looney tunes in it in and help so arm so we recently did something with
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they called me up donatella was on the phone with me and I
couldn’t even hear me a really bad cell signal I was like dude you gotta get
outta the sewer and he got out of the sewer and were
like I’ll see some shirts together so we did in all this is great I grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now
this is one of my favorites we did a chubby version and shredder it’s very endearing no one else can we
do to make this an experience that people will talk about how can we get that word of mouth
advertising on how can we get some free press just from doing something crazy
well we had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
themselves are come out to my London store in Carnaby Street and our and it was great they hung out
all day we we gave a pizza and cupcakes with every teacher purchase an arm it was a blast so my concept a strange but strange is
good strange is important it all I it gets
people talking it separates you from the rest arm so when you’re starting a a business
a brand the projects you know ask yourself what are we really doing that’s different why is a complete
stranger going to want to talk about our service our business on here’s kiss
you may or may not like their music but they recognized around the world because
they create an experience arm when they play shows mario brothers
it’s a really weird concept you’ve got an italian guy that shoots fire under
his nose that arm goes through sewers looking for
princess really weird concept but it’s the most recognized video game in the
world on teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pretty
strange concept they live in the sewer they eat pizza in the sewer with like sewage
flown by weather in pizza it’s kinda crazy but it it sells and people love it and it’s
recognized around the world on Rainforest Cafe raise your hand if
you guys know but the rain forest cafe keep your hand raised if you really love
the food there RA it looks like we all had diarrhea on just getting kinda not really but now
we know why they called the Rainforest Cafe so the reason we all know about the
Rainforest Cafe is because it’s an experience in although in our opinions we may or
may not enjoy the food we know about it because
that experience and I’m sure they do little they spend
little to no money in traditional advertising because most other people are talking about it arm so always ask yourself when you’re
starting a project a brand whatever it is you doing what r 10-plus things are
gonna make you unique arm you know it’s important to recognize
that people have so many options why are they gonna take a risk with you
why they gonna choose your school your class why they gonna eat at your
restaurant why they gonna buy your music by your
clothing why they’re gonna buy our software why are they gonna hire you hire you for your skills so making those
lists were great I was folks in on that stuff before all the success when I’m
still at my parents house nineteen-years-old trying to figure out
what the heck I wanted to do I was torn with my hardcore metal band traveling selling t-shirts are the
suitcase are even though they were they’d smell
like fast food and they were wrinkled in in in crumpled up people are buying them
left and right because they were weird there were different other bands would tour around the world
wearing these t-shirts and their fans would be like what is that what’s Johnny
Cupcakes where can we get one of those t-shirts in the word amongst grew like wildfire
which I shouldn’t say actually said it into one a lecture once in california and
everyone was like so we’re not spread like the Nevada are
not as quick but very tasty and all these random
strangers were approaching me for these t-shirts and I
started making more money than the band’s and I even helped fund the band more
than our record label did at times and I one point I decided to put a 110
percent into Johnny Cupcakes and I left my band because I wanted to see what was
going to happen I was very curious so I started doing some trade shows a
realizes a trade show for everything I went to Vegas I set up a table on my spent all the money that I had
into the risk and it was scary because I failed the
first day the second day but the third day that trade show are I got my t-shirt sold in stores in
Italy Japan Australia Canada this was great I went back home I feel
these these orders in the night at the trade show again I
set my booth up like a bakery I display my t-shirts on baking trays an army this is going great but then I
realize that people like when no one else has and I decided to pull my shirt on all
the stores that were selling them it was a crazy decision I was getting
offers from Urban Outfitters nordstrom’s barney’s Macy’s hot topic and I i decided not to go that route
because I wanted to curate a special experience for anybody that would
purchased a shirt I wanted to be in control someone in
control and longevity by creating these personal experiences
so I wanted to try that out um went back to the drawing board and I realize the best thing that I that
I took away from that trade show in again which is something that you get
from these events is is the networking so all right now I want you to high-five
a complete stranger at a different table or next to you and funny you I thought someone you don’t know you
never know they could be a future business partner customer so we often stay in our immediate social
circles our friends people were we’re familiar
with where we gonna go and talk to the strangers but it’s so important you could learn
something from someone else in in we usually take that for granted on really good example raise your hand
right now if you need a designer for anything for website photoshoot business
card raise your hand up I may help you guys out reno are a couple
your hands down if your designer have any sort raise
your hand if you do design if you can help out these people raise
your hand up I keep your hand raised Stephen Henry strip for 30 seconds now
people who need designers look at those hands raised I want you guys to meet each other after
this talk exchange information whatever business you guys conduct all I need is like 20 percent whatever
you guys make and I’ll be all set so for real though that’s a prime
example networking if you network today you could have another customers to last you for the
entire year if you play your cards right and decade really boost your business
and and and get things get get things going on but we often don’t
leave our immediate social circles so on meet strangers like to say meet
strangers unless the drive a white van Salaam I went back to the drawing board
what the heck am I gonna do everyone thinks I’m crazy I turned on all these
big offers again this is before those successful collaborations I’m still at
my parents house when I gonna do all these let’s launches website let’s
make it better let’s create these experiences so
anytime someone buys a shirt from Johnny Cupcakes dot com something weird or unique happens that
makes them want to share that experience and talk about the brand the word and I’ll keep spreading my
parents house was covered with boxes you wanna climb over them do you like
playing Tetris with cardboard boxes just to get to the bathroom or just to
get to the kitchen an arm for from for my birthday my dad built
LTR the attic and for Christmas my dad build up the
other side in the attic have an online shop is great people find
out about you you can ship your stuff all over the
world when people buy things online the usually spend a little more money
all raise your hand if you’ve ever purchased an extra product online
because you told yourself hey I’m already paying for shipping I
might as well buy something extra that’s the craziest thing in order to
save money I’m gonna spend more money but we all do it we noticed the average
Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt order is at least three items on our website an arm that has to do with the
experience that we create and also has to do with just that the habits that
people have above purchasing products online so if
you can launch a product or service online arm it can help you tremendously on the
brand kept growing everything was going great and then a
very terrible thing happened I was getting upset customers emailing me they receive their t-shirt in the mail it had dust on it had dirt on it it’s
not like cigarette smoke it had can hear all over I had a girl was allergic to
cats gotta Johnny Cupcakes shirt with cat
hair on it I did not even consider the importance of packaging and how we could make or break a you know business opportunity so I had
to figure this out and I wish I could tell my parents to
stop smoking cigarettes that was soaking into our product are my cats love to sit on anything
that’s new so how they know when things are new and they said on it arm but I could not tell my cats to stop
sitting on things because I don’t not a tough the cats really so I started paying attention a
packaging again this could make or break a business opportunity when you are
developing a product or service that there’s anyway you can package it on it’s great sometimes people buy
things based on the packaging raise your hand if you’ve ever save your
sneaker boxes alright arm have you ever gone to
McDonalds or any of your friends or family go to
McDonalds just because they wanted the Happy Meal the toy the experience they
don’t even care about the food they just want that little Happy Meal on
raise your hand if you’ve ever saved your packaging from the Apple Store just
because it opens in 13 different weird ways you like this is a cool cardboard
box that I wanna throw alright and lastly do you guys know
anybody that saves the are the sticker on their
hats that announces what size had they have although it’s the sneaker size that
matters people love that little sticker and it’s the details that that little
bit of experience it really makes a product feel feel like
it’s more than a product on so something to consider when you
guys are building your ideas I’ll on I like to say good packaging does not
get thrown away and what it does is it sits around an axis a miniature
billboard so when you go visit your friends in
your friend saved their iPad packaging arm it makes you be like tall men our
mother’s Day is coming up I want to get my mom and in iPad other reminds me we should go to
the Apple store so it does have its benefits although it
does cost a little more time and money to create that packaging it can help
your brand grow on so I was doing now we’re figure no
ways to grow our products we packages hearings little food containers to go
along with the branding half a dozen we name the colors by
flavors we can put nutrition facts on the back
alleys packaging even though you cannot really eat these when you buy a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt
in our stores in Los Angeles Boston London on Wii package them in food containers
they cost a little more time and money but it adds to that experience in people
say that packaging in it and it’s exciting in the net also tricks hungry
people into thinking that we really sell
cupcakes and then they go in my store and then they get upset or they get happy but a hundred percent
of those people leave with an experience to share in to talk about arm we package t-shirts
& ice cream containers that were custom-made oversized we’ve sold them
onto the ice cream trucks in different cities and we’ve given out free ice cream with
T each teacher purchase we did with oversized push up pops for
the t-shirt inside we’ve package t-shirts and frosting cans
that are centered like frosting we package Chinese food team shirts and
Chinese food theme packaging we’ve given out fortune cookies with teacher
purchases we’ve package Halloween shirts inside
have VHS tapes to go along with the fake
movie titles we even made fake movie trailers that we put on on on you too and when we
launch these t-shirts in our stores we we showed the movies that we made the
fake movie trailers in the window so when you were waiting in line to buy a
t-shirt you got to watch horror movies and we
gave out free popcorn to go along with the movie theme on
Halloween in it was that experience people were not even waiting in line for
sure the shirts sold for $50 to $75 dollars
we sold out comments people had a blast and they
collected these some people bought more than 11 to save want to wear and it wouldn’t be a Halloween without
count spatula burger shirts burger boxes you get the
idea on now when we ship products out on
Johnny Cupcakes dot com it’s difficult on how can we curate experience on
through our website well we do custom tissue paper we want
everyone to feel like it’s their birthday when they get a tee shirt in
the mail on the in that’s always my main goal to
make sure everyone feels like it’s a it’s their birthday our packaging my mom recently told me
that we could save a hundred thousand dollars a year if we just use the Free
Packaging from FedEx UPS USPS on but that Free Packaging doesn’t make
people feel like it’s their birthday in that is very important to me and its
that important that I do not want to do that I don’t want to cut that corner although
it is a decision that most people would make I I’m sticking with this crazy packaging
sometimes our customers get their mail stolen because people are walking by and Stacy
this colorful package or because those customers sometimes
live in dangerous areas on when we ship our products you might
get a random trading card from Ninja Turtles new kids on the block to any
guys get one of these when you got checked in today you should bring
’em or they are okay cool so we want people to be like
what the heck is going on so we’ll I’ll put in random trading cards opening
candy when you get a shirt our website you may get a pack a battery that makes
no sense at all but next time you go to Best Buy there’s a really good chance you’re
going to talk about the times we’re gonna Johnny Cupcakes put batteries in
your t-shirt order when you pass the battery section and
then your friends gonna be like what’s Johnny Cupcakes new Miley go to teach a
French ago and I don’t know I think that’s cheaper
than advertising just throw in a couple batteries
chocolate bar with a chocolate bars melt on people’s orders completely ruin their
t-shirts customers are upset they never gonna buy
a t-shirt again their shirts covered with chocolate however anytime they eat chocolate for
the rest of their life they’re probably gonna talk about my brands and that’s
pretty good advertising one day this jerkface Johnny Cupcakes
put chocolate my water and not at all over the shirt we put money in people’s orders free
shirts and even dolls heads are it’s weird but you know I when I go
to bed at night I love to check my Instagram feed to see you know what anyone’s talking about and
what prizes they got in the mail so like I said every time someone
supports my brand I want them to feel like it’s their birthday arm we ship all church every day all
over the world Obama during the past 13 years alone in
my business i spent little to no money on traditional advertising it’s mostly been word-of-mouth I’ve
taken my advertising budget input into building more unique
experiences with the brand which inherently has made our customers
talk about the brand in advertise for us I’ll sometimes I’ll take a break from work in
in right our little notes on my customers orders and I’ll all it takes is a few seconds a few
minutes and these are some things that people have said are sometimes it’s the
little things how many clothing designers are owners do you know who
personally write a thank you message for their customers this person said I just peed myself I am and lastly this person said I
receive this gem in the mail today and realized Johnny Cupcakes personally signed my
package ill are this little active kind is
definitely made my day I fully support the Johnny Cupcakes brand for the past
eight years and will for ever continue to support such an amazing brent thank
you so much johnnie that took me two seconds to write
someone’s name on their packaging to thank them it doesn’t take that much to build
loyalty through your customers it’s very very important sometimes you
might be concerned and worried about acquiring new customers which is very
important to think about and should be in the forefront your
business we should also recognize the customers that you have in figure out ways to make them feel
special on so you know we tell people even if
you buy a shirt return it the next day arm we just want people to feel like
it’s their birthday and get inspired from that experience our shirts have often mitts sewn in the
in the back I don’t know for how long but there
there right now arm we have some shirts will hide secret
messages on the inside we won’t tell people so when they’re doing laundry for the fifth time they
might find a secret message arm to go along with the Batman teams
church those like you know little Batman message in there I’ll we develop some packaging arm hollow tell rolling pins rolling pins
that are hollow tell and they pop up Paul and you pull your
t-shirt out from inside the rolling pin on it’s a very cool idea until you
realize that you don’t actually use rolling pins to make cupcakes I’ll this was our mascot week on big kid
we dress them up in different ways every month commented along with the packaging are
designer did a little law scale on top you can display one so all right now wanna talk about your
business card your website your resume these are all extensions love your personality they’re all
extensions have your personality if you have a crappy website a crappy
business card or a crappy resume people might think
you might have a crappy personality it sounds weird people should not judge
a book by its cover when these companies receive hundreds
resumes every day when people go to conferences in Swat
business cards every day if you’re using the same fought the same
material business card if you’re saying the same slogans on your cards and other
people the new may not stand out as much as you
could you wanna show your personality through
these things it’s very very important can make or break a business opportunity on for example I use a wooden business
card if I was building I’ll my house and I
had to choose between a hundred carpenters inaudible all of them the person with
the least experience gave me a business card that was printed
on wood on I’d be very curious about their work ethic if they spent that much
time in money and energy and thought into
this little business card bill probably put that much time energy
thought and creativity into building on my house and although they may not have the most
experience that little detail goes a long way and I probably hire them
and try them out alright at least talk about them and put
it in you know the slideshow the lectures that
I do here in there is a clear business card is a miniature
one is one that’s cool if you’re selling clothing line an arm this business card really stands
out so it doesn’t take that much to do
something different even just the material love your
business card says a lot just thinking about little detail put
you one step ahead of the game and if you do not have a business you
should still have a business card arm it’s not weird at all if someone
gave me a business card when they were trying to get a job I’d be impressed that they’re so organized that they have
their own business card and I’d say to myself this person might work wonders if
we hire them on you can get free business cards made
at our you know several different web sites all you have to do a search free
business cards and our they might put the their website
on the back but it’s nothing that appear scissors cannot take away so trade-up om I was paying attention those details are
so important I decided to move on to my parents house to build up my first or
seven hundred dollars a month for rent I thought I was getting a great deal and
I realize that you get what you pay for and I’m right by a gas station in them
in a playground in a man I’m item in a terrible mistake but you know what I’m using this as a as a
shipping facility in office a warehouse and an art gallery and if I
sell one t-shirt a month maybe it’s an added bonus so my dad and I built out this all boat
garage turn it into the first retail store on time went by we built our community
customers be true %uh began getting inspired to start
their own business to live a healthy lifestyle through the
Brent and they started getting the logo tattooed on themselves as a reminder to to do more but makes you happy even the singer Gym Class Heroes Travis
McCoy got this giant at Johnny Cupcakes tattoo on his leg this guy got on his neck I think it’s
cool as parents are probably very upset at me in lastly I was going to give a lecture
in Denver Colorado at a university and out all the people i sat next to in
Logan Airport i sat next to those random kid he did not recognize me be recognized by
T shirt and he said all I love you Johnny Cupcakes shirt check out the set
to I just got like oh that’s cool so time went by I realized how important
location is it could make or break your business and I decided to open a store on Newbury
Street in Boston Massachusetts I was going from spending on seven
hundred dollars to spending more than seven thousand dollars a month without
knowing what the heck was going to happen arm you know i i I’d put everything I
had into this I put all my my chips on the table and its we didn’t know what’s gonna happen but it
was exciting it kinda late a fire underneath you when you take that risk and in some people say that it’s the
risk-taking that separates true entrepreneurs from your everyday
business person the people who are not afraid of failure
the people are are ready to put themselves out there in in to learn an arm in I just love those risks even
if I screw up its just it’s just like roller coaster feeling
it’s addictive it’s scary it’s like a disease because once you’re done with
the project you have to just keep doing things or
else you’re not happy and that’s not good so om there’s my dad and I we build up the
shot together I was really excited I got to spend time with my own dad and you
know I didn’t get to spend too much time with my dad growing up arm so I gotta hire my dad and we build
at the shop together all I was very excited if you look close
I look a little too excited so that’s what I like to call the tent
sometimes a new when us guys sit down our pants punch-up were like like oh no election we hide it
should we push it in should be the dent the tension we like maker on creation I
don’t know but this is embarrassing so ladies us guys we struggle every day
when we sit down and not something we don’t talk about his really embarrassed
but I just want to point this out just in
case you thought something we was going on between me and my dad on so it’s just the baggy suit on the
really small person the suit did not fit me well so anyways we don’t know the shot
together the opening day there were four hundred-plus customers in line that lined up forever her line wrapped up and down Newbury Street
it looks like the opening up an Apple store I couldn’t even believe it wasn’t
even a single file line it was with no traditional advertising people were talking about it it went up
until past midnight even kid that used to make fun of me
were in line with money if I could go back in time Lee I
probably would’ve put it in powder inside other t-shirts on and you know when you do start your
business or your idea when you try to follow your passion there will be people
that will that will put it down there will be
negative people and unfortunately not everybody knows
that there’s a thin line between I’ll you know making a a creative
comments or or being a jerkface and it’s our
responsibility to turn that negativity into motivation to prove those suckers
wrong so you know anytime someone says something
negative about your ideas just you know keep emotion keep your
head down and just keep working in and hustlin and try to prove them wrong
also surround yourself with more creative people it’s contagious armor I noticed when I started hanging
out with different groups of friends it was our it was wonderful it made me
10 you know work all the time it was very exciting so that opening day was crazy I could
save a lot of money if I went to Ikea and purchased inexpensive displays I will save a lot of money and although
it’s important think about the bottom line I really want to think about the
experience because it’s those little details that separate you from everybody else in a fun putting might
might might time money and taking a big risk in the store I really have to make sure this is gonna
succeed so I spent all my time and money by purchasing our you know giant
refrigerators and in all the ins and displaying my shirts inside these industrial bakery equipment on nutrition
facts here’s a we hit vanilla scented car
fresheners in the store see small frosting when you walk inside I even convinced a friend of mine to
lick different parts for the wall because I told them that we mixed
vanilla frosting with the white paint and now we’re just wrapping things up on
the finish I’ll tell you about the shop in the next then I’ll will do a couple questions so every day
we have upset people that go to my stores and say wait a minute you guys
don’t sell cupcakes we have terrible reviews on all the food web sites but I will say on april fools day we
replaced our t-shirts with real cupcakes and we really messed with our customers but we also add strangers that went into
our stores that were buying cupcakes we made thousand-dollar some real food it was cool so I might open up a store
across the street called johnny’s t-shirts & only sell cupcakes on I just wanna show you something real
quick this is a a review that someone gave us on Google and they actually left their real name
so if you wanna write it down or anything that’s up to you on but here’s the review they said this
is not a cupcake shop overpriced t-shirts and not even one
cupcake only when you paid for parking in enter
the store you realize you wasted your time on the storefront they have signs Gloor
that’s a freshly baked no sugar I’m not lying
there is no sugar it’s all cotton not even one sign that says they sell
clothes no cupcakes they think it’s clever nope alright buddy I don’t know what makes
this guy happy but I hope he finds happiness in his life
Anna I haven’t sold cupcakes for thirteen
years I think I’m doing pretty alright and maybe come by an April Fools Day get a
real cupcake on his the stores yada yada yada that opening day it was
the turning point in my brand we made more than three months rent in
one day on in I realize that this is possible we
can really growing do things and and and I was able to hire my mom full time
as my CF 0 in and she thought you cover the mess but
now her house looks like this all the time and I was able to hire my sister shortly
after my friends and my family and my cousins and an we’ve been able to grow in I wouldn’t be
here without them it’s important to have a team because you can’t do everything yourself
are you going to tread water and stress so you have to learn to trust people on so it’s not just me I have a team of
amazing people and every day we’re all coming up with
cool ideas as a collaborative effort and are making these these things happen
are that’s a dark alley when I was 24 years old we made our
first million dollars your feature on the cover Wall Street Journal and it
made us we get a trophy and that doesn’t mean we have magic that some money but it all you know it shows that you
can really do this so we did independently we did without all these resources that you
guys have if you have all these resources you know if I can do this was something
is weird is cupcakes in with a learning disability you does he come up with the way better
idea networking utilize your resources make things happen are I’m bought my first house I turned a
haunted house into a home and I built an arcade in the
basement because when I was little I could never afford to play the the arcade machines that cost 50 cents
so I bought a bunch RK machines in a non Michael Jackson way but it’s not about the money it’s about
being happy doing what you love when you find that success you worked non-stop you work overnight you make lists you’re
mentally successful in affects every party your life that’s it’s so
important arm so fine that thing they are passionate
about work hard on we kept doing now we decided to open
in Los Angeles because it’s t-shirt weather year round and that’s the main
thing that I sell so we built up the store it was a small
space we made it look big we didn’t rush first impressions are so important on and we work to the company that
builds tougher Disneyland to make this really feel like Willy Wonka and the
Chocolate Factory added secret up indoors wall ovens I have photo taken at this
guy because he looks like he knows what he’s doing arm so that’s him don’t get bombed or did he go broke you
to spend money to make money or you have to spend an arm and a leg to make more
arms and legs some people think it’s attractive to start a business to make a
bunch of money but it’s a roller coaster and you have to be in it for the full
ride on that opening day we were scared but
it looks like a zombie movie people trying to get in customers camped out
for t-shirts for days ahead a time line wrapped around Melrose elf at one
point the end alignment the beginning a line people trying to figure out where
the heck to stand on I hired these guys to grow their
beards Santa to Tammy shot in a wooden box because
Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren are not jumping out of wooden crates so I took the liberty to do so on the
grand opening we rented old-fashioned truck to go along with the theme to the
store and our that opening day was crazy I look like Jesus urban lot and I had
hey all over my face in the we open up no sugar no carbs or
fat all fiber all cotton Johnny Cupcakes the only time
I feel bad as we treat people with diabetes I I feel really bad they come in looking
for sugar free cupcakes and I do not have them I’m very sorry sorry on the others open/close they should
steam I’ll and there’s a secret entrance in the back that goes right to the stockroom through
this oversized twelve-foot oven when you check out there’s fire in Fig
flames and we have thick frosting using our
pipes and the last of three slides on the talk
about his London I open a store London because Harry Potter is still there just kiddin kinda not really I wanted to
open a store in London because I want that challenge I know nothing about
international business but we just figured it out as a team on I wrote notes to all make my future
customers in and my neighbors because a hand-written note says a lot then a type
a message are we received over two hundred resumes and the only one that stood out was the
last person that gave their resume and this this customer gave their her
resume and she added a polaroid photo of
herself blowing a bubble you could not even see her face but it made us laugh it may just be like
who the heck is this girl and it showed her personality through that little detail she jumped to
the bottom from the bottom above 200 plus resumes to the top she was the
first person to interview the first person we hired on because that little detail I do not
recommend this if you’re trying to get a job at a bank or anything but if you’re in the creative industry
it you know CAN hurt there’s my dad brought in to London for
his first time on we got to spend two months together
building out the shop on that never see my dad more happy in
his life the second he got off the plane use plain The Clash’s London Calling on
his iPhone an arm and we had a great time together
and there’s my mom and I i was gonna blow up this photo from my mom for
Mother’s Day it was her first time in London so this
was special to and then I realized that there was pornography rain the
backgrounds so I had to give her a different photo
on a show you a three-minute video not gonna wrap things up with some this is the grand opening I scared I’m Dr Andrew p maybe on great Lehman the do it. hangin personal among us today that montana that was
going to happen nothing new company bring not be at all Wesley Matthews Minnesota Bob go all the way over here and then the dog p.m. do on do d love waiting for is here Johnny Cupcakes
London here we go world Ste the dribbed the use the you you you yeah Bulls the you the you the the use the you dole’s even the usually using yeah all the vid the use the you bulls use the use dole’s even the the you the used all the vid the use the you dole’s the huge dollars the line the you labor scales a if you pay attention you’ll see my dad
dancing you was dancing all day because I how
happy he was shoes shoes so that whole day every other person that was in line was
from a different country arm oh and this one person was very upset
very honest I just came but I hate me last night and because I
like both seven people standing down I was like I i’m not much people not
working hopefully a freakin ridiculous lines of
my Regent Street so peace now shoes so long wrapping things up luck has nothing to do with it start
making excuses and start making stuff my name’s Johnny Cupcakes and I believe
that real success is being happy doing what you love thank you so much