Media (GFP Fermentation part 5 of 6)

November 2, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

All cells require nutrition. A properly formulated
media contains the necessary nutrients to allow cells to grow and produce. Yeast Extract
Tryptic Soy Broth Ammonium chloride
Sodium bi-phosphate Monopotassium phosphate
and an Antifoam compound Once all of these ingredients are in, another
10 kilograms of High Purity Water is added…all ports and valves are closed…all condensate
valves are opened…and the bioreactor begins an SIP – Sterilize-In-Place cycle. The target for sterilization is 121 degrees
Celsius for 30 minutes. As soon as that target is reached, the condensate valves are closed,
and the SIP cycle completes automatically. Both the vessel and the media are now sterile…And
we’re ready to add the final ingredients to our media. The glucose hose is attached
to the vessel. The connection is steamed to sterilize it, and the separately sterilized
glucose-antibiotic solution is pumped into the vessel. Then a manual pH reading of the media is taken,
and the bioreactor is set up for its fermentation cycle.