Midweek Meeting 2019 12 09 A

December 11, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Brothers and sisters welcome to our meeting this evening If we can find our seats. and if you done that we can start with song 26. it has the title you show me love
let us sing together song 26 for a meeting today we will benefit good.
if we pay attention to the following brothers and sisters that have a
part preview of the meeting today first we say we will know about the to
witness where they lose their life and God bring them back again would learn
about them and for if I find savedoff or inside bible we will learn about why the
message way then give Apostle John sweets and sometimes it bitter within
the Bible is not seeming Brazilian about a 1/4 hour they live like the leaf
Christian life for today walk only and how granted a permit on swallow the
water which it is on Steve mean and how if you to happen for available as a
geography to help them with pity be like grand reopening swallow water we will
learn a for that please and lastly will call Lenny but from the Bible study so
all these things now which you look forward to Lane if we pay attention so
try Bacardi here we would take the first part we get sin we talk say they kill
the to witness but God bring them back to life
I beg liquid listen to her life oka many many times when they read the book of
Revelation chapter 11 with a come across this topic
the two witnesses say they preach for some time and after they don’t preach
for some time they kill them and after they don’t kill them they still come
back to life sometimes we feel the wonder who these people really be and
waiting distance mean for our own day so today this talk would answer three
questions we’ll go help us to know who the two witnesses really be and how
the activities they are fetters today so one of the question will you answer to
Dana who really be the two witnesses the second question are how they take you
them and who why the third one when they take come back to life again so low
stats lost out with the first one who really be the two witnesses
I beg if your Bible they close open your Bible to my book of Revelation chapter
level from vast area rich versus this Bible portion will tell us who the two
witnesses or what they represent Revelation chapter 11 verse three go
risa satou see how we cost my two witnesses to prophesy for 1,260 days
dressed in such clothes these are symbolized by the two olive
trees and the two lampstands and standing before the lord of the who ate
if anyone wants to hand them fire come out of the amount and consume their
enemies if anyone should want to hand them this is how he must be killed this
have the authority to shot of the sky so that no rain may fall during the days of
their prophecy and they have authority over the waters to turn them into blood
and to strike the earth with every sort of plague as often as they wish so we
see essay 4 verse form vast formation see these two witnesses said is
symbolized to olive trees and to Langston’s this one can help us remember
the Prophet Zechariah see where they related to this prophecy where they talk
about to olive trees and to Langston’s no open today Zachariah because that
book of Zachariah will help us to know what within those two olives
trees and two lampstands really be so bad because the Koran chapter for from
verse 1 to 3 and verse 14 the Quran chapter 4 verse 1 to 3 and verse 14 he
talked see the angel who have been speaking with me came back and woke me
up as when waking someone from sleep then he said to me what do you see
so I said I see and look a lampstand entirely of good with a bowl on top of
it there are several lamps on it yes seven
and the lamps which are at the top of it have seven pipes and next to it are two
olive trees one on the right of the boy and one on the left a big new also
notice with in verse 14 talk it was it he said this added to anointed ones who
are standing alongside the lord of the whole earth
so during this time of Zechariah was 14 mention see that only three and the two
lanceton is represent the two anointed ones for the time of the career this one
rented ones now governor zero bubble and high priests Joshua not them be the
truth and when that was released and with the Lord of the whole earth now
another thing they special about these two witnesses if you notice with him was
Revelation chapter 11 verse 5 and Sisto it also these two witnesses they getting
type of power way to faithful servant of God in the palace gates like Elijah and
Moses see the film make fire comma from the amount to consume some people and
the feast we make water toate into blood they feel also they
feel also may create many more for unmarried for not to miracle of miracles
way Elijah Moses do for their own time so
this witnesses these two witnesses also gets that
of power now you see say the bad book of Revelation and I become Zachariah they
get similar they get similarities because they are prophecies they’re
related no basu so we see say the people where this before these two vans talk
about you talk about people will go use to direct their people to true worship
even when they have when he did difficult for them these people tried to
direct God that it goes before to worship God the right way so we don’t
see what’s in the Pureland stand be the two witnesses they replace symbolize two
lamps tan and two olive trees and also see forms acara say these two olive
trees and these two lanterns say this they represent two and lighted ones now
within these two witnesses mean far only now who they really be for this our own
time the true witness is not a small group of anointed brothers wedded
directed the walk of God when the kingdom start to do from 1914 so these
two witnesses for our own time that a small group of anointed brothers we did
direct the Christian walk starting from 1914 what about their
preaching they are preaching walk way revelation prophesy start to happen from
the same year 1914 so and I 1914 at the time we God’s kingdom start to rule for
heaven so these to witness this anointed ones they preach for three and they have
the years three and a half years with sadness during that
1914 now this one and lead us to the second question will we see an Sephora
stock the second question how did take you them and who I beg your workbook Dec
lose no read how they take read and for revelation chapter 11 verse 7 open your
book to Revelation chapter 11 verse 7 talk see when they don’t finish their
preaching work the big wicked animal will come out from the APUs go
fight with them equal Windom and children so who be this
we can animate this big weekend anima not the enemies of the truth people will
know like the truth how detect Achilles unwanted ones they kill them when they
put them for prison how did they kill them no one person they prison you know
if we do some of the things will we did do before so he just didn’t I say they
don’t die so now how they take you them that time with that so as they put them
for prison the enemy is only happy well way because they didn’t see the I walk
don’t finish see as it today for pleasing their walk don’t finish but I
don’t know if we do anything again but that one convey we can’t lion I big like
me that because why would toss a not big live it up because with the Revelation
chapter 11 verse 11 talk he paused to nothing on like they gave for their mind
Ipek mu switch to the third question that
talk with Anna when did they come back to life again a big move open to the
revelation chapter 11 verse 11 for a walk go no see how they take come back
to life again let’s see after the three and they have this life from God entered
the body and this tan dog and fear really catch all the people we see them
after the tree and half bees as Bible talk God breathing come back to life
again this one happened when they release them from prison and they
continue to direct the walk way of the preaching work again so they come back
to life to direct the walk of the preaching work as Jehovah wanton so the
faithful ones I want among these anointed ones after they don’t release
them from prison Nadeem Joe Lafont choose some of them if it were ones
among them to serve as a feed fund this is live and they start to suffer defeat
religiously from the year 1919 so all this is rooted talking with in
Revelation chapter 11 would lead discussions when you start to hop
the fulfillment of our own day now from 1919 1914
ghoulish early 1999 – file only this time you see the prototype
will it take Linda temple now 1260 days if we convert on two months he got on
242 moons plus the three and a half this way
Revelation chapter 11 talk about so we really happy say Jehovah we really happy
at Angie over see Ian might or is he had this and went abroad to stay faithful
and still show better example for one time she did the example and the way
where they take handle depression walk really make them to be the faithful the
truth faith through witnesses so if we look at the picture at page Terry will
see this the picture of the two witnesses Revelation chapter 11 talked
about it see them easily to the two witnesses represent the two lanterns and
the two olive trees so the time if you look at the child to you go see say the
time where they study a preaching work the fulfillment of that to witness and
stuff from 1914 to reach early 1919 so all these things now within the two
witnesses be and what the effects on where they have Faraday Thank You villarica for that Whateley
under their face Pat’s don’t see within those two witnesses presents and how
it’s a benefit from the lobbyists and the next part with one is cost non
firefights anyway we see four viable a rainfall would take the first question
there one if we see within the fourth book of Revelation chapter 10 best nine
verses 9 and 10 Revelation chapter 10 verses 9 and 10 we
will give Varejao a mikvah Taurus I’ll go meet the angel and I talk see
may I give me my key give me the small screw you tell me say to come and chop
am gonna go pita for your belly but it was sweet like honey for your mouth I
take the small school from the hand of the angel and I chop him and his sweet
like honey from my mouth and when I don’t chop him he make my bellavita we
do even brought up a question from that best kentukcy why the message will they
give Apostle John sweets the same time bitter they give a stuff it back disclosure is for Germans because he a
pizza know what it is at the school by beatified Bella because the message with
as they make it preach the message not be sweet one as it already as in dawn so
Allah to talk a comet obvious vato alright no good in this may be buried in
a scripture as we don’t know why hide his feet and height repeater in the
scripture will read now Revelation chapter 12 verses 1 to 5 the
basest are said before us there are one big sign up fo heaven
Wow my ass off for body like truth a Monday on die leg and we are crown with
the make we trashed us for yet I gather I they cry they shout because of the
penis you won’t Banda picking another science they are careful heaven and I
see one big red sneak we get several heads and ten home on several crown did
the seven head I went the divided starts with heaven for three parts it till drag
one parts from heaven come eight and the staff of front of the woman we want born
so that so that when the woman born you go kill the picket the woman born boy we
go through all the country for this war we iron Road and they take the picky
from the woman I carry the picking go give gold wasted awfully true thank you
sister for died of fire reading the question that Topsy how did seem way
these were stock take happen within this Wester high to happen sister segue it
happened for 1914 and that now when he be say Jesus Christ a toad a roof or
heaven the bed of the kingdom what did make us talk like that BC I thought when
John writes this particular portion of the Bible Jesus Christ only for eggs and
he don’t go heaven by Botello say Jesus Christ go sit down for God right hands
they wait on to God go put in enemies on dying foods before God will hand over
the kingdom Torah so that’s beds of the child now when we started a roof or 1914
that is the bed of the kingdom right pegasion and the woman for that bow this
represents Jerusalem waiting for heaven the mother of Jesus Christ and of the
144,000 not sure what the dads what’re you lambda box Jehovah for this
sweet Bible reading sister body he gets routine so a revelation chapter 10
verses sis teach me about Jehovah wanting not say Jehovah no gets
beginning you know get an end in gold leaf forever and ever
it’s a Cohen bc9 creates everything with a CCD actual be dad’s wake up front for
sister for evolution shot 11 verse 18 that please don’t say the word dear rod
food but job on roads will come idea % Hamas a Java got the Houston for
everything when they do I colonize everyone you do now man use my time well
just let your body do thank you sister okay Betsy give this is a safe before
that the book of Revelation chapter 11 still make me know say Jehovah words you
know they go on fulfilled anything when you have a talk say go happen big almost
happened like the case of the two witnesses when we don’t land just lon we
see how then take cutie two witnesses that is how then they put the walk of
the anointed ones to a hot Adam moments but we see see how to overtake make the
walk come back to life again is like putting life into the two witnesses and
the walk resume again so all of Jehovah’s professes acetate token we
don’t the city fulfillment so that won’t go build my confidence way away for the
remaining ones whenever fulfilled because the over words they always do
for you thank you sister the last question they talk see we
showed up find the scene you see for district Bible reading we’re first givers Pro dynamo for this
week memory D he didn’t give me hope surged over there with us because that
woman for that place for Revelation chapter 12 1 to 9
dama Phoebe Chavez organization I’m assistant for them certainly tried to
stop and sit down 3 they tried to disturb service organization it would
well set the most many rich Islamic weekend hopes a job I was there with us
thank you brother sister Cory for Revelation chapter 12 verses
unless they why the adds the condition of the earth they so bad now because of
the anger with Satan gets he knows he he gets shot period of time so he won’t do
all he can to draw people from Jehovah because of that vez so now it’s an
island rupture that’s you all right sister
logic buddy Revelation chapter 11 verse 18
pato physic goggle ruin those who need it so very so people why display these
aids when they use that there are 10 thought within their get test what he
said very soon goggle destroyed them so this adds weight loss well sometimes
we’ll go out so dish a shank they hurts not be not be the way I go allied beat
at their because of waiting that they put body and dishonored the EDS
nama Campbell a bed soon dog that hopes a
the ads would be as it be before as you back written which I call of na 1425
comments we will not make time Dory for us not to read the section of the Bible
reading for this week and we’re worried now
relationships are 10 verses 1 to 11 make you listeners brother I’ve been in
without and I saw another strong angel descended
from heaven I read with a cloud under rainbow was on his head and his face was
like the sun and his head we are like pillars of unease like they’re like
pillars of fire and he had in his hands a little screw that has been your route
and he set his right foot on the sea but his left one on the edge and he cried
out with a loud voice just as when a lion roars and when he cried out the
voice of the seven thunders Papa now when disabled turned a spoke I was about
to read but I had a voice out of heaven says she loved it since this do touch
write them down the engine who I saw standing on the sea and on the edge
raised his right hand to heaven and swore by the one who lives for ever and
ever who created the heavens and it is in its the adds are the teeth in its
this sea and it is in its there will be no delay any longer but indeed this
where the NJ disabled NJ is about to blow his trumpet the sacred secrets that
God declared as good news so he’s also lived the prophets is indeed brought to
a finish and I had the voice out of heaven speaking it to me again
I sing go take the opposite that is in the hand of the angel who is studying
the sea under the edge I went to the edge a and told him to give me this
little screw he said to me take it and eat it up and it will make your stomach
bitter budget your marks it will be sweet slack horny I took the little
screw out of the hand of the angel and ate it and in my mouth it was sweet like
honey but when I had eaten it my stomach was made
and they said to me you must prophesy again about people and nations and
tongues and many kings were like Benny thank you where where for they will read
this Bible reading for us we follow you follow you really understand until you
read another CD read you know use one one boot or one mood of a serie de
richelieu see you prepared the paths where you read so I call me down welcome
at all they look you for Luke the way where you thick handle these assignments
true let’s same turn for our fish butcher he
tell us a milk with the edges our voice would be rich
after the edges are worth miss a guess on please we we work for stress or kind
thing will make the voice combat or fill our voice I will ischium Webre daddy
reached like that ITT John Mickey go they would say facade I should say not
home and then given that time say me to go to waiting go – so all they reach
with what would they put our all our body they read like that or not son say
people with listen to us they will feel nostalgia from the rich even if see the
know who the material we would be rich but Rock Benny we say thank you for the
effort we preferred everything time door is now we’ll go to the other section of
our meets away talks about the user had preached the first one will fail wash
video and after we don’t watch the video for the first time who lets a discourse
on with you we see for the video I beg make will wash good morning my name not Tony and it’s
not team Vega fee know your name or not be Java witness yes I did know
well-known Leona de Vaca good know for people though and my aunt in on a member
would they always talk about Bible but we know believe the same thing I get
church where they go not bad at him and he good to talk with person we like to
hear things about God for example we will fee see better
advice Rafi help us live happy life Bible get some better advice you talk to
see what in Bible talk for someone verse 1 & 2 Tim I beg you through it for us
okay he say then this Camargo happy man wanted to follow the advice of wicked
person when are they start with people where they do bad and when of this down
people will he is modest followed up people waiting they may come happy not
to the ridge of oval law and they think about waiting in the reach there are
knives thank you so as the vest talk for here what do we go do make witty happy to the worker with better people unto
the read Bible you answer and where I will get other advice we go help us live
happy life for example how love for money and
property fatigue affect our happiness when I come next time I belong we talk
about this question okay but not least I’ll go change my religion
sure not before as I be talk my name not oniy what of you John absolutely that’s
presentation which will feel therefore that provision who he puts into good use
even where we therefore approaching walk away congee system orifice we sound for the essay as the broad are
which the also the house they also the already gets on teens for Monty and
immediately begin datacom he brought up patiently listened to the us toward our
finish they knock on followed our so the whole may forget within bring after I
don’t listen to run the channel the discussion back to waiting you
originally County County Schools are five points without changing makes you
change your religion instead it’s Alan says show say not be by force
so Nesta if you devote reaching a predator say no one change religion will
not go shop for the person but will go calm down with basic I’m go talk with
you go make him a great time thank you right one gets you notice a why the
video they on when the Barada video pause on the video construct question
Conde de se which question I could ask the householder from double portions
Alameda points come up so he could make we always get question for mine for a
partial about portion will be the read so that we were fit as they’re also that
then the points will be one maybe also that no make it a comet if the other
question and a good points were stealing from there I know we still listen to one
more comments give a rubbish I defer back and ICC say when did what I thought
he named for the passing the passing Otaki name for the first time which you
have a visit but I don’t really do it he won’t talk as a token name you don’t see
the positive rest on for the past see eerily were two year now to deliver the
message just tellin waiting we pre call and the talented verdict on
mention a name so if we if I go out for pizza maker I ready to deliver the
message if I don’t read the best another they say you ready to listen to
me that’ll give us the Bible message streets thank you others on a five
points movie use as they cool what will your cinema we see how our
sister Witek showed the same example for here for the most Rita the first one on
the first time we see star gives go handle you go use the example we did for
the front page look we wash howdy family what’s angle we happy to
meet you today my name not gift i Whitman are mrs. Oh career we discuss
with people about how we go figure better advice ago make us happy ma
different people they talk different sense poets you see I think so if we
read Bible that’s a mattress you do a Sotelo cement make receive 8c Bible talk
for the book of some someone shaft our guest Rollins
I beg assume I read this passage of the Bible tripods ever width for the adverse
we displace give us the my sister gave us freedom happy is the man who does no
work according to the advice of the wicked and does not stand on the path of
sinners and does not sit in the seat of scoffers but his delight is in the law
of Jehovah and he reads his law in an on that soon day and night
Thank You MA for this blessed which advocacy for you may we know what how
each week at fencing you talk our way and we still the
Provost do you see make read every day Babu I use the word day on that Thomas
you got a really bad regularly because that will get different different type
of address babble get a vest like hollow for money
or property feet up photos Donna question a good luck to come back on sat
down essay will be hollow for money apart if it’ll fit us that’s not before
my name my gift if I come back to Agua you also from among Russians I always do
him okay thank you favorite star gives you do well for 300 that’s past two and
iced I give the Honda apart from say really apply the scripture well and
according to our Tish book for less in sixth LOC so our platy scripture where
me see who know we just read the scripture move toward our next point
will try initial CD people ways with the reader to see how this picture we will
retake Annette which point audience cos with them sisterly do that part where I
was a seven were needy tried to relate the points to the
Suda scripture CDA open wow I sure see he really did Hazzard honestly within
the teacher now the scripture for comets and I Donna Frye way to to to apply
description the next part of one wash down now the same first time by this
time sister before walk this one on behalf to us again baby for walk Nami we
see high fatigue do I even when a differ walk which they use the same way are
huge see sulfur a day under see for walkies
be within happen My dear I como speech how about you sit
one of my ability window to see fun she don’t really see for day the control I
which I really bad yeah as Danny was happy even a family members not so they
did and nobody just appear so mmm got to think of it – well are too many
for this world you shall say to the really happy
well advanced day which if we follow on you go really happy really
which advice with that now we hope you find that nervous okay we’ll see what’s
in Babu talk so the Bible because some chapter 1 verse 1 and 2 now I’m gonna
pose to see that advice which if you fool who go happy
I beg fill up my rhythm one answer yes say happy is the man who does no walk
according to the advice of the wicked and does not stand on the path of
sinners and does not sit in the seat of scoffers but his delight is in the law
of Jehovah here is his line and on that true day
and nights you drew will so that person will ask
before you see ya if it gets the address will be feed mikaze happy from that was
reading here say the law of Jehovah now I miss enough obey Bobby not sure you
talk so since we don’t know Cena Babu now you could get the advice which you
think we could do with the Bible know what’s a rhythm store diem thank you
very much you know just try the Bible but they redone the study they meditate
on written with a rich and I get another advice without by proportion sticky
force which if we follow you really happy is the same yes he said no go a
college we kept people we seen us that means wrong do not make friends
with bad people Wow this one really they applied a
applicable he said that my sister followed this advice if I’m not did that
contribution now not sure you talk because if you look at the first word
from the Bible faces a happy is the man who does not walk according to the
advice of the week’ so anybody know full of bad people Walker or we’re not
following team but we could be chalk go really take action this one ability
advice we buy book don’t give we go make Costa happy you get principally the
advice whatever break don’t end do so it’s more rule during break ago still
echoes to discuss another advisor doing across the happy
that’s that advice now how love of money and profit see goofy effectors I back
tomorrow we talk about saying thank you very much for this timely she will start
bouncy thank you too for the way they handle your own path soon we shall see
sad barely use question to bring God the mind which in therefore demand of the
heart soda and i within our lesson three tell us for our teach Brooke Cho say
look we do use question well how to use question let me see where we’d already
scripture who will tribe use questions if regarding midpoints combat
I’m not also little added has to that question we’ll see listen to run where
well so that we will note three design with Hindi for a mind and I will
filmmakers know decad question who acts for the way go Mecca get interest for
watching reach the stars you stick drum you should say follow that advice we did
we say thank you the last part for the first time my
sister are Goku Honda mio CC how a parts please wash Thank You Ida family fun we did this
your neighbor this morning they discussed why important topic with
our neighbors Naima Christos and a top it’s a I know you I know you for maka to
do okay you do baldness yes you know what that one of my teen an amiibo okay
let me say one that you will know like I said it so before this topic only
discuss a they’re very potent the topic see we figured better advice wavy hippos
within me cause they happy for life you will turn no no not that one okay I’ll
show you from Bible Sawadee book on some one this one and soon make my sister
kept me it’s a happy is the man who does not walk according to the advice of the
wicked and does not stand on the path of sinners and does not sit in the seat of
scoffers boys delights in the Lord Jehovah and here it is flowing on on
that soon they are legs thank you very much you see this place
when she just read you see any better advice where feet really hippos they
happy for life I said due to a sea forest I say me
could not the walk I would it by people and when we did it Bible every time
thank you very much you get on you get any additions and if we know they work
out we kept people they go controls Joe no you know see say the other from Bible
really good well with it good and like on and if you see on that point for the
essay may be no they see that we between the spoiler that people name because if
we know Saddam more than they were come to us join no this is a Bible advice the
very good for us no BC not sleep with a full of Bible advice he will give us
respect and Jehovah our God with a happy I will show you one the book say listen
to God make you live forever this book for lesson 13 we talk about things from
go do we go make us happy and once when we go to an ogre make us happy and Joba
said nobody happy we see this picture see this case where people they do for
here and this one local makers gets that for explain
you go spell out my name I’m a goat Vancity stop it you say wait till we go
do if we want make God happy sure would like to make God happy tell me God city
says this will go to ago made you have a happy now then they decide soon
so in today’s I won’t leave this book with you and when you read them you can
see many things men who bring happiness to us as you they reduced while ago see
many things wake up in the future I will leave this one with you may let us with
the compost all constitute the sodium but when I come back next time we’re
gonna discuss another topic the topic say how do you love of money fit affect
us so when I come back Nesta who will discuss my name name is disciple and
when we reach in who go ah so now mama Vito mama Victoria so make us better
discount time next week our day a thank you o Kiowa also thank you sister go for
died of five paths chances to retry with the hearts of the Hosoda last a coin use
picture take a splinter right we take a detail of waiting in the teller and I
with in lesson 9 tell us our future toxin Luke we use things we Fe see well
and so part of it same way I see whether we use video we’ll use picture as a star
conscious picture a star leash on the picture and our call we make the Hosoda
getting more understanding of with intel on well so we see use on to roam
deficits like this a static user as you don’t watch these demonstrations now
this I will now take us to the next section for a meeting we talk see they
live Christian life a fur also start our property live Christian life one nipple
stand on me we sing song tomorrow around forty its song 848 oh the first part we did for the leave
Christian life get it’s him we talk sea grant open grad open must swallow the
water rugby moody adonde he won tell us how
there are fearful for June 21 for this year US Secretary of State met Pompey
when they address the award when they talk about freedom for religion
it had yo word how Russia government is sofa Java witnesses yes our people
deserve a pedometer and they Tim be say not before lyosha Java witnesses the
sofa what that place is day by the guten be say when with the sofa drove our God
if they give all the Apple we need a not to overcome or to endure our problem for
the time for Babel time Java you some people for government they help in
sevens use people like King Darius can answer us
he used ta pin people today do ever they do the same thing they use some people
for government that they have already suffer walk the sofa they will come out
on these people so with the app jalopy waiting for government so 99 represented
Grand Wizard the water the water and different from Walla when she was among
the face today when Satan the devil will be the ethnic they put for you were
people body but what if they put e for physical society decide jehovah make you
not worry better for message Allah will bless you because of your feet and your
soul fret your stroke way will go get as with
you’re gonna carry your brothers and sisters for the award look you brought
your Bible to Philippians that I’m one who read best way to 14 Philippians that
I won’t waste way to 14 if if you did yeah I say none I wanted
to know Vera’s nama situation as at a little odd
for the advancement of the good news so that my prison bonds for the sake of
Christ are become public knowledge among all the personal guide and all the rest
no Muslim brothers in the Lord I’ve gained confidence because of my prison
bonds and they are showing are the more courage to spill the water God
fearlessly yeah Apostle Paul waited for prison if they have pleased me witness
to all the people waste way coffee stuff up which always see for prison they
pictured I know yet a brass water wouldn’t see the report
the total people with burden in Lafayette these are all give that
accomplice a there we preach with burdens and because within the civil
power body they can’t do pooja ward with boldness they no fear
so as a no fear now walk on Hampton way because by example
he had them turned economy we see Nakamoto a job I don’t have in people
with the for South Korea for the visual world war so they were sustained out the
over the fidelity over happy people and it Otto Navi they release brothers for
Korea for prison mokou watch welcome to this special you know welcome
to the special news reports for jw.org unleaded part with the Wrights newsroom
them tell us a South Korean government released 57 of our brothers for November
30 2018 the reason white and put them for prison
now because say they are conscious no go allowed them do army training governing
body are brothers for the whole world they appear with these brothers and
their family the Ministry of Justice talks a midday release our brothers
would not serve six months inside the 18 months we then give them with a hope say
that goes to release the its brothers will remain for prison if they don’t
suffer each six months since 1953 we don’t pass 19,000 brothers when they
don’t send go prison for Korea and this brothers not the last cells
but what’s it make things change like this for 2018 after the different
different court decision for Korea a class then talks a person got a right to
talk say in conscience no alarm do a me training this one means a South Korea
don’t join other country for the world we talk said no be button.if peasant
talk say no one joined army because of a religion so because of which endicott
talk then released 57 of our brothers from prison our branch muley get report from elders
we didn’t put to help our brothers with the prison them toxidrome who released
the brothers we don’t stay for prison with six months the nagas theory the
thyroid and supposed T the baton you surprised me so t he had me to deliver
them gorillas Masson two months before the time will be their spec see the GU
realism I hated the state prison for two moons be like Cena forever even if not
one D said before we know say them the only release our brothers after they
don’t spend 14 months for prison so this mute scene where them talk
really make their brothers and other people happy you don’t pass one year why
would my pic angel body when I see my became tomorrow the first thing we’re
good to the to Hogan and tell MC he really tried as he who Java tights even
for prison my picking war for prisoner to take her further prisoner with a
stick and this car got a CD because if he got injury and tossed their blood if
you get a sickness so he always showed me in handling say no get injury when I
see em tomorrow a goofy going hand again and I know
Chicago grew real easy honey game at last then released 57 brothers at the
same time from 16 different prison for South Korea be really surprised us in
his kind see if it happened now as the Supreme Court oxy no be crime
they really made them quick release our brothers Tim talk see if person’s done
well for witty belief and talk see a no one put hand for a me the not supposed
treat the person anyhow this kind seemed a possible because of the things we the
organization done – for example since 2007 the governing body arranged to
support and encourage our brothers so that angle fit defend themself well for
cots because of this one they don’t pass 120 small small code we talk see our
brothers not too bad the cadre the handle the law of the country don’t you
look the matter for many years at last the intok see it against the law
if got me no give person we know one joy army training
another thing we if it do because of this one people ready defend people
right talk see ago better if then released those kind people another team
we see our brothers for the whole world knows top to pray for this our brothers
with the prison we believe say all these prayers really the part of way to make
this Pattison happen brother still send plenty letter we go encourage these
brothers for prison through branch office and the branch office make sure
seed in katha we know say all this letter help them feed bearer
now those brothers for prison we never see their family for a long time coffee
see until with them again i don’t the presents make this take home and it’s
with minimal small CD with my family pain we turn java as he protects them we
happy to welcome up he came back anybody do okey now no fee talk how we
happy rich when we here say they won released them with no fear wait to see
our brothers they really praise Jehovah with waiting them do for 65 years now
Jehovah don’t save our brothers and show them favor because they are hold on
tight we tell Jehovah be small as he care for them first Peter
chapter 2 verse 19 doc say not good tene one person and your problem and so far
when he not do bad because of an conscience to do what in God like this
verse really concern our brothers for Korea as the knowing deal for many years
and hold jehovah tight then they show us good example and they make people know
jehovah we really – or say jehovah like watching they don’t do we won’t tank
their family and it products for the whole world where they remember them for
prayer this will make me remember what in romans chapter 10 verse 11 talked
about Jehovah he say nobody will put him faithful God Goshen yesso not Jehovah
will go give all the praise so what so now watch the video we’ll discuss and
together the first question what did yesterday for plenty yes was a comedy
put operas for prison sister ruta SIBO but ask for freedom because they’re not
will join army okay thank you sister rap on ghetto for that the country when once
you don’t wish 18 years you expect make today get a meat training even though
you know be a me but you must get that training not compulsory
so been our brothers because of the akan sent they said no the no goofy receive
disc and training a bit may give us something else make me do and the
government said no instead of that you go prison and I my brother’s a sofa for
the past yes thank you above all Sisodia they keep people for war however US did
not a Decatur I left for Sergio Romo so I don’t Iike a lot o jehovih in level
indicator Java the autistic person for you at Autry no we thought like we
dedicate to do by the sacrifice of all Nia country Babu no no ghost and fight
to the country because the dangle at did you have a good and what was the
separates from the world remain neutral thank you for what you said which caught
the shots with the government at least so far us before the time
would a supporter listen stubborn shoddy and conscious because of your religion
not allowed to join a me realism okay thank you sister Donna the supreme court
a judge manova so decision what about the conditional court or the code we
talk about the law of the land put it on talk star g buddy da wants tick-tock see not be crying if
Betsy Toxie in Abu join military force military and if he conscious no green
Micky joint not be crying out so come on sister so now I don’t say that I guess
in law it go man no get somebody with cinema join me on that T we go do but
would it be later on that we go do that’s when I want you on me they say
yeah that was it God not give down that team say nah nah no good with
interruption we passively do we know why join me well for other artists they were
they do they also made a decree Street claim asked me to all schools so neither
code talk versatility I we have our brother our fear Barbara’s with the
prison now for the award robbery you know it seems we know if it gets any
– if we do what would he encouraged them on some of the teens who feed do be safe
we pray for this one’s made you by head to make them strong for a prison made a
fee and deal or with you off of your I letter of encouragement
Thank You Vera as we pray for them if you know their name will use their name
then your request and say now a faucet how will you the freedom what we get now just our career the freedom get now deep
reach very well and tighten our relationship with yoga because now how a
people did not work the face any imprisonment or any persecution in
future so did you know get I’m never use on wet so that in the Ramudu freedom was
it defied you’ve a said no matter what happens then question perhaps a who go
praised for any court case we will win Prince yeah thank you sister
Navarro we were crazy so we wanted to get stop it Stanford you bizarre that it
would defeat what we get not a remover for us because don’t sod Java and
therefore he said Thank You Braco media for that party Johann do research for
VAR d help our brothers we did for prisons for that Collins the last part
for a meeting today no Bible saw the congressional bio sodium product by Don
the year way 100 are parts they could please this interim so I welcome all of NACA McConkey Sean
Bible studies today as you don’t see for your workbook to deal with a tick
chapter 94 the topic we see two important things to Dupre and to the
calorie body down what we’ll all live from this topic we learn about the woman
will not stop to beg the Pharisee and the task collateral followers with our
bull shoddy Guapo stick the partners for this chapter 14 chapter 94 Diesel’s
don’t use example we teach tele desire to say me denote IATA pray if we’d be
safe in a summary of Galilee Dana and accorded talk more about why good meetin
a store to the pray he used another story teach Dempsey he get one George
for one city we know the fear God and not a respect anybody
wah-wah will not get us one against Cedar City the woman they always go mr.
Georgia tell MC big make you help me so that I could get rice judgment against
the PC way I get K sweets well for some time in no day in mind to help out bet
the George later tell em say even though say another fake God and respect anybody
I will make sure say this woman get a right judgment because he don’t to the
world in my life if not he go continue to the worried me because of this matter
Jesus explained within me none o ya within the George talk even though say
you know the righteous true true since the people with God
choose the beg God for help they are night you know go do something in make
them get a right God made our CD with them waiting Quezada tell us about
Jehovah he thought of a talks a further a bit like that joint we not the right
choice for yeah these are the top the opposite if the George we part Stevie
Peppa see window stop to Begum what about God we know goofy si inoko help us
Jehovah the righteous are good and ego answer if we not tire and stop today
pray why we do show of this one sitting nesting which is all talk
you see Ida tell you now say God go make sure say they get arrived judgment quick
quick many times war people know together
right dog man for their case beds now people we get power and we reach the
wing but movie so God they do when the time reach you can make sure say we kept
to get within this deserve and is someone go get life we know behind which
passage addict can’t fit where the woman gets how many people really believe say
God make sure say the get arrived judgment quick quick
Jesus used this story teachers why go say make we know tire a stop they pray
the next thing which is of totty Barna why we need to put faith for the power
of prayer you can’t acts a when his son of Macomb
eagerly see the sky fit for this ad within this one maybe say this kind
faith fits not dick como when this Austin reach some of them with a listen
to Jesus if we see the gate strong faith the trust yourself see then the
righteous that then they see other people as nothing Jesus directly
naturally to describe people he talks a – mango prefer temple one a Pharisee and
the other one a tax collector the Francis stood up and start to Dupre is a
god at you see and not be like other people I
don’t be like people will they use while you collect people teens or people would
it do bad scenes and not be like people we don’t marry with a strip with another
person or even collect this tax collector are the first two times a week
and they pay the tenth part we I suppose P people no say differences they light
to shoot yourself or public say that the righteous the drum so that people could
oppress them na Mondays and Thursdays that in normally do they are fasting and
this Nadi T is we market the food a many people go to see them and they even pee
tight for small plants some months ago waiting this rancid talk show see the
new value D comma people them say these people don’t know anything about law the
law defines cesium they be people with cause day for their head
Jesus continuity story you see the task later with Stanford yeah for their no
even fits lazy head hope that we just in magic chest aunt oxy God are big make
epitome because a bachina the task electorally carry body down as a greasy
I bosina 20 story Jesus tocsy audit Ilona this man going has and he should
say it in Rogers past that Pharisee because anybody with a carry should go
see this grace that anybody we know the carry shoulder would get a position so
Jesus they should say why a good make with the carry body down that’s not
better advice why disciples we grow off a community where I see people day
because the city has said as righteous people and they always talk about
position and power this nasty better advice for all of us we follow Jesus thank you for that fine reading god are
Boresha d now let me take the question for this topic the first weapon say
wedding Jesus use the story of the gorge and the Ummah will not get hoarse by
again teach awaken sister Jesus Newman say Java be like the Sun
Rachel George window the respect for the points where Jesus Christ talked about
the sea that’s on Rachel’s George if he did bad and 50 respond to the consumers
request of us we do a much more Java to God with a Rachel sound good so Java
austerity to us our prayers another thing for the ABC that’s we the woman it
really did disturb the unrighteous George way away and last class that man
who promised to and Sarah for the waves city disturbin Donatello see at any time
up we know give up for Priya who they pray to God and caddy fitzy God will fit
our service to the next question which can fit Jesus one C one C people get
when it comes which can fit sister now if it’s a play a dead power
yes and if it’s it Priya gets power got a
point wolfy draw for them ok yogi sister Elizabeth studies you just pressed once we may we get if
it’s a Java will do the rats in just a near town and inordinate just house down
Rachel Jorge De Anza da we do so the Fed will just where they talk about all
girls fitty genera yeah they talk about here they talk about the fit without we
do get night now be Duffy what they talked about so Nigel Strato capacity he
could elicit a tough without we do get way Arab and the time we just talked to
enough on a t14 pull this away tonight to talk about so II good
no guys from fit now we do know fit we believe and fit with this show which
thank karatzaferis if people get well these are disciples not suppose get entrust themselves way they believe
sedan girls strong faith way away and then they see other people last not seen
that they see themselves another Rachel’s pass joint the Pharisee people
the carriage hood off where were the day Brad and today I that
they only the righteous and they always they talk about position and power so
not so differ is Evie so thank you sister
okay sorry but okay no given system origin another character wonder they show PC
then they like to show themselves for public saying are there I chose now so I
went there one fast that will fast on market days when this everybody Goudy
around and everybody could sue them and when they won potato even go up a tight
reach this Motlanthe windy carrot Anna opposite of within G Hoover really want
so what I can Kurata as disciples of Jesus now let me put way too darlin
together which two important thing Jesus Christ teach pressures importantly Jesus
Christ is BC it would make with a homo maybe they carry body de and good
mcquoddy pray regularly to check over yes
so like Yuma will not stop to bec make will always free to do me do not try and
I like the Forex like the Far Eastern task for later like this past collateral
military body down anytime we want to prove to your brother’s now st. our
Jesus Christ give importance to relight this it always gets in no Basu now with
abd team of this to study with Jesus Christ give now that we find the answer
we go read where the story common well now go read all the verses just a few of
those verses for Bible to Luke Luke chapter 18 I bagged as with the read where one read
have a birthday some stamina give out the picture of the gorge and we do we go
to Luke chapter 18 we were his best theory verse 5 and the 7 now as soon as
I read these verses try to see world world with standards for the to Caritas
we did our story and for Jesus one word with standard and our word we’re post
speak the important theme of with in Jesus we talk about Luke chapter 18 3 5
and 7 this is going back there was also a widow in that city who kept going to
him and saying see that I get justice from my regu opponent verse 5 because
this Widow keeps making me trouble I will see that she get justice so that
she will not keep coming and wearing me out with Adam and then verse 7 certainly
then we not got called justice to be done for his chosen ones who cry out to
him day and night while it is patient toward them now put
our I for that picture of the widow and George now as you fix your eye for that picture
now see the city where we read waiting the we do the ax for just one word put on the answer already okay make we
give a sista a bullish Adi for back justice nasty put your eye for the
screen now look this five waiting that Jorge say in go make sure say the we do
get not look this scream again Akagi sauce Christ not they do now put your up
for verse 7 where did Jesus Christ say Jehovah will make sure say people will
choose gets justice for this TV world we appear for the George for the widow and
forty Jesus Christ so what will he say be the main important team of Jesus
Christ story about Jehovah is justice because Jehovah is a God of justice and
Jesus Christ now also tell us a Java most made sure that in people get
justice yes now the main point which is Oscar Isaac teaches us say Jehovah go
make sure say people way love gets the right thing how did Jesus they teach me
that now that we taught small simply put our
iPhone our screens mother I’m gonna bring the picture back the picture now I know say when people people were
Jesus Christ did teach you want me to understand the difference between
Jehovah justice and human justice ha Java they do the right thing and are
humans they do the right thing now let him make the gorge for he grant that we
do justice now one see how Java justice and human own be the difference will be
was now it is all the tissue that okay sister the body because the woman attire
to go to Burger Mickey great on that justice night Mecca because you the MA
cortical I say the woman they disturb us so you know I made stop us continue
again name Michael ansara hmm we take that last one because he no one make the
humanity disturb on again but now put your life over seven that skipped away
we read Luke chapter 18 Luke verse 7 Jesus Christ happy listen I know the
difference between waiting to George you and the kind just with your body give
whoever read verse seven okay this is tougher front Cecily then we God we not got cause
justice to be done for his choosing ones who we cry out to him they are not why
is patience towards them you see what it is of Christ Oh class
he said Jehovah Josie they go twitting be ashamed now see how one of our book
explained this one it talks a the way what you’ve added to waiting their
rights when did I reach a strap de nada Johnny so Joe Bob they do it in the
right for the right time and for the right reason now another fair for the Rd
George do you on yes your body do waiting their rights for the right time
and for the right reason now watching me the reason why Jehovah will make Josie’s
happen for this yet because of those bodies so far persecution for his
namesake yes now when I remember the path with ah
da boom de los angeles know about our brothers with a ghost released from
prison our brothers with the prison they don’t
finish that all finish many of our brothers today this sofa for government
hand notice when the right time come for yoga to do within the right for those
brothers given over to am Jehovah good to one now see the reason he say when
the point the over patient reach when a justice which he will do the right thing
I saw a book Esplanade oz nah nah mega acts when Jehovah will make sure say
within their rights happen for this eight Mecca give now for example for 70s
some TCE yoga destroyed Jerusalem for the time of Noah they were destroyed by
people for that time do you have a patient rich within the justice require
not for our time weren’t you valued on okay we give a god-awful back then the
appointed time the Taiwanese do for it man if I wanted
one well be the appointed time of Armageddon
yes the time of Armageddon I remember say I’m Agatha will start which will be
Great Tribulation soon about try and do but would do within the right
imagine that time when these eggs will feel with people will love within the
right people they suffered you were people nobody again before they cause
wahala for you but nobody again government will they arrest the other
people today today again another day that time do I would do it in the right
yes we go with you over the show waiting there right in a different way where you
must assume yes you validate you are because of say make people not talk or
gods or say they don’t disturb on too much no your body doing for the right
reason when a patient which waiting is justice
required and it won for the right purpose now let me see the next team of
Jesus Christ topic now hope our Bible this time we go read Luke chapter 18 who
will read verse 14 the be parts well as a lot to story will they talk about you
Luke 18 verse 14 be styling arena possibility what’s himself we be humiliated
whatsoever humbles himself will be exalted
now let me put our I for this scream that we see the picture of the Pharisee
and the task or later now after they looked up each of us we put your
apparatus time when I reread now what will be the important team where Jesus
Christ did teach a lesson about waiting ok American military map has not erased
body not be two brothers make passing on the rails body
oh now let me come home like before we see woody see the waiting for make you
were seven today the race body and if it’s not one of the trophy meat ostrich
but in our privilege we will get fortress organization yes people will
forget for you how this one fits because the race body that we make a claim what
does it privilege we get work assignment you will get part of it because the race
body and we fit no notice on if we do assignment like this instead of
us outlined the priests to be giving to Java we go like make the priests
contours yes now dinkle publish I will just give talks in his sweet talk radio
services brother your thought makes sense today you know me before now they
always deliver when I condign they always make sense now that brother feeds
nanu see here is Malina beachy but you chew it a rest but happy not ear is body
here is body or a sister handle assignment finish it calm down
shuttle assisted I also made mixed sensor my sister in oceania Dakar in
last that statement fee no show us a deer is body but if you became put
meaning not be raised body be dad’s now is body when we give our summit we need
somebody presses food I suppose tank with time Jehovah so you see any less
see where Jesus Christ teachers would always get points to Lane waiting we
don’t learn for me lesson with Jesus Christ teachers remember the two things
we will a important team one make with always they pray to the Obama cannot get
any reason to stop the pray to diva and make we get strong faith see anything
when we pray to dooba dooba always do the right thing for us and the second
lesson we say like the task Allah to make we always the carry body down and
any situation we go because Terry body up to quit the CM and if we avoid on and
the lesson today help us see the two team with the destroyer with Jesus
Christ give the first one as we don’t consider the first one now how G Hoover
justice they differ from human own nobody do the writing and the right time
and they drown for because of people will in love and secondly the second
thing our humility so we don’t see learn lesson about humility I beg any time
little lesson for Bible adults the quality loop the point where Jesus
Christ talked about the points we did here and we will learn to draw the
lesson commands because this one they help us to be Christians will love to
you are good able to give attention to our Chairman thank you very much bye for
that finally we take I know that’s condition Bible study which also don’t
benefit from to this meeting yes we don’t learn many things today we
would add to with you defender a budget of us with a part of video darling
this evening we don’t know how do literally two witnesses today and how
Java gotta bring them back to life that won’t happen when the government
put them for prison for year 1919 now will conceal any but this sweet sting
way the switched row and the Beatles crew way opposed to a joint chop and
they give on the scroll the Chopin is fit for him at and kasi bitter for in
Bella and from the the way we will take this cosine should say when opposed to
John here the message in sweet aware way as in learn about on where to talk a
comma to deliver the message not bitter message for people and our core example
the can message to wage war ago see the decay see deliver before those days for
this for today to cross Elaine how to have ago City open the mouth
Agron city of Amato and swallow the water Hydra well – al-haj Wakata soft in
the middle the government them so that they come free our people if they happen
the time pass and if they have of recent now way
the government of South Korea called Lisa brothers and sisters most to muscle
see encourage or salumi back to the remember brother our brothers we submit
for prison so that’s some day don’t still release all of them we ways he
gets freedom to the Ouachita hoga well now we’ll use the freedom where our
sealants important lesson from this conviction Bible study would just
hundred last night these are only five five points oh darling for to this
meeting last week we see the invite role of force cornmeal constantly I will was
ill afford to learn last week what did I say
no fear the big week at anima them waiting with this wicked anima wound
over fear and for if I fight since we a day for inside Bible what was inside
Bible one of the question would acts be saying one will anybody say waiting will
make the king of the F gather for the wall of the great day of God Almighty
the Guru who go has no go read about time so that will fish around with our
brothers and sisters last week and as in last week’s we will see no ye long good
notice support policies and on a part of the waiting will end from they live
Christian life for next week so look for next week how free tech
benefits from these points so to end our meeting for today Wallach we use song
Nova 47 take end our meeting and at the close of
the meeting for that walk on through the busy for us prayer who takes on Oba 47
if we fit make the res make you sing to be a song about 47 you