NoWar Iran America –  Long Love Humanity

NoWar Iran America – Long Love Humanity

January 7, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

in the name of humanity in my perception humanity has achieved a certain degree of culter and knowledge humanity has somewhat transcended the old strifes that our forefathers! the age-old strifes that divided us by race, religion , nationality, language, and gender. as a human race, we aren’t there yet, but we are heading in the right direction. our shared humanity is the only thing that can save us from possible human extinction, whether it is from climate change on nuclear holocaust. However, unfortunately, there are still world leaders who suffer from neanderthal mindsets. hey can’t see beyond their desire for honor and/or wealth and aren’t moved by the collateral damage left in the wake of their violent methods used to achieve their bloody ambitions I am only an anonymous student and researcher, but I will still speak out against the crimes committed by greater leaders. I remind you, President Trump and Secretary Pompeo, that your decisions against international law and basic humanity norms heave been recorded and your future intentions have also been noted. I would urge you to provide documentation before the UN security council before you commit any more acts of tyranny and terrorism u must provide what relevant intelligence about the impending dangers that were supposedly coming from Commander Suleimani and then offer them to the relevant international authorities. if you are incapable of this small measure, Then otherwise declare your official apology to the Iranian government, and more so, to the Iranian populace, We Iranians have no personal animosity with the people of America. we will not let a few fools, and jesters mad with Power, killing many young people. The age of needless Neo liberal wars for resources and/or regime change is over. Long live Humanity.