Obesity is a Progressive Disease

February 27, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

The CDC says that a third of
Americans are obese. That’s correct a third of the United
States of the population is obese. What does it take to be obese what
is your definition of obesity? It’s usually a progressive disease
it’s hampering the person from childhood all the way to adulthood one
of the things that we see with obesity its genetic we see it in families the
other thing that we see with obesity it’s costly and it’s a hundred and
forty seven billion dollars of the US healthcare dollar goes to treating
obesity to obesity related diseases it’s a progressive disease like I said the
other thing that that we see with with obesity is that it’s a accumulation of
fat within the body usually in the mid portion of the abdomen and inside the
organs and it’s not necessarily the fat intake usually the carbohydrate intake
but it’s usually that’s what it is an accumulation of fat and what’s going on
with that fat it’s affecting the health of the patient A lot of times we go
by that number on the scale but there are more components to it than just that
we’re talking about your BMI your body mass index so doctor what is the BMI and
how do you calculate it? So the BMI is a way to measure if somebody is going to qualify for the surgery and really what it does it takes the patient’s weight
their way out their weight and also their height into account and it
puts it into a formula and when you get that for me to get the what’s called the
body mass index and that’s an objective way that a physician can look at the
patient look at their height and weight and tell whether they’re gonna qualify
for the surgery. So what is it so overweight twenty five to twenty nine
point nine does that mean 25 percent of you is fat No that doesn’t
necessarily mean that at all what that’s referring to the body mass index so in
the United States when they’ve looked at life insurance policies and and that
kind of thing and metrics what they’re saying is that the person who has a BMI
between 25 and 29 when you take I’m way into account that person is
going to be overweight a large population of the United States is