Preconception | Counseling  | Diabetes |  Epilepsy | Hypertension | Obesity | Anormalies | Nutrition

Preconception | Counseling | Diabetes | Epilepsy | Hypertension | Obesity | Anormalies | Nutrition

January 8, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

hello everyone this is a first among the series of talks on relevant issues of Women and Children’s Health this one is on preconception counseling by the time most women realize they’re pregnant that is one to two weeks after the misded period your baby’s heart has already started beating and spinal cord has already formed surprising isn’t it but this also means that your baby’s organs formation has already started even before most of you have realized that you’re pregnant so any illnesses you are having or medicines you are taking a test you’re doing at this time have a potential chance of affecting your little one this is where preconception counseling we give you a head start preconception counseling gives you a window of opportunity to prepare yourself physically and mentally for receiving your baby it helps you to adopt a health care diet and lifestyle and also gives you a chance to wipe away all the little concerns you may have about pregnancy preconception visit becomes specially important if you have chronic illnesses like diabetes epilepsy hypertension obesity etc if you have any of these illnesses for example let’s take the case of diabetes it’s very well known that uncontrolled sugars and pregnancy increases the risk of complications like miscarriages anormalies excessive fluid and baby weight etc so when a diabetic woman comes in for a preconception with it we can check the blood sugar control and guide her to have the optimum control with medicines which are safe in pregnancy and exercise plans and diet to complement these medicines also we can assess organs like kidneys eyes heart etc which is susceptible for damage from long-standing diabeties and confirmed that they’re in good condition before giving the green signal for trying for pregnancy we can also start you on certain supplements to overcome deficiencies which can affect the development of the baby for example folic acid supplementation to prevent normal development of the nervous system as in the case of diabetes preconception visit for those those with epilepsy hypertension obesity psychiatric illnesses can all have to have a better control of the disease to minimize the risk involved in pregnancy another group of people who need to have a preconception of probably a little more earlier the premarital visit are those with genetic diseases for example thalassemia sickling disease etc or those who have prior babies of genetic problems this group of women will benefit from preconception counseling in that they can find out whether they have chance of passing their disease to their children and what is the percentage of risk whether they have any method of finding out whether their babies effected at the earliest that is in the fetal life and whether the disease you have has got any other adverse effect on pregnancy what the pregnancy is going to affect your disease in any way if your previous baby had a genetic problem you have adequate time to investigate your baby to come to a diagnosis and then find out whether the there’s any risk of having the same and subsequent pregnancy or whether there are any measures to modify this risk so all the information you get preconceptually can help you to decide on certain things like your place of care whether you can deliver at a nearby hospital all you require of care from a team of doctors work in multi speciality hospital with all the necessary facilities to give you a small pregnancy you can also arrange for all the largest six required for the frequent checkups your require prolonged repeated hospitalizations that you may require if you have a prior condition which necessitates all these so what really happens when you come in for a preconception visit so the clinician will take a detailed history your medical surgical family history nutritional history vaccinations etc we will examine you and ask you to get some basic blood test done plus those which are necessary according to the illnesses you’re having for example sugars when you’re having diabetes so we will enlighten you about the diet and lifestyle modifications required the supplements you need immunizations required exception we provide you all the necessary support you need to embark your journey into the magic of motherhood