Sidmouth to Seaton 11-mile hike – Burning off those Christmas Calories

February 27, 2020 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Morning YouTube! Trev here, Summit or Nothing Back out today with
more hiking on the southwest coast path and ur… Sidmouth Today I’ll be walking 10
or 11 miles on to Seaton today First walk in the new year yeah, I’ve got the
Christmas girth to burn off What I did notice when I first pulled up
here this morning in my car is that the bridge onto the coast path off
has been closed for repairs so I’m trying to find an alternative route. Apparently, there’s one down this way so let’s see how this goes and try and work
my way up onto those cliffs So, working our way up the
diversion which isn’t actually signposted I’ve had a lady kindly show me
which way to go but we have gained a bit height,
so a good workout this is a severe to strenuous section today which is nice but it sort of levels out for
the end part. Although the lady did say you’re gonna have fun up here today because it’s like a quagmire which is good because also I haven’t bought my hiking
poles so, yeah, it could be an adventure! Ok, so this is where the bridge comes in So, we would have come up there All that’s been shut There’s a diversion sign there Where would I want to go?
I’m gonna keep going up here! So we’re about over a mile in and we’re just about to
hit the south west coast path It’s all good fun, isn’t it? That’s hard going today First hill. It’s a big hill. There’s three fair-sized hill’s on this walk from
when I looked at the gradience So, three elevations that’s the first one then that one… and three So, this is one, done! It’s amazing how just over Christmas you
soon lose that stamina you’ve gained in the year I didn’t really do any walking
for December, ate loads of crap it takes its toll We wasn’t up for long before we start
going down Looks like we go a fair way down as well Gonna have another big up in a minute But then, we were expecting that, wasn’t we? Strenuous. Severe.
It’s where we’re at it but it looks like we have to carve up across that field so, it’s a long gradual
climb, this one but then that’s two of the big climbs
out of three, so keep thinking like that (LAUGHS) Counting down. Well, I’ve made it up to this point Looks like these are new steps they’ve built in Beautiful. Ugh! It’s a quagmire, here Here we go, then Up. It’s muddy and it’s steep Well, we’re up now leveling out a little bit walking along this field you can see it’s all been plowed and it’s littered with flintstone so, I suspect that’s what’s in this ground
and just gets churned up it’s a beautiful stone,
what cavemen used to use to make fire. So. looking at the elevation we’ve got
another big descent, right down this time, and then we got another big climb and then that’s the main big climbs out of
the way See the the layers in the cliff face
over there? All really horizontal really straight lines.
Something you don’t often see it’s often like crumpled and arched I think this is it, now.
We’re winding into the woods Think we start descending before we get up the other side over
there The last of the big hills So, this is Western mouth, right down at
sea level we’re about a third of the way there now so, the big climb now There it is. Look’s a beaut! Right, here we are now. Up at the top of
western cliff That’s it! The last of the three big ups I’ll just take a minute Just take in the views back that way. Beautiful! Those rocky cliffs just jutting out from
all that woodland All that we’ve walked back towards Exmouth We’ve got a big stretch then from down by Lands End just beyond there right the way up to Kingsweare
in South Devon. Got all that section to walk yet looking forward to getting that done this year There’ll be a few camps along there, I should think Silly little things, but like there’s a trig point over there that’s l saw on the map, so I was like… “Ooh, I hope I get to see that!” It’s a lump of concrete, you know. So, how my life has changed. I get excited about seeing trigpoints. Berry Cliff Camp and lime
burning Berry cliff Camp is a prehistoric enclosure on the cliff top It’s thought to date over 2,000 years ago which would place it within the Iron Age The area to the east of the camp has a long history of lime burning the chalk was quarried
and broken up before being mixed with culm, a low-grade coal from South Wales It’s a nice woodland area here Hasn’t been too strenuous. Touch wood! It’s a nice calm day today, not too cold Well we’ve broken out again by the sea I just passed the little village of Branscombe That was quite nice looking down on that from where I was Heading now towards Beer, around the corner, and then into Seaton So, we’re probably two-thirds of
the way, maybe a bit less? I’m on a mission now. I was aiming today
for the five o’clock bus but I think now, I might possibly might be able to make the three
o’clock bus get back even earlier There’s a roast waiting at home I know I’m meant to be burning it off If I look beside me up here there’s quite a
cliff up here which I can’t seem to see on my gradients map I might go around it somehow I’ll find out a minute So, I imagine we’re here There doesn’t seem to be
a massive climb Whereas, that cliff does look a lot bigger So, yeah It looks like we’re going to go
down here and not up there so that’s good we’re keeping it at a lower level now. Nice. I don’t know if I would like to stay in
these caravans right beneath them cliffs they look a bit precarious The thing is, I’m racing now to get back for three for the bus but could be shooting myself in
the foot, here If I get there like ten past three,
I’ve got two hours to wait for the next bus Really interesting geology along here Look at it! It almost looks like the badlands or something, doesn’t it? it’s really interesting path along here.
All these little alcovey bits and vines and rugged rocks It’s a bit like jungle run, a game that my kids play It’s been quite an interesting
stretch. I’ve enjoyed it. Ah! Pushing myself now! It’s good, I need this Just as long as I don’t have a cardiac arrest, I’ll be alright! Well, that was hard. I’ve just done a mile in half an hour and it’s twenty to two It’s a mile to Beer I don’t even know how far
is to Seaton We’ll have to see, won’t we? Final leg now, I can see Seaton, it’s come
into view When we reach Beer and find out how far Seaton is I’ll know if I’ve played this right or not. It looked manageable from here I got an hour and a quarter to get into Seaton and find the bus stop So, it could happen Alright, we’re creeping down into Beer, now So, I’ve reached Beer It’s 2 o’clock. It took me 50
minutes to do two miles And now I’ve got another two miles to do to Seaton and I’ve got an hour so I think we’ll be alright! Well, this might have scuppered my plans the road was shut that way There’s high tide so I can’t get on the coast path So I’ve got to divert right in and around this area here, so this could put a little
bit of extra time on my journey So, I might not make you by three after all. I don’t know what that means but I’m taking it! it’s getting me off that long
route around the road Let’s try it I think this is gonna cut out a big
corner we should be joining the road again the minute yeah, here it is! Let’s get across! Coast path to Seaton! See? Here we are! Seaton! And… we’ve got half an hour to kill Aah! Fantastic! Well, that was a hard slog in the end I made it though, in good time so Yeah, it was worth the effort Burnt off some calories which I’m going to go home and put on with a roast in a minute, so… Pointless! Made the bus stop! Right, so that’s it! Another episode of Summit or Nothing, done! First walk of 2020! So, thanks ever so much
for watching if you haven’t already don’t forget to like, subscribe comment below and I’ll see you soon Happy New Year! Cheers!