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Better than goji berries

“Better than Goji Berries” Until this study was published, the most antioxidant-packed dried fruit known was goji berries, topping off the chart at 120; five times the antioxidant power of raisins. But then, along came what? I might have guessed this new spot would belong to something like dried blueberries, but dried blueberries ended up…

By Ewald Bahringer October 13, 2019 78

Amla vs. Diabetes

“Amla vs. Diabetes” Dripping plant extracts on cancer cells in a test tube is a far cry from testing whole foods on whole people. Another amla study published recently, though, tried Indian gooseberries on patients with diabetes. A normal fasting blood sugar is considered under 100. Between 100 and 125 is called pre-diabetes, and over…

By Ewald Bahringer September 13, 2019 35