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(dubstep music) – What’s up Elite THENX Athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX. Today, I’m gonna be speaking on the truth, about burning belly fat. Now, we have millions of THENX Athletes working hard and working out everyday, getting in the best shape of their lives. And every so often we…

By Ewald Bahringer September 4, 2019 0

Expert Series – Nutrition for HIIT

Hey everyone, my name is Lushano. I’m a certified trainer and today I’m going to talk you through what it takes to power your HIIT workouts. Let’s start with pre-workouts. Your body needs a supply of energy and nutrients. So a few hours before training, eat complex carbs and proteins at a ratio of 3…

By Ewald Bahringer September 1, 2019 5