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How to Choose and Use CoQ10 and Ubiquinol — Tips from Dr. Tod Cooperman at ConsumerLab.com

Hi, I’m Dr. Tod Cooperman, president and founder of ConsumerLab.com, and I’m here to talk today about CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements. Now, ConsumerLab has been testing vitamins and supplements since 1999 and reporting those results online at ConsumerLab.com and we’ve just published our report on these products on our website and i’m here to talk…

By Ewald Bahringer November 7, 2019 2

Viruses (Updated)

Subtitles on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. You can find us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook! Chances are, in your life, you’ve had the common cold before. It can cause sneezing and coughing and just makes you feel awful. The worst thing about the common cold is that you can take medications…

By Ewald Bahringer November 1, 2019 100

Protists and Fungi

Captions on! Click CC to turn off. Over time, we’ve gotten some comments asking about our channel name like…why we picked amoebas and what is an amoeba anyway? Well, it turns out amoebas are easy to draw, and we are sisters so our channel name seemed…practical. Kind of. Now, we don’t really resemble real life…

By Ewald Bahringer September 12, 2019 100