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Low-fat Lentil Bolognese Recipe

[Intro music] [Intro music] Assalaamu Alaikum and welcome to Titli’s Busy Kitchen with me Titli Nihaan. I love Italian people and I love the way that so many of them are passionate about their food. But today I’m gonna really annoy them because I’m gonna juxtapose two words that should never been seen in Italian…

By Ewald Bahringer March 4, 2020 0

Obesity is a Progressive Disease

The CDC says that a third of Americans are obese. That’s correct a third of the United States of the population is obese. What does it take to be obese what is your definition of obesity? It’s usually a progressive disease it’s hampering the person from childhood all the way to adulthood one of the…

By Ewald Bahringer February 27, 2020 0


Hello everyone, today I’m here to tell you you how can lose four to nine pounds of belly fat in a single week. by eating whatever you want without doing a lick of exercise. [intro music] Oh no, seriously, I’m here to tell you about Skinny Hank. For ten days you eat nothing but corn…

By Ewald Bahringer February 27, 2020 0