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Spicy Food Showdown

Can we tell how spicy food is just by looking at it? Lets talk about that. Theme music Good mythical morning Today I am wearing my spicy shirt and by spicy shirt I just mean a red shirt because I just want to signify that that’s the only type of spicy that I like. -Oh…

By Ewald Bahringer January 9, 2020 100

Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test

We always finish each other’s– Sandwiches. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good Mythical morning. On today’s episode, we’re going under the sequined shirts on Etsy and playing a game about the craziest bras we find there. Yes, but first we wanna see how fast food sub sandwiches stack up against each other. It’s time…

By Ewald Bahringer January 8, 2020 100