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Is obesity genetic?

Obesity is a complex disease which results from the interactions between environmental factors and hereditary factors. It is well established that offspring of parents who are obese are more likely to be obese compared to offspring of parents who are not obese. Now, there are some genetic mutations in patients who are obese which are…

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Red Wine Compound May Fight Obesity

N: Kee-Hong Kim, an assistant professor of Food Science, is working on a potential new method to control obesity. Kim: We have a number of different chemicals of interest that we’d like to test their function in controlling or in modulating the new fat cell development and generation. N: In this study, resveratrol, a compound…

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WTJX Channel 12 Obesity Campaign

[music] [School bell rings] Well Langford, you enjoy your first day at school. Oh hi, you must be Langford. Class, say Hello to Langford. (Class) Hi Langford. Langford, you can have a seat right over there. [laughing] Okay class no teasing, just turn to page 12 in our books. [School bell rings] You had a…

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