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Why Is Meat a Risk Factor for Diabetes?

“Why is Meat a Risk Factor for Diabetes?” We’ve known that being overweight and obese are important risk factors for type 2 diabetes, but until recently not much attention has been paid to the role of specific foods. This 2013 meta-analysis of all the cohorts looking at meat and diabetes found significantly higher risk associated…

By Ewald Bahringer October 18, 2019 0

Food Synergy

“Food Synergy” There are thousands of phytochemicals that will never make it onto the side of a cereal box, but may play a role in reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and that’s just the ones we know about. We know whole plant foods have consistently been found to be protective, and so it’s reasonable…

By Ewald Bahringer October 13, 2019 100

Better than goji berries

“Better than Goji Berries” Until this study was published, the most antioxidant-packed dried fruit known was goji berries, topping off the chart at 120; five times the antioxidant power of raisins. But then, along came what? I might have guessed this new spot would belong to something like dried blueberries, but dried blueberries ended up…

By Ewald Bahringer October 13, 2019 78