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Nutrition Genius for Future Dietitians

What if you could use your creativity and imagination to study nutrition? Nutrition Genius is an online school that shows future dietitians how to tap into their creativity and imagination to excel as Registered Dietitians. We teach students and interns how to bridge the gap between theory to practice in every area of dietetics, with…

By Ewald Bahringer October 6, 2019 0

All About Nutrition and Food Science

[ Music ]>>So the HNFS Department, Human Nutritional and Food Science Department, is really broken into two main categories. You have FST, which is Food Science Technology, and then you have Nutritional Science.>>So Food Science is a major which is processing, packaging, sensory, all the things you do in between when you harvest the food…

By Ewald Bahringer September 3, 2019 1