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Does A Soda Tax Really Help Fight Obesity?

Glucose, sucrose, high fructose! Sugar, you guys. It’s all so….taxing. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Amidst all of the sensationalism about the “obesity epidemic”, there lies a very important nugget of information: Americans now consume 39% more added sugars in our food than we did 50 years ago. Particularly, we consume waaaaay more…

By Ewald Bahringer December 11, 2019 0

Why Obesity is a Chronic Disease

We’re still in an era where the medical profession has very little knowledge about serious weight problems. They haven’t acknowledged that a serious weight problem is a medical condition, a disease that needs to be treated like other diseases. Excess weight is really a medical problem, and it can be tied to almost every chronic…

By Ewald Bahringer December 2, 2019 0

What is a Calorie?

We’ve all heard of calories, but what exactly are they? Calories are units of energy. They are a measure of the potential energy, stored in the chemical bonds within the food that we eat. We extract this energy through digestion, and use it to perform various daily functions, such as: skiing, brushing up on your…

By Ewald Bahringer November 28, 2019 0