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The Charles Perkins Centre: easing the burden of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease

My name is Professor Stephen Simpson and I lead the Charles Perkins Centre. A multidisciplinary research and education initiative based here at the University of Sydney in Australia. In this visionary initiative, we’ve brought together more than a thousand researchers, educators and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines together with a single aim: to…

By Ewald Bahringer December 4, 2019 0

Photosynthesis | #aumsum

Photosynthesis. Do you know how plants make their own food? Plants prepare their own food by a process called photosynthesis. Photo is the Greek word for light and synthesis is the Greek word for putting together. Plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide from air and water from soil to prepare their own food. Photosynthesis takes place…

By Ewald Bahringer November 3, 2019 100

How Much Sugar Are You Really Eating?

it definitely easy not to be aware how much sugar you’re consuming. The American Heart Association recommends that women consume twenty-five grams of added sugar a day. Its enlightening picking up the large candy bars or those single package cookies and see how many have them you cannot eat without going over that recommendation. I’m…

By Ewald Bahringer September 13, 2019 7