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Is There a Link Between Obesity and Cancer? – Dr. Howard Fisher || A Global Quest Video Clips

Ty Bollinger: Before we started the interview you started to talk about some statistics, really alarming statistics about cancer. Talk about the amount of cancers that are actually caused by toxicity versus genetic. Can you share some of those statistics? Dr. Fisher: Absolutely. Anyone who looks at the research will realize that we’re looking at…

By Ewald Bahringer November 22, 2019 8

The Key to Recognizing & Destroying Cancer | Can you beat cancer with nutrition? Dr. Patrick Quillin

Ty Bollinger: Can you beat cancer with nutrition? Not according to many conventional cancer doctors. But our good friend Dr. Quillin thinks differently, and has years of experience working with cancer patients to back this up. Charlene Bollinger: Make sure you stay on to hear Dr. Quillin’s story of two cancer patients with the same…

By Ewald Bahringer September 8, 2019 8

The Truth About Coffee Enemas Hidden From You by Big Pharma – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez: So to answer your original question, the three components: individualized diet, individualized supplements, large doses of pancreatic enzymes. The third component is detoxification, which is often the component of the therapy that elicits the most grins and mockery from conventional doctors. But it’s really very simple. When Kelly was treating…

By Ewald Bahringer August 31, 2019 73