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Fukushima and Radioactivity in Seafood

with prevailing westerly winds over Japan nuclear fallout from the Fukushima nuclear power plant tragedy was detected throughout North America at levels comparable to those seen 25 years earlier from Chernobyl the only other category 7 nuclear event in history the highest levels of radioactive iodine and rainwater was found in Boise Idaho and the…

By Ewald Bahringer October 14, 2019 39

Alcohol Risks vs. Benefits

“Alcohol Risks vs. Benefits” What about moderate alcohol consumption— one to two drinks a day? Now, everyone agrees that both heavy alcohol consumption, and binge drinking— even if really infrequent— are bad, and that any alcohol during pregnancy is bad. But the reason moderate alcohol consumption has been such a conundrum is that if you…

By Ewald Bahringer October 8, 2019 8

Evidence-Based Eating

“Evidence-Based Eating” In the 1940s and 50s, the American Medical Association was not only saying that smoking—in moderation—was not a problem, but that on balance, smoking may even be beneficial. After all, most physicians themselves smoked; so, how bad could it be? With the American Medical Association saying this, where could you turn back then…

By Ewald Bahringer October 1, 2019 55