The Best Cauliflower Cheese | Jamie Oliver

October 16, 2019 0 By Ewald Bahringer

Ok you lovely people, now for a beautiful
comfort food dish, which is undeniably sumptuous and gorgeous and it is, the classic British
dish, which is cauliflower cheese. But I’m gonna’ show you that frozen veg in a dish
like this is just as delicious as fresh, only a lot cheaper. Now on my left is my lovely
Greek sister Georgie. She’s gonna’ be cooking a fresh version of this beautiful grattan,
ok. I’m gonna’ do the frozen, we’re gonna’ have a little taste up at the end, so you’re
cool with that? Yes definitely, lovely. So let’s start with the recipe. First in a pan,
two nobs of butter, just get it in that pan on a medium heat ok. So this is based around
the classic French cream sauce, bechamel sauce. For extra flavour add a bay leaf and two finely
sliced cloves of garlic. Thicken the sauce with two tablespoons of flour. And then all
i’m gonna’ do is add about five hundred mills of milk, bit by bit, you can use a wooden
spoon or a whisk. I’m using five hundred grams of frozen broccoli, let that simmer for twenty
minutes until the broccoli is cooked right through, then give it a good whizz up to create
a delicious creamy broccoli sauce. Get yourself your frozen cauliflower, throw it in, there’s
a kilo there, that’s the equivalent of two heads of cauliflower. Then pour the broccoli
sauce over the frozen florets of cauliflower. Fantastic, can’t have cauliflower cheese without
cheese. Cheddar’s great for this, i’m using about seventy grams. That much bread is gonna’
transform that cauliflower cheese from epic to like super epic ok. Chuck it in a blender
with some rosemary or thyme and a tablespoon of olive oil and blitz. I’m gonna’ go in with
a tablespoon of flaked almonds, it goes really really well with roasted cauliflower. Just
a few seconds, just to break it up, then scatter over this delicious veggie feast. So ladies
and gents, we have an amazing broccoli and cauliflower cheese with crispy bits. Bake
for one hour or until golden and cook through. We know that frozen’s a lot cheaper, but what I want to prove is that it can be just as tasty as fresh. I think it’s time to have a little bit of a taste up. Here’s Georgie’s one. In a nut shell, blooming gorgeous. Now
for the version made with frozen veg for nearly half the price. You loose nothing by using
frozen do you not think? No it’s absolutely delicious. There you have it, The Best Cauliflower
and Broccoli Cheese, all thanks to your freezer.