There Is A Warning😱 For  Naturboy’s Direct Do Not SendπŸ’²πŸ’° Your MπŸ’²oneyπŸ’²

There Is A Warning😱 For Naturboy’s Direct Do Not SendπŸ’²πŸ’° Your MπŸ’²oneyπŸ’²

October 10, 2019 11 By Ewald Bahringer

hey guys back with another video but
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be in the top of the description of this video I just want to apologize because
there was a lot of distraction in this interview that was because you know
there’s children that haven’t went to bed there in the background I’m also
being these family had like a bad connection so there was a lot of
technical difficulties going on but this is the most in-depth that we have got so
far with what’s going on with Bambi how she left what’s going on with her what
people in the community as far as youtubers are trying to do as far as
doing GoFundMe which to me is fraudulent that’s just in my opinion I’m not going
to mention this youtubers name it has already been mentioned in a video that’s
already went up before this video but there’s a lot of things going on with me
and me in this community but I’m gonna play the last half of what I want to
share with my community and I’ll be back with my commentary right there that you
can send a box to to help this band but I you job has nothing to do with raising
money supporting this family all she’s doing is wearing somebody’s mother to
them and we need to let that mom no but this is a crazy person this person is
not all together this person is too nosey for all good that’s all we got
that’s all you got if you wanna help send it to this paypal and send it to
this cash app we don’t need for the slow people for the school we don’t need your help okay just give
it to this man okay we got we don’t need none of that all right yes I believe it
right there okay listen what’s the time you’re John sane okay she don’t work for
the FBI she work at the chicken plant she gotta work at the chicken plant is
she always gotta fight at all she always got a father has he worked at
the chicken plant you know she worked at the chicken cream you would know that
what she do that’s what she do always would’ve
brought it on yeah clucking chicken that’s what she do how she worked with
the FBI read about it on hometown huh tell the truth the show she’ll also
bonnet she got her cuca now she carbonation Nature Boy don’t reject
about to be honest that’s what’s going on
she’s been rejected some time ago this is breaking news
Latonya Jones is actually a carbonaceous member who was rejected some time ago
and is on a bit data to destroy carbonation that is what’s going on she
is one of nature’s directs that actually when she got off of the plane they
actually rejected her immediately and just left ugly and she didn’t even
get enough can they saw her and make this was like ooh oh no ladies before
our you know they’d fronted on her and she had to go right back and she was
stranded so this you know this is this is real one day we going to return the
John story and her relationship with carbonation okay because it’s deeper
than what she says it is all right so look don’t say no no money on behalf of
this man all jokes aside the time you get you some help
take your medication baby stop playing like that before somebody take your
medication girl this is what’s Rachel fanatical about
other religions in the past was this offer soon never she never learn around
history we went to Africa Florence that’s the Academy for a year
southwestern Swahili number symbol teachers were d5 priests increased by
laws then grow up in the knowledge how we’re done in it basic nothing profound
no like talking circles so see with not a radical came through I also want to acknowledge
this email that I just got it’s a tragedy there was a brother that was killed and
his name is Jermaine Covington and his his wife reached out to me I just want
to acknowledge you publicly that I see your email and I’m going to be
contacting you tomorrow and see how we can get together to put some light on
your story I’m reading it as we speak now this so I want to stop it right
there I just want to say to you guys you know this is a warning and I think the X
1400 on to his platform because we take a lot of punches from the audience you
know they act like they concern but there’s other deep dark reasons why they
really hate on Channel Holdings however that’s not the topic of discussion but
I’m glad that he gave the awareness in the warning that there are in fact
channel holders that will tell you that they’re doing GoFundMe ease or some type
of fundraising to come up for themselves and not really actually be helping the
families now I don’t know what her position is with trying to do a
fundraising I don’t know this for her personal or to help the family but in my
own opinion if you’re not getting a direct link from these family members I
don’t advise anyone to take any donations from any channel holder
because sometime when people have a platform and they’re able to draw an
audience they can tend to take advantage of that and we don’t want anybody up
here being taken advantage of because you know they’re trying to help that’s
not helping the situation by dealing with the channel holder
directly in order to help fund a family in need I think dealing with the
family directly and help funding them directly is the way to go but to use a
third party is not went at I don’t think that anybody should do it it’s it’s very
risky and then it’s your word against the channel holders because at the end
of the day we only can receive the messages that we hear from the people
that we’re talking about like I do commentary discussions on nature boy on
Bambi right now I’ve done someone Oh me and other Sheba
you know velvet but I can only relate a message of what’s going on from what I
hear from their mouths there’s no character assassinating they’re just
opinions on how I view the message and share it with my community so with that
being said if you’re using a third party to help someone in need
and they don’t get the money the person that you’re trying to help it’s gonna be
she say he say because we don’t know unless we’re there and we see the
transaction happening and it goes to the channel holder that in fact the channel
holder is the one that’s receiving the money and not the victims so keep that
in mind when you’re sending money to anyone make sure that it’s the victims
and not the channel holders that the money is actually going to